FFE Time Mage
Time Mages aid their comrades with a plethora of time manipulation spells, such as Haste and Slow, and offensive magic, such as Gravity and Meteor.
—Official description.

Time Mage (時魔道士, Toki Madoushi?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers. The Time Mage is a booster and damager with the ability to extend status buffs and reduce debuffs.

Time Mages can initially equip rods and tomes; after mastery staves and bows can be equipped.

Unlocking and MasteryEdit

The Time mage is unlocked in the 2★ Quest, "Aptitude Exam: Thief & Time Mage."

To master the Time Mage complete any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Time Mage."

Base StatsEdit

Stats Base (Mastery) Ranking
HP 3000 (3600) F
AP 2365 (2815) A
Load 150 D
Strength 35 E
Accuracy 42 F
Magic 67 A
Spirit 40 B
Focus 80 A
Defense 22 D
Mag Def 75 A
Evasion 46 C
Mobility 116 A
Luck 32 F


They are proficient in all Time Magic. The Unique Ability Chronos extends buffs and reduces debuffs for allies in an area around them. The Standard Ability Support Barrier increases the range of support abilities and reduces their cooldown.

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