Time mage command. Warp the fabric of time itself.

Time Magic (時魔法, Toki Mahō?) is an action ability usable by the Time Mage in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Time MagicEdit

Ability Equipment Effect AP MP Power Range
Haste Firewheel Rod Meddle with time's flow to increase speed. 200 24 3
Quicken Thor Rod Slides time, allowing target to take turn early. 300 24 3
Slow Terre Rod Meddles with time's flow, reducing target's speed. 200 12 3
Reflect Thunder Rod Reflects white, red, time, and black magic. 300 8 3
Stop Chill Rod Stops the flow of time. Target is unable to act. 300 24 3
Silence Sleet Rod Steals voice, silencing target. 200 8 3
Quarter Force Rod Small gravity field. Saps 1/4 of target's HP. 200 10 3
Demi Stardust Rod Gravity field. Saps 1/2 of target's HP. 300 24 3