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FFV iOS Time Slip

Time Slip in Final Fantasy V for smartphones.

Causes sleep and old status on one enemy.
—Description, Final Fantasy V.

Time Slip is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VEdit

V Time Slip is a Blue Magic spell. It inflicts the status effects Old and Sleep on one target. A Blue Mage can learn the spell from the Traveler, Gilgamesh, Azulmagia, and Cherie enemies. It costs 9 MP to cast. The player may utilize this ability by catching and releasing a Traveler or Mykale.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Time Slip is a Time Mage ability learned at Job Level 5. It is the Time Mage's specialty ability, but can be used by other jobs as well at a cost of 3 slots. It returns to the start of the battle if the entire party is wiped out. However, it only works once per battle, regardless of how many characters have it equipped.



A time slip is an alleged paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, travel through time via unknown means.

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