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A magazine representing the people's voice. It was popular among aspiring young journalists. Shut down after Galbadia deemed the publication dangerous.
FFVIII Info Corner
Timber 3

The Timber Maniacs office at Timber.

Timber Maniacs (ティンバー・マニアックス, Tinbā Maniakkusu?) is a publishing company in Final Fantasy VIII. Established 20 years prior to the story of Final Fantasy VIII it publishes many magazines, one of the more famous being Tim Mani (short for Timber Maniacs); a compilation of freelance writings.

Under President Deling, Timber Maniacs faced closure when Tim Mani was deemed dangerous to the administration for sparking revolutionist ideals. Since then, Timber Maniacs shifted focus to publishing "battle series" magazines and photobooks such as "Jacket Over Skin: The Beautiful Women Edition".


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Laguna joined the company when Kiros tells him that the chief editor was interested in making world travel articles. Laguna jumped at the chance and signed on to become a world-traveling journalist. Timber Maniacs mainly consists of articles about places in the world, which are written during his journey of rescuing Ellone.

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The Reception desk

Reception Desk

The Timber Maniac reception desk is a small corner cubicle in the office foyer. The foyer itself is littered with stacks of many publications printed throughout the years. The door at the far end of the foyer allows access to the Editorial office. To the left of the reception is a small office with a Blizzaga draw point hidden behind the desk in the foreground. It never refills.

In the reception a copy of "Girl Next Door" can be found on one of the magazine stacks next to the receptionist. When given to Zone onboard White SeeD Ship during the short segment the party visits the ship on disk 3, the party will receive Shiva's Triple Triad card in return.


Inside the office.

Editorial Office

This office is where the magazine staff piece together the articles for the next magazine issue. The desks are filled with notes and books of reference material. The chief editor's desk is located at the far end of the room and he has a tendency to reminiscence about the old days.

Timber Maniacs magazineEdit

For every issue of Timber Maniacs the player finds, a special article on Laguna is unlocked. The articles can be found on Sir Laguna's Page, made by Selphie Tilmitt on Squall's study panel in Balamb Garden. Collecting 12 magazines in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Timber Maniacs.

Timber Maniac Location
Timber Maniacs 1 Balamb, Train Station or 2nd floor of the Inn.
Timber Maniacs 2 Timber, Timber Maniacs Office Building.
Timber Maniacs 3 Timber, Hotel Guest Room.
Timber Maniacs 4 Fishermans Horizon, Grease Monkey's House.
Timber Maniacs 5 Fishermans Horizon, Hotel Guest Room.
Timber Maniacs 6 Trabia Garden, Graveyard.
Timber Maniacs 7 Dollet, Hotel Guest Room.
Timber Maniacs 8 Dollet, Pub.
Timber Maniacs 9 Shumi Village, Artisan's House.
Timber Maniacs 10 White SeeD Ship, Bridge.
Timber Maniacs 11 Edea's Orphanage, Inside the house.
Timber Maniacs 12 Deling City, Under the bed in the hotel room.


  • If the player reads the Timber Maniacs #1 from the hotel before the first Laguna flashback, the scene in Julia's room will change and Laguna will fall asleep, because he's had too much wine. If the player reads the magazine from train station or no magazine at all, he will only talk too much. Kiros's line about visiting the hotel pub will also be affected as he will give him grief about his lightweightedness beforehand.
  • If the player reads Timber Maniacs #9 before the Laguna flashback taking place in the Vienne Mountains, Ward will not appear alongside Laguna and Kiros. If the player doesn't read the magazine before the event, Ward will appear in the flashback.



Fake timber maniacs

Fake Timber Maniacs in Ma Dincht's house.

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