Cecil's thoughts upon discovering the Lunar Whale.

Thought Bubble FFIV iOS

A thought bubble (iOS).

Thought Bubbles (キャラクターの心情, Kyarakutā no Shinjou?) are a special feature in the 3D remakes of Final Fantasy IV. As the story progresses, the characters in the party will have different views on the current events that occur. When the main menu is pulled up, the party leader's thoughts are displayed next to it. The party leader is merely based on the player's preference as to which character will be seen navigating the map, and can be changed using the Y button, so the player can see all character thoughts.

Several thoughts are useful in that they provide hints as to how to progress through the storyline. An example is when the party must find a way to the Underworld and Cid's thoughts hint at the next destination, Agart. In some cases, certain characters' thoughts can be missed if they are not in the party when visiting a location. For example, the party can visit the Lair of the Father with either Fusoya or Kain in the party, but that will mean the other character's thoughts will not be featured.

List of thoughtsEdit

Baron to Underground WaterwayEdit

New Game
  • Cecil: My liege, what could all this possibly serve?
Entering World Map
  • Cecil: Forgive me, Kain. I meant for none of this to happen.
  • Kain: Those who seek the Eidolon of Mist find only death, if tales are true.
Talking to Rosa's mother
  • Cecil: Rosa is better off the farther she remains from me.
  • Kain: Rosa, at least, must not be drawn into this.
Mist Cave
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: I feel a presence. It is not hostile, but nor could it be called friendly.
  • Kain: They say the Eidolon dwells here, yet the cave is quiet as a grave.
Mist Cave
After defeating the Mist Dragon
  • Cecil: Strange. I felt no malice in that dragon, no evil.
  • Kain: There was little sport in that, but it is done. Now, to deliver the ring...
Awakening after the events in the village
  • Cecil: An orphan—and if not by my hand, then by my deeds.
After the events in the Inn
  • Cecil: I cannot undo what I've done, Rydia, but I will make amends.
  • Rydia: He looks sad.
Talk to the man in front of the Inn before going to Rosa
  • Cecil: A girl from Baron? No, it couldn't be...
  • Rydia: He knows her?
After speaking to Rosa
  • Cecil: came all this way to find me?
  • Rydia: She must really care about him.
Underground Waterway
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: There is no other route to Damcyan. But I'll need to protect Rydia.
  • Rydia: Cecil must really care about her, too.
Underground Waterway
After Tellah joins the party
  • Cecil: The sage's spells are a boon. But still, I worry for Rydia.
  • Rydia: There's a big monster waiting for us up ahead.
  • Tellah: Wait for me, Anna! Damcyan is just beyond this passage!
Head back out into the Desert
  • Tellah: If it weren't for that misbegotten bard, Anna would still be in Kaipo.
Underground Waterway
Exit the first portion of the cave
  • Cecil: Why would such a monster make its den in a cave frequented by men?
  • Rydia: I'm afraid...but we have to help her!
  • Tellah: With a dark knight and a summoner, that beast stands no chance!
Underground Waterway
After defeating Octomammoth
  • Cecil: Damcyan is only a little farther. Be strong, Rosa!
  • Rydia: We did it! I wonder if I have the same kind of power Mother did.
  • Tellah: Damcyan lies just ahead. I'm on my way, Anna!

