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Tifa Lockhart
Portrait FF7 - Tifa Portrait
Also known as Tifa Lockheart[1][2][3]
Japanese name ティファ・ロックハート
Romaji Tifa Rokkuhāto
Weapon Knuckles (Weapon)
Ultimate Weapon Premium Heart
Occupation Bar hostess, AVALANCHE member
Birthplace Nibelheim
Date of Birth May 3 1987
Age 15 (Crisis Core)
20 (Final Fantasy VII)
22 (Advent Children)
23 (Dirge of Cerberus)
Height 5'4"[4] (167 cm[1][5])
Blood type B
Japanese voice actor Yōko Asada (Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring) (Arcade)
Yūko Minaguchi (Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring) (PS)
Ayumi Ito
English voice actor Rachael Leigh Cook
Final Fantasy VII Character
Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her looks fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists...

Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII, and the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- she plays a supportive role. Tifa is Cloud Strife's childhood friend but lost contact with him years ago. When she meets him again she convinces him to join the resistance group she is a member of, AVALANCHE, to fight Shinra Electric Power Company.

Tifa supports Cloud as his comrade and helps him fight his nemesis Sephiroth, bearing the same hatred for him as Cloud does due to the destruction of their hometown.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Artwork of Tifa by Yoshitaka Amano.

Tifa has dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and some other appearances, her hair is shorter and reaches the middle of her back — in Advent Children because longer hair is difficult to animate. Tifa's eye color has been officially addressed as red, but they have been depicted as a brown in some appearances. Her most notable traits are her large breasts and long legs. According to an official artwork, Tifa's bust-waist-hip measures are 92-60-88 cm (36-24-35 inches).[7]

In all her outfits across her many appearances, Tifa has worn some variation of a sleeveless shirt that exposes her midriff, a miniskirt and white teardrop earrings. In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa wears a white tank top and black mini-skirt with a belt and suspenders. She dons red and black gloves that extend to her elbows, red boots, and a metal guard on her left elbow. She wears the same outfit in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring and the Itadaki series.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and in flashbacks in Final Fantasy VII when she is a guide at Nibelheim, Tifa wears a cowgirl outfit with a short leather skirt and vest, a white shirt, cowboy boots and hat. In Crisis Core this outfit is given more detail, changing the top into a patterned, button-up corset, giving pockets and tassels to the skirt and vest and adding a belt around her hips. In her artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, Tifa has white hair and wears a red miniskirt with a white top and red gloves. This outfit is an alternate outfit for her in Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tifa wears a white shirt under a black zip-up vest with black shorts that fold at the waist, forming an additional utility pocket at the front and a short duster at the back extending to her heels. She wears a pink ribbon around her left arm in remembrance of Aerith Gainsborough, and a Fenrir ring on her right hand. Her gloves are black and shorter than in Final Fantasy VII, covering only her hands. Tifa wears this attire in the Kingdom Hearts series and in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, and it is available as an alternate outfit for her in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Tifa Portrait

While deceptively strong, Tifa is empathic and emotionally shy. While identifying and responding to others' feelings, Tifa does not express her feelings often and when she does she struggles doing so. In Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself, and keeps the feelings of uneasiness towards Cloud locked up. She has a motherly streak and offers sanctuary and physically protects those in need, often comforting the other AVALANCHE members. Tifa finds them kindred spirits seeking to end the tyranny the Shinra Electric Power Company has brought unto the Planet, although initially she joined the rebel group to seek revenge for the destruction of her hometown and the deaths of her family and friends therein. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Tifa has grown more forward and tries to keep their family unit together when Cloud falls into depression, pushing him to take action and stop brooding with what he considers to be his past failings.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Tifa was born in Nibelheim and was Cloud's next-door neighbor. She was out-going and had many friends, but although she and Cloud were only a year apart in age, they were not close. Tifa's mother died when Tifa was eight years old in 1995, leaving her upset and confused. Tifa believed her mother had gone to Mt. Nibel, and that she could meet her again if she crossed the mountain.

