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Time's Arrow was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Scenario Edit

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After the six l'Cie manage to destroy Orphan and save their two worlds, Fang and Vanille fuse into a crystal pillar, while the remaining four reunite with family and friends. Some time after, Lightning is pulled into Valhalla, a realm once held by the goddess Etro, to become Her knight. She is locked in battle with a vengeful Caius Ballad, who seeks answers as to why his charge is dying again and again across all time. Caius' attempts to save Paddra Nsu-Yeul have, unfortunately, created a massive series of temporal rips, altering the history of Gran Pulse over the hundreds of years since Ragnarok and potentially leading to the end of the world. In an effort to mend the now-tattered fabric of time, Lightning reaches out to Noel Kreiss, the last survivor of a collapsing humanity, and tasks him with finding her sister Serah, in order that the pair may succeed where she has yet to.

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Bugs Edit

  • While the event is split between the first two games of the Lightning Saga, Part 2 does not play the victory sequence from Final Fantasy XIII-2, instead opting to use the previous game's sequence.

Trivia Edit

  • This event broke a string of regular Challenge Events in which at least one new ability had been issued per event.
  • This event was not pre-announced on the global game server, as per protocol. To date, it has been the only event not pre-announced.
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