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Tifa's cat is a typical white, female house cat owned by Tifa Lockhart in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-.

Despite being ill, the cat frequently ventures through the Mt. Nibel, and Tifa, concerned over her well-being, constantly chases after her despite the cat's frequent disregard for her calls to wait.


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While chasing after the mischievous cat, Tifa meets the Player Turk, who was making their way to the Nibelheim Reactor after being blown off course during their parachute drop. Following their investigation of the reactor, the Turk takes Tifa and her cat back to Nibelheim via the Shinra ropeway and, following the ropeway's destruction, on foot.

Following Tifa to the Nibelheim Reactor during the Nibelheim Incident, the cat leads Zangan to her unconscious body at the base of the stairs. The cat is last seen wandering the remnants of the town as the Player Turk frets over the moral implications of covering up of the incident.

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