Tifa headed off to Mt. Nibel and Cloud followed to protect her, but they fell from a rickety bridge. Tifa's father found her severely injured and blamed Cloud for leading her to Mt. Nibel. Five years later, in 0000, Cloud decided to join SOLDIER like his idol Sephiroth, in part to impress Tifa. He called Tifa out to the water tower, a local date spot, to tell her of his plans, and Tifa made Cloud promise to protect her if she was ever in trouble. He left to join SOLDIER the following spring and Tifa kept checking the newspaper looking for some mention of him, and asking Shinra personnel if they knew him when they came to Nibelheim. She would find nothing, for Cloud never made it into SOLDIER, becoming only a lowly infantryman.

Crisis Core and Before CrisisEdit

I hate you! I hate Shinra! I hate SOLDIER! I hate you all!
—Tifa to Zack after the Nibelheim Incident

Two years later, on September 21, 0002 a 15-year-old Tifa works as a tour guide in Mt. Nibel and is taking martial arts lessons from Zangan. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- she is hired by the player's Turk to lead a Shinra expedition to investigate a faulty Mako Reactor. The expedition includes Sephiroth and a SOLDIER named Zack. During their stay she drops hints to Zack of dreaming of a blond-haired SOLDIER protecting her.

Unbeknown to her, Cloud is one of the two Shinra guards accompanying Zack and Sephiroth, but is concealing his identity due to his shame of failing to enter SOLDIER. Without her knowing it he prevents her entry to the reactor, attempts to protect her from a monster attack shortly after (trying to anonymously keep his promise) and is helped down the mountain by her. Afterward, Tifa messages Zack expressing her worry for the soldier who helped her.

Sephiroth goes berserk when he learns who "his mother" is, and on October 1st sets Nibelheim ablaze, then sets off to the reactor. Tifa's father and others follow, but Sephiroth slays them. Tifa finds her father dead at the reactor with Sephiroth's Masamune. Declaring her hatred of Sephiroth and Shinra, she attacks Sephiroth, but he disarms her and cuts her down. Tifa falls down the steps and slumps to the ground.

Zack finds Tifa injured but she doesn't trust him and refuses help. Zack engages Sephiroth but is defeated. Cloud arrives and carries Tifa aside before confronting Sephiroth; Cloud later admits he thought Tifa's wounds were fatal. After Cloud has defeated Sephiroth but succumbed to his wounds, Zangan arrived and took Tifa away to Midgar for medical treatment, unable to save all three (Cloud, Zack and Tifa) from the reactor. Though he cast Cure on her he only barely kept her alive, and it is implied she has no recollection of the journey.

Zangan left Midgar and Tifa recovered and joined AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra resistance group led by Barret Wallace. She became the owner and proprietor of the bar and restaurant 7th Heaven, which houses AVALANCHE's base in a secret basement.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Tifa asking Cloud to join AVALANCHE

Tifa asking Cloud to help AVALANCHE.

When Cloud returns to Midgar as a mercenary in late 0006, he meets Tifa. Unaware Cloud was in Nibelheim during its destruction, but suspecting something is off about his behavior, Tifa recruits him to work for Barret to examine him further. Realizing Cloud knows several things he should not and has forgotten things he should know, and also initially doubting her own recollections when faced with Cloud's, Tifa conceals this information while trying to figure out the reason behind Cloud's different character and inconsistent memories.

On December 9th, Cloud's first mission with AVALANCHE is a success, and he returns to Tifa's bar. Cloud attempts to quit AVALANCHE saying he doesn't care about Shinra and the Planet, but Tifa pleads for him to stay reminding him of the promise they made as children, leading Cloud to reluctantly assign for the next mission. The next day Tifa accompanies him and Barret on the mission to Sector 5 Reactor but Cloud is separated. When they return to the hideout they find someone spying on them who points to the crime boss Don Corneo as a Shinra informant. Tifa concocts a plan to approach him; Don Corneo is known for calling up girls to his mansion and choosing one as his "bride" for the day. Cloud catches Tifa being taken to Don's, and infiltrates Corneo's mansion with a girl he met at the Midgar Slums, Aeris.

FFVII Tifa threat

Tifa threatening Don Corneo.

In the ensuing confrontation Corneo reveals Shinra is planning to drop the Sector 7 plate to crush the slums. Tifa and Cloud race to help Barret defend the pillar supporting the plate while Aeris takes Barret's daughter, Marlene, to safety. The other AVALANCHE members are killed, and the pillar and Sector 7 are destroyed. Tifa, Cloud and Barret escape while Shinra captures Aeris.

