Titan is an enemy in Final Fantasy Dimensions that can be fought in the Cave of Convulsion. After defeating him, party will be rewarded with the Titan summon.


During the first time when Cave of Convulsion is accessible, the party should be around level 20. Titan often counters the party's attacks. His physical attack and Right Arm ability can deal about 200 damage to front row characters. Bear Hug does a bit more damage and inflicts Sap, while Earthquake can deal about 100 damage to all party members. When he is about to be defeated, he will use Gaia's Wrath, which will do more than 250 damage to every character.

Physical attacks will barely hurt Titan, so Warrior and Monk cannot damage him a lot, though certain strategies allow them to perform just as well as magic-focused characters. Titan is vulnerable to Wind.


Unlike Ramuh, Titan has no single-target attack that does large amounts of damage. His weakness to wind can be easily exploited: A Trident can be found inside a chest in the Cave of Convulsion, which is a Wind-based weapon usable by Warriors, and as such is the best early-game weapon against Titan. A Warrior equipped with Focus and the aforementioned Trident can exploit this weakness for high damage per single counter with the Strike ability. Damage can be further increased with the Warrior ability Enrage, if available. A Monk can use Aurablast 2-3 times before his MP runs out; with Focus the damage can be just as high as the previously mentioned Trident. Note: Monk can also access Strike and Enrage if available, should Aurablast be unavailable. Mages should cast Slow, Protect and do heavy magic, such as Fira; the F-Ability Magic Bomb 2 is stronger than Ra-tier spells and is also a solid alternative, especially when paired with Focus. When low on health Titan begins to use Gaia's Wrath, which is a sign for the player to keep the pressure up. If the player hasn't already then Gramps can be used to reset Titan's turn with Aim: Legs, effectively stalling Titan for a short while.



Titans were members of the second order of divine beings in Greek mythology. They were descendants of the primordial deities born from the Chaos, and they preceded the gods of Olympus, who went on to overthrow them.