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A city located south of Dollet in the forest area. It was an independent country before neighboring country Galbadia invaded 18 years ago. There are numerous resistance groups fighting for independence to this day.
—Info Corner

Timber is a city in Final Fantasy VIII. It is under martial law by the Galbadian Army, and has many resistance groups struggling to regain Timber's independence. Notable features of Timber include its many train lines and its television broadcasting studio. It is also the home of Timber Maniacs, a publishing company.

The city's name was derived from the surrounding woods. The town has four train stations, but due to the citizens' disobedience with the current government the town has never really prospered under Galbadian regiment. For a long time Timber's mass media reflected local political ideology, but was later heavily censored by the government. An atmosphere of new and old blends in the city, with houses and stores having a stone-made look, while the TV station has a futuristic appearance. The mixture of Timber and Galbadia's crests within the city allude to the town's complicated history. Timber used to have its own military troops while an independent nation, but following Galbadian occupation that body was largely dissolved and Galbadian soldiers serve as the peace-keeping force. In order to give its government a firmer presence, the Galbadian army has some of its troops stationed in Timber.


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According to Anarchist Monthly, Galbadia, under the new leadership of President Vinzer Deling, invaded the area following the "2nd Sorceress War". This is the only part in the game where it is implied there would have been more than one Sorceress War, and elsewhere the term Sorceress War is used to refer to the war Galbadia waged against Esthar reigned by Sorceress Adel.

Under Galbadian occupation the woodland decreased dramatically. Prior to its occupation, those in the resistance were hunted down, and many citizens were killed and imprisoned leading to the deep-seated hostility in the local consciousness. Many of Timber's citizens have, or presently belong to, the resistance, although the resistance remains largely inactive owing to the strong Galbadian occupancy.

TV studio

Seifer holds the president hostage.

The newly graduated SeeD members are sent to Timber as their first mission to help the Forest Owls, a subversive group resisting the Galbadian occupation. During the mission Squall Leonhart meets Rinoa Heartilly for the second time, following their dance at Balamb Garden. Squall and his party are to aid the Forest Owls in kidnapping of the Galbadian President, Vinzer Deling, but the mission fails when it is discovered that the President they were attempting to kidnap is only a body double called Gerogero.

It is discovered that the President's business in Timber was to broadcast the announcement of a sorceress becoming Galbadia's new ambassador. During the broadcast Seifer Almasy appears, and holds the President hostage, until he is lured away by sorceress Edea. In the incident's aftermath the G-army searches the town and destroys the Forest Owls' base. Squall and his teammates lay low and avoid capture, and escape to the Galbadia Garden.

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Timber Loc

Location of Timber, indicated by crosshair.

Timber is located within the Galbadian Continent and is a crossroad for the transcontinental railroad system. It is to the north of the Winhill Cape and to the south of Obel Lake.


Timber's location in the field map.


Timber 6

Timber Railroad Station.


The Timber train.

Timber Railroad Station

One of the major rail stations is located in Timber. Rail lines from the station are connected to Balamb, Deling City, East Academy Station, and—at one time—Esthar.

Timber 3

Timber Maniacs Office.

Timber Maniacs Office

The Timber Maniacs office is the central administration for most magazines circulating the globe. They are responsible for publishing "battle series" magazines such as Weapons Monthly Magazine and photobooks such as "Jacket Over Skin: The Beautiful Women Edition". They also published a series of magazines called Timber Maniacs that focused on freelance writings.

Timber 5

Aphorora Pub.

Aphorora Pub

A prominent bar located near the Railroad Station. Patrons can walk through the pub into a back alley to secretively access the Timber TV Station. All of the drinks for sale are named after greens found in other Final Fantasy games.

  • Draw points - Cure (outside the pub), Scan (back alley)

Timber 2

Timber Hotel.

Timber Hotel

A unique hotel due to its railroad theme, features a scaled train model in the foyer as well as an actual rail-crossing bar that prevents people from entering without paying first. The player can stay here for free if they rescue a little girl from an oncoming train at the train station.

  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine

Timber 7

Timber TV Station.

Timber TV Station
All forms of communication now use HD cables. No radio transmissions are used. Timber TV Station keeps its radio systems, waiting for the day radio transmission is restored.
—Info Corner

Before the Sorceress War's end all radio transmission broadcasts were broadcast from Timber's TV Station. Now, 17 years after all transmissions suddenly became static, the station still stands ready for use.


