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"The Beginning of the End"
FFType-0 - We Have Arrived
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The opening song of FF Type-0. The splendid chorus and powerful melody portray the dark tale embroiling Orience and Class Zero in this dramatic song.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy description.

"The Beginning of the End"[1] (我ら来たれり, Warera Kitareri?), also known as "We Have Arrived" and "We Have Come", is the main theme of Final Fantasy Type-0. It was composed by Takeharu Ishimoto and plays during the game's opening FMV.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

"Divine Fire"
Sacred Fire
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"The Beginning of the End" is the second track on the original soundtrack's first disc. It has several arrangements and variations in other tracks, such as "Horror of the Abyss"; "Arms of Steel"; "A Day Like Any Other"; "The Heart Boils"; "War: Life of Darkness"; "The Vanishing Soul"; "Human Strength and Weaknesses".

"Divine Fire"; "Guided Conclusion"; and the final battle theme, "Vermilion Fire", are orchestral versions of "The Beginning of the End" with distinct lyrics. It also appears as the last segment in the game's ending theme, "Type Zero".

"Three Hours That Change the World"
FFType-0 - Three Hours of Fate
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"Three Hours That Changed the World" is an instrumental version of "The Beginning of the End" that is associated with Class Zero and can be heard during the game's first mission and prior to the final boss battle.

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit

"Final Fantasy Agito - The Beginning of the End"
FF Agito - We Have Arrived Ver 2
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An extended arrangement of "The Beginning of the End" serves as a theme for Final Fantasy Agito, and can be heard on the official site and in promotional trailers.


Principium finis venit
Progredimini, Bellatores Albi!
Delete legatum Deorum Veterum
Ut progrediamini ad mundum novum!
Delete fatum creatum Dis Veteribus
Ut faciatis omnes caelum et terram nostras!
Nonne auditis clamores vitarum evanescentium?
Eorum Phoenix numquam resurget rursum.
Fine fortasse nihil est.
Fine fortasse nihil est vobis lucrari.
Currite, Bellatores Rubri!
Donec animi dati Matre
Pugnate, Bellatores Rubri!
Donec mundus fictus Matre
finiatur rursum.
Currite per hunc mundum sine
Memoria ulla mortuorum,
usque ad diem quo Mors vobis basium de
quod fato vestro liberet vos.
English translation
The beginning of the end has come,
March forth, White Warriors!
End the legacy of the Old Gods,
So that you might usher in a new world!
Fulfill the fates given to you by the Old Gods
So that you might fashion the earth and the heavens as your own!
Do you not hear the cries of fleeting lives?
Their Phoenix will never rise again.
In the end perhaps there is nothing.
In the end perhaps there is nothing to avail you.
Hurry, Warriors of Rubrum!
As the souls given to you by Mother start to expire.
Fight, Warriors of Rubrum!
As the false world created by Mother comes to an end once again.
Hurry through this world
With no memory of the death,
Until the day Death's kiss frees you from your fate.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

"We Have Arrived" is a bonus Battle Music Sequence, available as Downloadable Content.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

"We Have Come" returns as an Event Music Sequence, and the BMS returns as DLC.

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  • "The Beginning of the End" is director Hajime Tabata's favorite track from the soundtrack.[2]

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