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Final Fantasy Type-0
"Three Hours That Changed the World"
FFType-0 - Three Hours of Fate
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The opening song of FF Type-0. The splendid chorus and powerful melody portray the dark tale embroiling Orience and Class Zero in this dramatic song.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy description.

"Three Hours That Changed the World" (運命の三時間, Unmei no Sanjikan?, lit. Three Hours of Fate) is the main theme of Final Fantasy Type-0. It was composed by Takeharu Ishimoto and was unveiled with the game's trailers, as well as serving as the background music for the game's official website. Unlike most main themes in the Final Fantasy series, "Three Hours That Changed the World" does not play on the world map.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

"Three Hours That Changed the World" is the game's most prominent theme and is associated with Class Zero and their struggle to become the Agito and defeat the invading Milites Empire. It can be heard as the background theme for several missions.

"Divine Fire"
Sacred Fire
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"Three Hours That Changed the World" has several arrangements and variations, including the lyrical and orchestrated versions "We Have Arrived", "Divine Fire" and "Guided Conclusion"; "Horror of the Abyss"; "Arms of Steel"; "A Day Like Any Other"; "The Heart Boils"; the final battle theme, "Vermilion Fire", is another orchestra version of "Three Hours That Changed the World" with distinct lyrics.

Its motif is included in other tracks, most notably the game's ending theme, "Type Zero".

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

"We Have Arrived" is a bonus Battle Music Sequence, available as Downloadable Content.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain CallEdit

"We Have Arrived" returns, but as an Event Music Sequence.

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