Damcyan to FabulEdit

The Red Wings bomb the castle
  • Cecil: The Red Wings!? But, at whose command!?
  • Rydia: It's burning! Just my village did.
  • Tellah: Anna... Oh, my sweet Anna!
Edward joins the party and the Hovercraft is obtained
  • Cecil: With this, we can reach the Antlion's Den. It won't be much longer, Rosa!
  • Edward: I escorted Anna to Damcyan in this same hovercraft. Oh, Anna...
  • Rydia: Wow! It can fly over water!
Antlion's Den
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: The sand pearl is nearly ours. Wait for us, Rosa.
  • Edward: Antlions nest this time of year. It should be easy to find a pearl.
  • Rydia: I hope Rosa is all right.
Antlion's Den
After defeating the Antlion
  • Cecil: Rosa...please still be alive!
  • Edward: Were I as strong as Cecil, I might have saved my beloved Anna.
  • Rydia: Hurry, Cecil! Rosa needs you!
Rosa joins the party
  • Cecil: Oh, feels so good to have you near again.
  • Edward: Are you watching, Anna? I am trying, as best I can!
  • Rosa: Thank you, Cecil. Now let me help you!
  • Rydia: I'm so glad she's all right!
Mt. Hobs
Rydia first casts Fire
  • Cecil: Forgive us, Rydia, but there was no other way.
  • Edward: young, and yet so strong of heart!
  • Rosa: Please forgive us, Rydia. That was very brave of you.
  • Rydia: I'm going to become a summoner just like my mother!
Mt. Hobs
Yang joins the party
  • Cecil: We must end Baron's madness before more are made to suffer!
  • Edward: Even Fabul's monks could not stop an attack from the skies.
  • Rosa: At this rate, Baron will make an enemy of the entire world!
  • Rydia: Why is there so much fighting all of a sudden?
  • Yang: Rest in peace, my fallen brothers. I will see to your families' safety.
Entering the Castle
  • Cecil: Kain...if only you were here.
  • Edward: I wonder if I can truly be of any aid in this struggle.
  • Rosa: The castle seems secure enough against ground invasion, but...
  • Rydia: I have to do what I can!
  • Yang: Our enemy is an airship fleet. How can we hope to engage them?
After talking to Yang's Wife
  • Cecil: Quite a strong woman, that one.
  • Edward: So, that is Yang's wife. Oh, Anna... If only we could have been wed!
  • Rosa: What a charming wife!
  • Rydia: She seems so nice and happy. Like Mother...
After the Battle of Fabul
  • Cecil: Kain...what happened to you?
  • Edward: I will not stand and watch Cecil lose Rosa as I lost Anna!
  • Rydia: I hope they haven't done anything to Rosa.
  • Yang: Rosa taken...and all of this for the sake of defending our kingdom!
Next morning after speaking with the King
  • Cecil: If anything should happen to Rosa...
  • Edward: This conflict is escalating. Will my contributions mean anything?
  • Rydia: Cecil doesn't seem the same without Rosa.
  • Yang: Please, guard the castle in my absence. We must rescue Rosa!

Mysidia to BaronEdit

Cecil washes up alone
  • Cecil: Am I the only one who survived?
Entering the town
  • Cecil: Strange that fate would return me here, to atone for my sins.
After speaking with the Elder, Palom and Porom join the party
  • Cecil: Can this mountain truly wash away my bloodstained past?
  • Palom: All right! Finally, a chance to use my magic in battle!
  • Porom: I don't think he's really a bad person.
Mount Ordeals
Tellah joins the party
  • Cecil: Tellah came here, too. This peak must hold some secret.
  • Palom: I guess even the world's greatest Sage can't overcome old age.
  • Porom: What could possibly break the seal on Meteor?
  • Tellah: What can Golbez do against the powers of Meteor and a paladin?
Mount Ordeals
Scarmiglione defeated the first time
  • Cecil: An elemental archfiend...there must be something here.
  • Palom: I could have beaten that one alone with my magic.
  • Porom: That was over too quickly. I have a bad feeling about all this.
  • Tellah: An elemental archfiend? Hmph. The murderer has some powerful pawns.
Mount Ordeals
Scarmiglione defeated the second time
  • Cecil: An elemental archfiend... A fearsome foe, to be sure.
  • Palom: Y-you mean there are more where he came from!?
  • Porom: How terrible! That...thing was no longer human at all!
  • Tellah: What manner of foul creature would choose undeath of its own free will?
Mount Ordeals
Cecil becomes a Paladin
  • Cecil: That said "my son".
  • Palom: He really became a paladin!
  • Porom: That voice belonged to Cecil's--! Did the elder know all along?
  • Tellah: Mark my words, Golbez! Anna will be avenged—with Meteor!
After speaking with the Elder
  • Cecil: I fear to think what's become of Baron.
  • Palom: more boring training! I wonder what it'll be like there?
  • Porom: Baron may be Cecil's homeland, but we'd best be careful there now.
  • Tellah: What do you know of it, Elder? Vengeance is all that's left to me.
After traveling the Devil's Road
  • Cecil: To think my return to Baron would be like this...
  • Palom: Wow! So this is Baron! I've never seen anything like it!
  • Porom: The villagers are all going about their lives normally. Strange...
  • Tellah: The Devil's Road exacts a high toll. I could do to rest at an inn.
Yang joins the party
  • Cecil: There is an abandoned waterway in town that leads to the castle.
  • Palom: To the castle full of enemies, then! This should be exciting!
  • Porom: This monk trusts Cecil, too.
  • Tellah: Baron—the home of those accursed Red Wings!
  • Yang: Manipulated by my own enemy...for this, I must atone.
Ancient Waterway
Enter for the first time
  • Cecil: Has everyone remaining in the castle gone over to the enemy?
  • Palom: Ugh...awfully musty and moldy...
  • Porom: Foul things lurk in forgotten places.
  • Tellah: I sense monsters about. This must be their infernal lair!
  • Yang: The darkness is gone from him. From his armor, and his soul as well.
Enter the Castle from the Waterway
  • Cecil: What's become of His Majesty? I hope Cid is all right.
  • Palom: Wow! This is the castle where Cecil grew up?
  • Porom: Odd... I hardly sense any humans here at all.
  • Tellah: There is strong evil in this place. Perhaps he is here.
  • Yang: Things are too quiet here. Something is amiss.
After defeating Baigan
  • Cecil: Then it's true. His Majesty must be as Baigan was.
  • Palom: I suppose it would be hard on him—this used to be his home.
  • Porom: A man turned monster in body and mind... how horrid!
  • Tellah: The evil is growing thick. It seems to be coming from the throne room.
  • Yang: Had I remained under their spell, I may have become like him as well.
After the events following Cagnazzo's defeat
  • Cecil: Thank goodness! Rosa is still all right.
  • Cid: But, Kain's not the sort to turn on his friends like that!
  • Tellah: Grr! Where are you, Golbez!?
  • Yang: I sense more from that man than simple malice.
Meeting the ghost of King Baron in the east tower's second basement
  • Cecil: Your Majesty! You still remain as you always were!
  • Cid: I knew it! I knew our king wouldn't abandon us!
  • Tellah: So...that was the true king of Baron.
  • Yang: What I just heard-was that the king of Baron?
  • Kain: His Majesty - and in the very image of his former self!
  • Rosa: Your Majesty! You are just as I remember you!
  • Rydia: So that's the true king of Baron who raised Cecil.
  • Edge: That's the king's ghost? Hm... I'd expect a ghost to be creepier.

