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A Tick is used in reference to a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) refers to a standard period of time the server will use to time events or abilities in. It is generally a relatively short period of time, a matter of seconds. A tick in Final Fantasy XI is about 3 seconds, but this time can vary from game to game, and the exact amount of time may vary depending on its developer.


  • In Final Fantasy XI, abilities like Regen restore 5 HP to players every tick. This is slightly different than other Final Fantasy titles where HP is restored when a character receives his turn. Final Fantasy X-2's active time system, though, works on a similar concept in working out Regen and poison.
  • Resting (or using heal), will allow a character to regain HP and MP every other tick.
  • A Samurai's Meditate ability will build 20%TP every tick for 5 or more ticks.


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