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FFVI Celestriad Artwork

Celestriad in Final Fantasy VI.

Necklace with three star-shaped bangles on its chain. Reduces the MP cost of all magic to 1.
—Description, Final Fantasy VI.

The Three Stars (スリースターズ, Surī Sutāzu?), also known as the Celestriad or Economizer, is a recurring item used to reduce the MP cost of magic and skills.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Also known as the Economizer in the SNES and PlayStation releases, the Celestriad is a relic that causes all magic spells, lores, and summons to cost 1 MP.

An easy way of obtaining multiple Celestriads is to equip Gogo with three Steal abilities, give him/her the Aegis Shield, the Brigand's Glove and Safety Bit relics. Betting a Murakumo in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum will put the player in a fight against Galypdes, an otherwise rare enemy in the Phoenix Cave. Gogo will repeatedly mug the Galypdes, stealing either a Phoenix Down, or, if the player is lucky, a Celestriad. Upon winning the fight, the player wins a Holy Lance, which the player can bet to fight a Death Machine to obtain a new Murakumo, starting the cycle over.

Another way of obtaining a Celestriad is an item drop from Brachiosaur. The Celestriad can also be won by betting the Soul of Thamasa and defeating the Behemoth King.

Betting the Celestriad will reward the player with a Dragon Horn after defeating a Vector Chimera.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Effect Teaches a GF "Expendx3-1" ability.
Location N/A
Find Obel Lake sidequest.
Steal Ultima Weapon
Drop Omega Weapon
Refine Squall card x1 into Three Stars x3 (Card Mod)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XEdit

Three Stars x20 can be used to customize One MP Cost to a weapon, x30 can be used to add Break MP Limit on armor, or x5 can be used to teach an aeon Doublecast.

Effect No MP Cost for entire party. Can only be used through the Use command.
Buy N/A
Find N/A
Steal Jormungand, Shinryu, Dark Anima
Drop Catoblepas
Bribe Behemoth King
Other Blitzball - League Prize (1st Place), Chocobo Race (win with five chests and no poles (x60)), Unlock Earth Eater (x60)
Cost 100000

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Effect Reduces party's MP cost for skills and spells to 0. Also negates HP loss from Dark Knight's Darkness ability.
Buy N/A
Find N/A
Steal N/A
Drop N/A
Bribe Omega Weapon
Other N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no SuishōEdit

FFTA Buster Sword
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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

Ffccrof potion
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[view  · edit  · purge]The Three Stars mansion is one of the twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the western mansions of the White Tiger. This collection of seven bright stars is visible during winter in the Northern Hemisphere (summer in the Southern).

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