Timber StoreEdit

Recovery Items Cost GF Items Cost
Potion 100 G-Potion 200
Hi-Potion 500 G-Returner 500
Phoenix Down 500
Antidote 100 Ammo Cost
Eye Drops 100 Normal Ammo 20
Soft 100 Shotgun Ammo 40
Echo Screen 100
Holy Water 100 Miscellaneous Cost
Remedy 1000 Fuel 3000

Timber Pet StoreEdit

GF Items Cost Group Items Cost
G-Potion 200 Pet House 1000
G-Hi-Potion 600
G-Returner 500
Magic Scroll 5000
GF Scroll 5000 Magazine Cost
Item Scroll 5000 Pet Pals Vol. 3 1000
Amnesia Greens 5000 Pet Pals Vol. 4 1000

Souvenirs ShopEdit

Souvenir Cost Souvenir Cost
Owl's Tears Out of stock Model Train Out of stock
Map of Timber Out of stock Naughty Magazine Out of stock

Aphorora PubEdit

Drink Cost Drink Cost
Krakka 100 Mimett 100
Tantal 100 Reagen 100
Curiel 100 Sylkis 100


Train hi-jackingEdit

During the mission to capture the president's train car Squall, Selphie, Zell and Rinoa jump over to the other train and the player has to input three codes. The player should go down when there are no guards and go back up if a guard gets near. In the next segment the player must input five codes and won't get a warning for the guards.

During the Timber train mission, if Squall is never detected by the guards he gains a SeeD rank. If he is detected less than 10 times it has no effect on his rank, but if the guards spot him over 10 times, his rank will drop.

Triple TriadEdit

Timber plays with Galbadia region rules, where Same is the sole starting rule.

When the player defeats the Galbadian soldiers outside the pub during the event they try to get to the TV Station, they will obtain a Buel card. This card can be shown to a drunk man in the pub and he gives the player a Tonberry card. If the player modifies/loses the card before talking to the drunk man, he will give the player another, inferior card, instead.

Doomtrain is won from the pub owner as part of Queen of Cards sidequest.

Musical themesEdit

"Martial Law"
FFVIII Martial Law
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Martial Law" is the theme song played in Timber. This song uses percussion and has a jazzy feel to it. "Timber Owls" is the song for the Forest Owls resistance group.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Timber Town FFVIII Special
Castle Cornelia PSThis article or section is a stub about a location in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Presidential Train FFVIII

Squall and his party make their way toward Timber, site of their first assignment. Once there, they are to assist the Forest Owls resistance in abducting President Deling.



Timber is a term common in the United Kingdom and Australia for wood materials. The term Lumber is common in the United States of America and Canada.


Timber TV Station

Outdoor TV screen displaying Adel's message.

  • On Squall's first visit to the Timber TV Station, several repeating phrases are shown on the huge screen, including "IAMALIVEHERE" (I am alive here), "IWILLNEVERLETYOUFORGETABOUTME" (I will never let you forget about me), and "BRINGMEBACKTHERE" (Bring me back there). These are believed to be the thoughts of sorceress Adel confined in space.
  • A guy near one of the stations will continually give Squall's party a Potion if either Rinoa or Quistis is in the party.
  • The Timber soldiers' weapons and uniforms are similar to that of American Civil War era soldiers, tying into the antiquated, industrial-era appearance of the town.
  • In Timber, a sign near the Timber TV Station says "Bropaganda Tower".
  • There is a woman on the Timber train station who talks about Laguna having once saved her.
  • If the player watches the train abduction demonstration in the Forest Owls' base twice, Selphie will suggest they derail the president's car instead, to which Zell points out it would be pointless to kill him before abducting him.
  • All known resistance groups fighting for Timber's independence are compound terms and all have the word "Forest" as their first word in their names, e.g.: Forest Owls, Forest Fox, and The Forest Duck.
  • During a Laguna dream Laguna Loire, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac trek through the burning woods during Galbadia's invasion of Timber. The area is actually revisited as Squall's present day party when the party is on their way to G-Garden and Squall and his friends fall asleep in the woods leading to the Garden, implying the Timber woods would have encompassed a large chunk of Galbadia.

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