Tifa, Barret and Cloud infiltrate Shinra Headquarters to save Aeris, but are captured. Sephiroth attacks the building and kills President Shinra, and in the chaos the group is released from imprisonment. The group flees from Midgar to Kalm where Cloud tells the group how he was deployed to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and how the latter destroyed the town. His version is faulty, but a confused Tifa does not confront him both to protect him and because she doubts her own recollection.

The group travels the world tracking Sephiroth with Tifa supporting the party when she can. In Gongaga they run into Zack's parents who worry about their son as they have not heard from him in years. Knowing Zack was the SOLDIER member who came to Nibelheim with Sephiroth, Tifa gets upset, but lies to Cloud when he asks what's wrong. When they arrive at Nibelheim they find the town rebuilt, and the villagers (really Shinra employees hired to cover up the Sephiroth incident) not remembering Cloud or Tifa ever living there.

The group stays in Gold Saucer while the ropeway is being repaired, and Tifa is one of the possible date options for Cloud. If Tifa goes out with Cloud during the night she laments on being insecure with her feelings and how she wishes she could tell something to him but finds herself unable to.

When the group tracks Sephiroth down to the Whirlwind Maze Sephiroth shows Cloud the true events of Nibelheim's razing. Sephiroth's manipulations take their toll and Cloud comes to believe he is not a real person, but someone made by Professor Hojo of Shinra with false memories. Cloud submits to Sephiroth's will and hands over the Black Materia they had stolen from Sephiroth earlier, a powerful Materia that can summon Meteor, then apologizes to Tifa as the North Crater shakes and the ancient beasts called Weapons awaken. Tifa and Barret flee on the Shinra airship, Highwind, as the crater collapses with the rest of AVALANCHE escaping another way. Tifa and Barret are brought to Junon where they are to be executed as scapegoats to show Shinra is still in control as Meteor looms in the sky.

Tifa is thrown into a gas chamber while the other party members hidden in the crowd save Barret. While gas seeps into the chamber Tifa breaks out of her restraints. Sapphire Weapon attacks Junon and blasts a hole in the gas chamber, saving her. Running to escape the Shinra forces, Tifa climbs onto the Mako Cannon. The Shinra executive Scarlet confronts Tifa, and the two descend into a cat fight. The Highwind commanded by the rest of AVALANCHE appears below the cannon and Tifa makes a leap for the airship. She is elected the party's temporary leader while Cloud is gone.


Tifa tries to push Cloud to safety when the Lifestream surges.

Cloud is found in Mideel, suffering from a Mako overdose. Tifa remains to watch over him, but Cloud is not showing signs of improvement. Ultimate Weapon appears and Lifestream swallows Mideel. Tifa tries to push the unresponsive Cloud to safety but both fall into the Lifestream.

Being submerged in the Lifestream lets Tifa enter Cloud's Subconscious where she uncovers the truth about the Nibelheim incident, and helps Cloud restore his memories and motivations. Tifa learns Cloud admired her when he was young, and left to join SOLDIER to impress her. Tifa learns Cloud helped her during the Nibelheim incident even though she didn't know it was him at the time. After Cloud's memories have been restored the two wash ashore near Mideel where the others find them and take them aboard the Highwind.

In the aftermath of Midgar's siege by Diamond Weapon and the impending chaos of Shinra's destruction, Cloud dismisses the party instructing them to find a reason to fight. Tifa stays behind with Cloud as she has nowhere else to go. The two spend the night on the cliff above Northern Cave. Depending on the player's interactions with her during the game, the scene has two possible dialogue courses that vary in the amount of affection the two show each other.


Tifa in the ending reaching out for Cloud.

In late January 0007 the party descends to the bottom of the Northern Cave and defeats Sephiroth to release the power of Holy. After the battle Cloud feels Sephiroth is not fully vanquished, and Tifa stays behind as he descends into the Lifestream for a final battle. As he returns to his body the cavern falls apart and Cloud saves Tifa from falling. The party returns to the Highwind where they watch the Lifestream surge from the Planet to help Holy destroy the Meteor.


Tifa On the Way to a Smile

Tifa in the On the Way to a Smile OVA.

Tifa is the focus of Case of Tifa in On the Way to a Smile, examining her life and relationship with Cloud after the Planet was saved from Meteor. Tifa, Cloud and Barret's daughter Marlene become a family in the newly built city of Edge, and Tifa runs a bar called 7th Heaven while Cloud runs a delivery service. Her life with Cloud is initially happy, but Tifa becomes concerned with Cloud's secrecy and growing depression, which strains the family's unity.

