Thunder V
MP 306
Effect Deals lightning damage to an enemy.
Duration Instant
Casting Time 7.5 Seconds
Recast Time 45 Seconds
Magic Type Elemental Magic
Element Lightning
Jobs BLM 92, SCH 99*Addendum: Black, RDM 99*Requires 100 Job Points, GEO 99*Requires 100 Job Points

Thunder V is a tier V Black Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI. An upgraded version of the Thunder IV spell, it deals Lightning-based elemental damage to a single target. Thunder V is available to Black Mages, and Scholars are also able to use this spell while under the effects of Addendum: Black or Enlightenment. Red Mages and Geomancers gain access to this spell once they have earned 100 Job Points. Additionally, a Summoner's Thunder Spirit and certain setups of a Puppetmaster's Automaton are capable of casting this spell.

Scrolls of Thunder V can be obtained by defeating certain Notorious Monsters encountered in the Jeuno and Zilart paths of Voidwatch.


Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance and nature of the lightning, thunder can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble (brontide).