Cid will control this vehicle across the shallow water, but not in the sky!

The Tiny Bronco (タイニーブロンコ, Tainī Buronko?) is a means of transportation in Final Fantasy VII. The Tiny Bronco is a dual-propeller airplane built and owned by Cid Highwind able to land and take off vertically. It is not big, but is rather fast.


Palmer, the Shinra's head of Space Explorations, tries to steal it for Rufus Shinra's use, but Cloud Strife and his party stop him, and must escape on the plane. Tiny Bronco is badly damaged when it is shot down by Shinra soldiers during their escape and loses all of its flight functions, but it remains a means of naval transportation, as it can navigate through shallow waters.

After crossing Gaea's Cliff and witnessing the events at the North Crater, the Tiny Bronco disappears along with the buggy, their roles being replaced by the Highwind.


Tiny Bronco
Bronco 2
Length - 12.74 meters*
Width - 12.48 meters*
Height -3.57 meters*
Weight - 2,280 kilograms
Load Capacity - 3,580 kilograms
Maximum Speed - 235 knots (at sea level)
Cruising Speed - 17.5 knots (surface)
- 173 knots
Ascending Time - Unknown
Ceiling - 9,400 meters
Range - Approximately 1,140 Nautical Miles
Engine - Oil-cooling RG24 Type Horizontal-Facing 24 Cylinder Engine
Ascending Output - 3,800 Horsepower
Rotor - 4.7 Meters in Diameter
- 2-Speed Electrical
- Pitch of 20-70 Degrees
Crew Capacity - 1

*Rotor not included.

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Bronco means "untrained horse". The term comes from the Spanish language word bronco, meaning "rough", which in Mexican usage also describes a horse.


  • On Square's old North American website, a page about vehicles contained an image referring to the vehicle as "tiny broncho". The vehicle was referred to correctly in the page's text.
  • In the early concept artwork of the plane, it is named "Sister Ray". Sister Ray was the name assigned to Shinra's Mako cannon.
  • During the quests "The Company You Keep (Immortal Flames)", "The Company You Keep (Maelstrom)" and "The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)" in Final Fantasy XIV, both magitek engineers, Biggs and Wedge, are found at the crash site of an airship called the Tiny Bronco.