Cloud brings Denzel, a boy he found from the Midgar ruins, to the bar, and he joins the family, but Cloud continues to grow distant from Tifa and leaves 7th Heaven with no explanation despite briefly showing signs of happiness again. Tifa calls his cellphone several times but the answering service takes over. Shortly thereafter, the events of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children begin.

Tifa has a brief mention in Hoshi wo Meguru Otome where after learning from Zack that Cloud truly is not himself, Aerith protects Tifa's mind from the Mako poisoning while she is in Cloud's subconscious, believing she can restore Cloud's true persona.

Advent Children / Advent Children CompleteEdit


Tifa and Cloud in Sector 5 Church.

Which is it, a memory or us?
—Tifa to Cloud

Two years after Midgar was destroyed by Meteor Tifa serves as Cloud's emotional support, runs a bar called 7th Heaven in Edge, cares for Marlene and Denzel, and handles the business side of Cloud's delivery service.

While taking Marlene to the Sector 5 Church to find Cloud, she discovers Cloud has Geostigma. Loz, one of the Remnants of Sephiroth, shows up hoping to find Jenova's head under Cloud's care. He finds Tifa, whom he duels. Though she puts up a good fight, Tifa is defeated after Loz uses his superhuman speed and pile bunker. Cloud finds her unconscious in the church and prepares to hunt down Marlene, but a bout of pain from his Geostigma stops him. They are found by Reno and Rude who bring them back to the 7th Heaven. Cloud first turns down Tifa's request to go to the Forgotten Capital to retrieve Marlene and Denzel, fearing he will be unable to help them, but Tifa lectures about his apathy and self-loathing, talking him into going.

Tifa fighting

Tifa fights a Shadow Creeper.

The next day, when Loz and Yazoo have mind-controlled the children with Geostigma into going to the memorial in the center of Edge, Tifa attempts to save Denzel from them, but Bahamut SIN knocks her out. She joins the battle with the remaining AVALANCHE members, and is the last person to physically help Cloud — with Aerith providing support from the Lifestream — into the air to deliver the final blow to the dragon.

Tifa appears on the Shera with the AVALANCHE members while Cloud fights Kadaj and Sephiroth, and arrives in the church with Denzel to heal his Geostigma, and share a shy smile with Cloud as he relaxes with the children in the pool of Lifestream purified water.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

One year later, Tifa appears during the ground assault on Midgar, leading the tanks with Barret and Cloud. She appears when the gang is cheering on Vincent when he is "saving the world", and at the end, when Yuffie enters 7th Heaven to inquire about Vincent. She is still running the bar, and lets Shelke live with them. Tifa can be heard during a phone call to Vincent during his descent into Midgar's underground, but in audio only.



In battle, Tifa relies on her martial arts techniques and her stats in Final Fantasy VII are designed around the Monk character class from previous Final Fantasy games; thus her physical stats are better than her magic stats, and she equips claw and glove type weapons. She has low HP growth.

Tifa's starting level is determined by the following formula:

  • [average party level - 2]


See also: List of Final Fantasy VII Weapons#Tifa's Knuckles

Only a handful of Tifa's knuckles have higher-than-average strength, but the two that do are exceptional. The God's Hand has 255% Accuracy, meaning Tifa will never miss, and the other is her strongest weapon, the Premium Heart, which grows stronger as Tifa's Limit Break gauge fills. Both weapons also boost her magic power.

The Master Fist weapon does not have a powerful strength rating, but its damage output doubles for each status ailment Tifa is under while it is equipped, and even outclasses several final weapons if Tifa has numerous ailments afflicting her. The Powersoul doubles in power if Tifa is near death, and quadruples in power when she is under Death Sentence.

Tifa's ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart, causes damage determined by the portion of Tifa's Limit gauge filled, multiplied by her Limit level. In other words, if Tifa's Limit Bar is empty, her damage output lowers significantly.

Limit BreaksEdit

FFVII Limit Break Tifa Somersault

Tifa's Limit Break Somersault.

