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Sons of man! Murderers of my children!

Titan is the Primal of Kobold beastmen tribe. He is fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The more difficult versions of Titan battles can be considered as a superboss battle.


Story ModeEdit

Hard ModeEdit

Extreme ModeEdit

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Players will be received 2 treasure chests as the reward for defeating Titan (Hard Mode and Extreme Mode only).

Titan (Hard Mode) randomly awards 2 iLevel 80 weapons for the party. If the player is in the progress of "The Relic Reborn" quest they'll receive the key item to finish the quest after Titan (Hard Mode) defeated.

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Titans were members of the second order of divine beings in Greek mythology. They were descendants of the primordial deities born from the Chaos, and they preceded the gods of Olympus, who went on to overthrow them.