FFV iOS Time Magic

Lenna casting a Time Magic spell in Final Fantasy V (iOS).

Time-ffv-icon Time Magic (時魔法, Toki Mahō?), also called Time Magick (時魔法, Toki Mahō?), Time and known as Time and Space Magic (時空魔法, Jikū Mahō?) in Japan, is a recurring skill set and and type of Magic in the Final Fantasy series. It is a form of magic that bends the laws of time and space, and it is mainly a supportive school of magic, in contrast to Black Magic, which focuses on dealing damage, and White Magic, which focuses on healing.

In titles that feature the job system, Time Magic is the specialty of the Time Mage. In games where this category is not present, its spells are often divided between White Magic and Black Magic.


Final Fantasy VEdit

FFV Time Magic Icon iOS

All Time Magic is accessible through the eponymous the skillset of the Time Mage.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

FFXII Time Magic Icon

All characters can purchase Time Magick licenses to cast bought spells.

In the Zodiac versions, the Magick categorization was altered, and several Arcane Magicks spells were recategorized as Time Magick.

Time Magick licenses are available only to the Time Battlemage, Machinist and Red Battlemage jobs.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Time Magick is the skillset of Ashe and the enemy job Time Mage.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Time Magick is the skill set of the Time Mage job. Several of its abilities can be used through Arithmeticks.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Time Magic is the action ability of the Time Mage job for moogles and nu mou. All of its abilities are learned through Rods.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Time Magick returns as the skill set of the Time Mage job. All of its abilities are again learned through Rods.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Time Magic can be performed by Time Mages or those equipped with the Time Magic job command.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

Time Magic spells are used by the Time Mage job. Any job can use the spells with the Time Magic job command. These spells can only be used as long as the corresponding magic scrolls have been purchased.



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