Main article: Limit (Final Fantasy VII)#Tifa

Tifa's Limit Breaks are unlike most Final Fantasy VII characters': instead of selecting a move from a list, Tifa's Limit Breaks consist of consecutively hitting the opponent with each move adding on to the previous. The reels upgrade over time according to her level. Each move deals physical damage to a random opponent. The Limits are selected through a process similar to the Slot skill from Final Fantasy VI. Each time the reel hits "Hit" the attack connects and does normal damage. When the reels hit "Yeah!" damage is doubled, but each time it hits "Miss", the attack is not performed. The player stops the reel, and later skills have "Yeah!" harder to hit and surrounded by "Miss". It is possible for three "Miss" reels to count as a "Hit" and having one "Hit" between two "Miss" can count differently than one "Hit" below two "Miss" reels.

Tifa uses many of her Limits in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in the battle against Loz.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

Tifa Early Sketch

Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, the concept of Tifa was first created when the idea was suggested that, at some point within the game, a character would be permanently killed off. When it was decided to have Aeris die, attention went into developing her character and her relationships with the other characters; this resulted in the idea to introduce Tifa as a rival for Cloud's affections. The notion of having two concurrent heroines and the protagonist torn between them was something producer Yoshinori Kitase liked, describing it as something new in the Final Fantasy games.

The Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania interviews with the creators of Final Fantasy VII reveal the original depiction of Cloud and Tifa's "moment" under the Highwind before their final battle against Sephiroth was more suggestive: following a fade-out scene, Cloud was to walk out of the airship's chocobo stable followed shortly by Tifa who would check around as she left, implying the two had spent the night together. This idea was rejected by Yoshinori Kitase for being too "extreme" and was replaced by the less risqué conversation scene.[8]

Tifa Early Art

Initially Nomura struggled to decide whether to give Tifa's design a mini-skirt or long pants. Seeking input, he passed his sketches around Square's offices, and the majority of the staff approved of the mini-skirt design. The attire was explained in respect to the game as giving her freedom of movement due to her affinity to weaponless fighting, and the skirt, noted as "quite short [...] giving a considerable degree of exposure", was kept as a staple for her alternate costumes. The developers noted that due to her figure, her otherwise plain garments took on a pleasant appearance. Initially Tifa was planned to be a supportive member of AVALANCHE rather than a field operative, and would have played a role in the organization's formation.

In a plot point cut from the final product, Tifa was intended to have been attacked by Cloud in the past and receive a scar on her back. This was later changed to her childhood accident for which Cloud was blamed but not responsible for. At another point Tifa's childhood diary was to be found where she'd written about her friends and Cloud's tendency to get into fights. Tifa was going to meet her master Zangan who would directly teach her the Final Heaven Limit Break — this was replaced with her finding a hidden letter from Zangan containing the manual for the attack. Tifa was planned to tell Aeris the true events behind the Nibelheim Incident, revealing to her Cloud's faulty memories and Zack's role in the town's destruction.

Two English demos for Final Fantasy VII exist, with Tifa appearing in the later one, released in 1997 after the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII was already out. As the game was already out in another region the demo is near-identical to the final game. The main difference is that Tifa is in the party during the opening bombing mission of Sector 1 Reactor, and the party has access to many spells they cannot yet cast in the final version.

AC Tifa's Face Artwork

Advent Children artwork.

When writing Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima had a hard time creating the new Tifa and focused on developing the emotional backbone her character is to the cast. They ensured to portray her as a modern woman who can function without a man. When Tifa tells Cloud what's inside her heart, the original scene had Tifa feeling guilty about being blunt, but Nojima cut it for time.

Takeshi Nozue had difficulty developing a framework for Tifa's body that was "balanced, yet showed off her 'feminine qualities'". Her outfit was redesigned with emphasis on expressing her physical qualities while being pleasing to the eye. Her hair was cropped due to the difficulty of animating her original length of hair, as well as problems that arose due to its dark color and lighting.

Script writer Kazushige Nojima described Tifa's role in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as "very much like any woman who's been left behind by a man", stating that while they didn't want her to appear clingy, they wanted to portray her as having been hurt emotionally. In the film's initial draft she was intended to have a more central role in the then-short film, which only featured herself, Cloud, and several children, with the story revolving around a note being delivered to him.

A minor error occurs in the film; when Cloud finds an injured Tifa laying in the church she is not wearing her gloves. This error is corrected in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.


