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One of the cloaked figures who appears in the Chapter of Truth, Tiz is known as "the ephemeral number ten." Based on her conversation with Dr. Al-Rashia, it appears she has some sort of connection with Ace and the rest of Class Zero...

Tiz, real name Tohno Mahoroha (トオノ・マホロハ, Tōno Mahoroha?), is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito. Working with Joker, they monitor events in the repeating cycles of Orience's history and report to Arecia Al-Rashia.


FFAgito Tohno Mahoroha


In Final Fantasy Type-0, Tiz is young girl wearing a disheveled cloak similar to the members of Class Zero and knee-high black boots.

Final Fantasy Agito reveals she has long black hair in a princess cut and light brown eyes. She wears a long sleeved dress shirt with gold trim under a black shawl tied with a teal string and silver trim. She wears a short red plaid skirt with black lace trim, dark brown heeled ankle boots and knee-high black socks. She wears a black wide-brimmed hat with purple trim and a long purple scarf. She carries a black messenger bag with cross-shaped buckles and a teal stripe in the center. According to the Rubicus, she is 5'3" tall.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Reaper of the Icy BladeEdit

FFT0 Gaiden Tohno

Tohno joins the Akademeia.

Tohno appears in the Extra Chapter: "If Only...", as a newly joined Agito Cadet.

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit

Agito She is a Class Twelfth Agito Cadet and can be found in the cemetery during the morning, afternoon and night.

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Final Fantasy Type-0Edit




Tiz is the missing number 10 of Class Zero, whom Arecia deemed unnecessary for her experiment to cultivate the class into the Agito. Instead, she works for her as a recorder of Orience's repeating history.

FFT0 Machine meets Joker & Tiz

Joker and Tiz meet Machina in Ingram.

Joker and Tiz meet Machina Kunagiri as a White Tiger l'Cie, and introduce themselves. They ask him to clear a path for them through the battlegrounds so they can reach Militesi Marshal Cid Aulstyne. Afterwards, they thank Machina for his assistance, and Tiz remarks the pair of them are like him. She predicts they will meet again, and Joker says that if Tiz says so, it must be right, before bidding farewell to his "other self" as they leave.


Tiz and Joker.

After Machina and Rem turn into crystal and the rest of Class Zero perishes in a battle against the Rursan Arbiter, Tiz and Joker request Arecia release Machina and Rem from their crystal stasis, and convince her to remove the Crystals from history to prevent the war from occurring again.

In a hidden cutscene that takes place at an unspecified time, Joker and Tiz spend time in the woods. Tiz talks about the current cycle of the world being changed, and Joker says it is unusual. She wonders what she should do and he mentions he has something to report. Tiz is puzzled, but Joker says "that person" is not as "sensitive" as Tiz, so he is going to tell her. She agrees, and asks him to reveal what he has to say. He replies that telling her now would be difficult and she knows that. Tiz laughs in agreement, then says, "Let's go, Lean. Lean Joker". Joker nods and they leave.

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Creation and developmentEdit


Tiz is voiced by Hitomi Terakado in the Japanese version of Type-0 and Agito.

She is voiced by Chelsea Ricketts in the English version.



Tíz is Hungarian for "ten."

Tohno (遠野 / とおの, Tōno?) means "distant field" in Japanese.

Mahoroha is derived from two Japanese words: (まほう, mahou?, lit. magic) and (ろは, roha?, lit. furnace).


  • According to Arecia Al-Rashia's experiments, Tiz represents the power of decrepitude, which is defined as the state of being decrepit or worn out from age or long use. Although Tiz is also "part" of Class Zero, she is the only member never seen to join in their battles (though Joker randomly joins missions with the "Tiz's Prayer" item). Her unimportant role seems to suit her representation of power, as decrepitude is equivalent with the word "abandoned".

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