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The struggles of the frail and feeble end in loss. Better your lives' waters quicken the seeds of new.

Titan is a fal'Cie in Final Fantasy XIII and the overseer of the vista of Gran Pulse. Though he does not play an important storyline role compared to other fal'Cie like Anima, he tests the party through available missions.

Titan is a huge humanoid fal'Cie with black and orange vein-like lines. Titan dwarfs even the Adamantoises of Pulse's plains - which he is shown swallowing whole.


This colossal fal'Cie is said to be the guardian of Gran Pulse's entire ecosystem. A biogenitor, Titan consumes weaker species and gives birth to new ones, thereby providing the stimulation needed to prevent ecological stagnation.

Unlike many other Gran Pulse fal'Cie, Titan does not involve himself directly with tasks of terrestrial manipulation. However, it is possible that he performs more subtle alterations of the landscape through the adjustment of biological cycles and the introduction of new, environmentally impacting species.


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Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Fortune smiles upon the strong and worthy. Surrender not to despair. The future of life's cycle goes with you.
—Titan to the party upon completing the Trials.

Titan is encountered by the party in the Faultwarrens, where Fang identifies it as a biogenitor that "chews up one species and spits out another". Titan sees them and decries them as weak. The way into the trials opens and the party can take it: during the trials, the party takes various routes through the Faultwarrens and defeat monsters spawned by Titan's activities. In the final trial, the party face off against the Undying Cie'th Attacus, after Titan calls l'Cie beings "outside the natural order". After defeating Attacus, the party earns Titan's respect and it transports them back to the beginning of the Faultwarrens.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Remnants of Titan are present in the Dead Dunes; his left hand marks the entrance to the ruins underneath the desert, and a location some distance away called The Giant's Head has the petrified upper face exposed above the sand, with its head crystals reduced to dull stone.

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Titan's TrialsEdit

Titan's Trials

From his perch among the Faultwarrens, Titan determines the biological order of the wild, pitting beast against beast to weed out the weak and cultivate stronger species. He accomplishes this by plucking victims up and depositing them in a nearby Faultwarrens location. The E1 - E5 tiers of bosses are fought in this way.

Titan appears in the horizon of the Archylte Steppe, walking around, but cannot be directly approached outside of the Faultwarrens where he appears to pit the party against strong monsters.

Passing all of Titan's Trials earns the player the Natural Selector achievement.

Creation and developmentEdit

Titan was not an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII as developers were unable to implement a battle against him due to his size. This issue was confronted in the sequel and was the origin of the giant war machine Atlas who appears to be modeled after Titan.[1]


Titan's voice actors are unknown, but along with Barthandelus and Orphan, they are the only fal'Cie to speak in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.



The Titans were a pantheon of deities found in Greek mythology. The 12 Titans were great, powerful beings, known as the Elder Gods before being overthrown by the younger gods, that is, the Olympians. Each was associated with a primal concept, e.g. light, ocean, memory, etc.


  • Titan is the second largest known fal'Cie, the first being Fenrir.
  • Brain Blast quiz from Final Fantasy XIII-2 says that length of Titan's arm determines the altitude of flights from Cocoon to Gran Pulse.
  • When accepting A-Ranked missions on the Archylte Steppe, he will breathe smoke out onto the plain, restricting the party's field of vision.


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