With Aerith's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children voice actress already decided, Nomura requested Ayumi Ito take on the role of Tifa for the film; feeling her "husky voice" would offer a good contrast to Maaya Sakamoto, who played Aerith. Nomura additionally noted that after completing Tifa's updated design they debated on her finalized details, but once Ito had been cast for the role, they chose to blend many traits from the voice actress into the character's completed appearance.

Musical ThemesEdit

Main article: Tifa's Theme
"Tifa's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Tifa's Theme
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Tifa's Theme" (ティファのテーマ, Tifa no Tēma?) plays during Tifa's flashback of Cloud's promise, and as the background music for the 7th Heaven bar until the day of the Sector 5 Reactor mission, after which it switches to "Barret's Theme".

Tifa's Theme has been remixed for Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- as "Brief Reunion", for the Case of Denzel as "Connected Heart", and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy as "Tifa's Theme" (which serves as her world map theme), as well as appearing on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII.

Other AppearancesEdit

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Main article: Tifa Lockhart/Dissidia

Tifa is one of the new characters in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy fighting as a Warrior of Cosmos. She goes off her own during the twelfth cycle of war and comes into conflict with Ultimecia. Saved by Kain, she follows him to discover the truth of his betrayal, knowing he is a good man and would not attack his allies without reason. She does not know Sephiroth or Cloud due to losing her memories, but they remember her when the three confront one another in a Report.

Tifa dons her original design from Final Fantasy VII as her default outfit. Her alternate costumes, she wears her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children attire and her Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- guide outfit. As a downloadable fourth outfit, Tifa wears an outfit with a red miniskirt, boots and gloves, based on her design by Yoshitaka Amano.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Userbox ff7-cloudCloud: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.
The following tables are incomplete and require the Stats and Abilities areas to be filled. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. Remove this notice upon completion.
Theatrhythm CC Tifa
A member of AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra group that takes extreme measures to defy the company, and the popular proprietress of the bar 7th Heaven. She is a kind and motherly woman, while also being a proficient martial artist. Her lively personality belies an introverted nature and hides her love for her childhood friend Cloud.
—Online description

Tifa appears as a purchasable character in the iOS version of Theatrhythm. She must be purchased through the online store first before she can be used.


Level HP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 242 SS C A C


Reactive Abilities
Ability Level Learned
Focus (Lv 1) Initial
Counter (Lv 1) Initial
Weapon Break (Lv 1) Level 10
Brace (Lv 2) Level 25
Mirage (Lv 2) Level 30
Focus (Lv 2) Level 40
Weapon Break (Lv 2) Level 45
Counter (Lv 2) Level 55
Focus (Lv 3) Level 60
Mirage (Lv 3) Level 65
Weapon Break (Lv 3) Level 70
Brace (Lv 3) Level 80
Counter (Lv 3) Level 90
Proactive Abilities
Ability Level Learned
Sacrifice (Lv 1) Level 5
Hastemarch (Lv 1) Level 15
Sinewy Etude (Lv 2) Level 20
Hastemarch (Lv 2) Level 35
Sacrifice (Lv 2) Level 50
Sinewy Etude (Lv 3) Level 75
Hastemarch (Lv 3) Level 85
Sacrifice (Lv 3) Level 95

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallEdit

Theatrhythm CC Tifa2

Tifa returns as a playable character, and is one of the few characters to have a 2nd variation. Her 1st variation is of her original attire in Final Fantasy VII, and is unlocked by collecting White Crystal Shards. Her 2nd variation is the main representative of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and can be available from the start by transferring save data from the second demo into the retail game. However, if the player did not select her among their party of four, or download the demo, she can later be unlocked by collecting Green Crystal Shards.

Her 1st variation is an Offense and Defense oriented type, while her 2nd variation is Speed and Support oriented type. Both gain, and share the same Limit, Final Heaven, dealing damage in proportion to her Strength and Spirit.



Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 7 266 18 10 15 10 11 10
50 38 4681 144 81 119 79 91 80
99 50 7066 213 121 177 117 135 119


Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Counter (Lv 1) 5 Initial
Mirage (Lv 1) 3 Level 10
Weapon Break (Lv 1) 3 Level 15
Armor Break (Lv 1) 2 Level 20
Brawler (Lv 1) 9 Level 25
Dash (Lv 1) 8 Level 30
Final Heaven 18 Level 40
Counter (Lv 2) 10 Level 45
Weapon Break (Lv 2) 6 Level 55
Armor Break (Lv 2) 7 Level 60
Brawler (Lv 2) 13 Level 65
Dash (Lv 2) 12 Level 70
Counter (Lv 3) 16 Level 80
Weapon Break (Lv 3) 10 Level 90
Armor Break (Lv 3) 12 Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Hastemarch (Lv 1) 7 Initial
Strength Up (Lv 1) 5 Level 5
Hastemarch (Lv 2) 10 Level 35
Strength Up (Lv 2) 10 Level 50
Hastemarch (Lv 3) 15 Level 75
Strength Up (Lv 3) 16 Level 85

Tifa #2Edit


Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 10 267 20 10 16 12 14 12
50 40 4704 163 81 126 93 116 94
99 50 7100 241 120 187 138 172 139


Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Chakra (Lv 1) 5 Initial
Mirage (Lv 1) 3 Level 5
Cheer (Lv 1) 8 Level 15
Brawler (Lv 2) 13 Level 20
Dash (Lv 2) 12 Level 25
Chakra (Lv 2) 9 Level 30
Final Heaven 18 Level 40
Mirage (Lv 2) 5 Level 45
Cheer (Lv 2) 10 Level 55
Brawler (Lv 3) 17 Level 60
Dash (Lv 3) 16 Level 65
Haste (Lv 2) 11 Level 70
Chakra (Lv 3) 13 Level 75
Mirage (Lv 3) 7 Level 85
Cheer (Lv 3) 12 Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level Learned
Agility Up (Lv 1) 4 Initial
Sinewy Etude (Lv 1) 7 Level 10
Agility Up (Lv 2) 8 Level 35
Sinewy Etude (Lv 2) 10 Level 50
Agility Up (Lv 3) 14 Level 80
Sinewy Etude (Lv 3) 15 Level 90

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Tifa is an ally and a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. She is depicted in her Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children outfits, an event-related sailor uniform, a swimsuit and a Santa Claus outfit. Her abilities are Beat Rush, Dolphin Blow, Meteor Strike, Somersault and Final Heaven. She was first introduced in the event, Final Fantasy VII — Calamity from the Skies, in which her abilities and weapons were made usable to successfully combat Jenova∙LIFE and Jenova∙DEATH.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Tifa appears in Pictlogica Final Fantasy as a playable character.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Tifa ATB
This AVALANCHE heroine really wishes people would stop getting into her drawers.

Tifa is an exclusive character only available from the Premium Character Shop as a random downloadable content. She uses Beat Rush and Somersault during battle.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Tifa is represented by fire-elemental cards, one being a promotional card. One displays Tifa's promotional CG art; another uses her artwork by Tetsuya Nomura; a third uses her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy artwork; one depicts her from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete; one depicts her promotional render for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy; and the promotional card depicts her artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy card has the Falcon Dive Action Ability, while the promotional artwork card bears Waterkick.

Final Fantasy VII G-BikeEdit

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Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingEdit

Tifa is an initial playable character whose moveset includes Somersault, Beat Rush, and chargeable energy blasts. Her alternate costume is based on her Yoshitaka Amano artwork and a third costume can be unlocked, depicting her in her cowgirl outfit from the time she served as a guide in Nibelheim in Final Fantasy VII. Her title in story mode is "Summoner", and she can only be fought after successfully defeating "Guardian" Cloud.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Kh2-tifa render
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Tifa appears in Kingdom Hearts II, looking around Hollow Bastion for Cloud and helping Leon defend Hollow Bastion when the world is invaded. Tifa wishes to help Cloud fight Sephiroth, and has spent much of the game searching for him. She interrupts a battle between the two and gives Cloud the power of light to combat Sephiroth's darkness.

Cloud shines brightly and he and Sephiroth depart to places unknown to continue their battle. Tifa thanks Sora for his help in locating Cloud and gives him the Fenrir Keychain. She later appears as a boss in several cups in the Underworld Coliseum, fighting with the other Final Fantasy characters.

Tifa may or may not be a human resident of Hollow Bastion, but rather a physical embodiment of Cloud's inner light to oppose Sephiroth, who symbolizes his inner darkness. The ambiguity of her nature was deliberately inserted by Nomura to generate discussion among players.

Tifa was originally supposed to appear in Kingdom Hearts, but was removed for time reasons.

Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]Edit

Tifa makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] as one of the obtainable character cards.

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street SpecialEdit

Tifa appears as a playable character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special.

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Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit


Tifa appears as a playable character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable alongside Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth.

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Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street MobileEdit

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Xenogears Tifa Poster

A poster of Tifa can be found hanging on the wall in a house in the upper-class Solaris community.

Gunslinger Stratos 2Edit

GS2 Tifa

Tifa's costume is to be released in November 2014.

In Popular CultureEdit

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Tifa Costume in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Tifa has been named the pinup girl of the "cyber generation" by The New York Times, being compared to the likes of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise as an example of a strong, independent and attractive female character in video games. As such, whenever there is a poll involving female video game characters, Tifa is usually featured in the list. In 2004, Play featured Tifa in the first issue of their "Girls of Gaming" annual periodical, describing her as "the most adored female in recent Final Fantasy history".

The entire fight sequence between Tifa and Loz in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been duplicated for Korean pop singer Ivy MV's "Temptation of Sonata" music video, albeit with minor changes, such as small parts of the fighting choreography being altered due to the absence of Loz's Dual Hound, and Tifa's victory by snapping Loz's neck at the end. The music video was banned from Korean television and singer Ivy was sued by Square Enix for copyright infringement.

Tifa's "Dilly dally, shilly shally" line from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was referenced in The World Ends With You, a game made by Square Enix. A poster of Tifa is found in Solaris in Xenogears, another Square RPG that was in development at the same time as Final Fantasy VII.

Tifa appears in the game Mainichi Issho, but as a costume only. Tifa's costume is also available as DLC for LittleBigPlanet 2.

Tifa makes a slight appearance in Cartoon Network's MAD TV show. She appears in season 1, episode 16, Gaming's next top model.

Dead FantasyEdit

DF Tifa

Tifa in Dead Fantasy.

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Tifa appears in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy series as a combatant against the girls from the Dead or Alive video game series. Her main opponent is Hitomi, as they are both martial artists. Tifa combines her martial arts with her Materia magic. As of the fifth episode, Tifa loses most, if not all, her Materia to Hitomi, and is wounded and knocked out by Hayate and his men. She is now held captive by Helena Douglas and DOATEC.

Tifa appears in the two music videos Monty Oum created: Dead Fantasy - Obsessed and Dead Fantasy - Gee. In both videos, she's in her cowgirl outfit from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.



Tifa's name is pronounced with a long "e" (Tee-fa) rather than a short "i" (Tiff-a). "Tifa" may be a shortened version of the name Tiffany, meaning "manifestation of God" or, in Greek, "Three, The Trinity". "Tifa" may also be derived from the Tiferet, the sixth Sefira in the Tree of Life symbolizing love, beauty and self-sacrifice. This would tie up with the larger theme Final Fantasy VII has with Jewish mysticism.

Tifa's last name, Lockhart, might be a reference to Tifa's reserved nature and hiding away her feelings for Cloud, "locking" them within her heart, or to her role in unlocking Cloud's psyche later in the game.


Tifa snowboarding

Tifa snowboarding.

  • Two of the Gold Saucer minigames can be played by Tifa in Cloud's stead if she is in the party: Snowboarding and Chocobo Square. She will sometimes ask Cloud if she can have a go when the player chooses to play. If Tifa and Cid are both in the party, Tifa will take precedence. Tifa and Cid are the party leaders during the time Cloud is lost, but during this time Gold Saucer is closed and Tifa and Cid can only play the games by asking Cloud.
  • Yuffie's dialogue changes if either Tifa or Cid are the party leaders when recruiting her in Final Fantasy VII. She calls Tifa "Boobs" and Cid a "Cranky-legged old man".
  • Tifa is the first permanently playable female Monk in the series.
  • Throughout Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, the player can find posters for LOVELESS, which appear to depict Tifa.
  • As an allusion to Tifa's eventual role as the 7th Heaven's barmaid, in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Zack can speak to a man building a bar, who asks Zack what to name it. When Zack suggests "7th Heaven", the man loves the name and suggests getting "a young girl with a big bosom and long legs" to work the bar.
  • Tifa Lockhart is among the names used in example sentences for the chat log filtering configuration in Final Fantasy XIV.

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