Troia to AgartEdit

Entering the Castle
  • Cecil: Kain...what must I do to bring you back to your senses?
  • Cid: They say there're chocobos that can fly in the woods around here.
  • Tellah: The land flourishes from the Earth Crystal's boons. Intriguing...
  • Yang: I pray that Rydia and Edward are safe as well.
After speaking with Edward
  • Cecil: Edward survived. But, Rydia...
  • Cid: Hmph...old curmudgeon. Seems he's got his reasons, though.
  • Tellah: That young man—trying to push himself so...
  • Yang: Edward, you survived! What of Rydia, I wonder?
After riding a black chocobo to the entrance of the Lodestone Cavern
  • Cecil: Why would Edward ask us to carry these stalks of grass?
  • Cid: A magnetized cavern... Wonder how that could be put to use...
  • Tellah: He seemed to know something of this dark elf.
  • Yang: If the cavern possesses a magnetic field, would metals not be affected?
Lodestone Cavern
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: I cannot wield a sword in here. Even metal armor is useless.
  • Cid: Didn't expect it to be this strong! Can't even use metal equipment...
  • Tellah: Such a strong magnetic field... Let us pray my magic holds out.
  • Yang: Swords may not avail us, but I can still use my fists!
Lodestone Cavern
After Edward's help during the Dark Elf fight
  • Cecil: Thank you, Edward! Now my sword is free again!
  • Cid: Oh! The magnetic field's been neutralized!
  • Tellah: Edward's harp bears this kind of power!?
  • Yang: So this was the purpose of the Whisperweed!
Lodestone Cavern
After defeating the Dark Elf
  • Cecil: The Earth Crystal...with this, we can save Rosa!
  • Cid: The Earth Crystal! Now, to get Rosa back...
  • Tellah: Overexerting himself yet again...
  • Yang: How did Edward know of the dark elf's weakness?
After talking to Edward
  • Cecil: First we must return the Crystal to the Epopts.
  • Cid: We got the Earth Crystal. Where are you, Kain!?
  • Tellah: Did he not say they would make contact when we had the Crystal?
  • Yang: Should we lose this Crystal, the enemy will have gained them all.
After meeting with the Epopts
  • Cecil: Kain, you cannot truly...!
  • Cid: We have to save Rosa—and get Kain to come back to his senses!
  • Tellah: All I need is one chance to get near Golbez!
  • Yang: It is difficult to believe they'll surrender Rosa so easily.
Tower of Zot
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: Hold on, Rosa!
  • Cid: Wait for us, Rosa! We're on our way!
  • Tellah: I'm coming for you, Golbez! You'll suffer for what you did!
  • Yang: Lady Rosa! Please, wait just a little longer!
Tower of Zot
After defeating the Magus Sisters
  • Cecil: Where is Rosa!?
  • Cid: Rosa, where are you!?
  • Tellah: I'll use Meteor! I'll have my revenge!
  • Yang: This tower is guarded well.
Tower of Zot
After Tellah battles Golbez
  • Cecil: Golbez...why not finish me off?
  • Cid: Stubborn old man... Had to go and do it, didn't you?
  • Yang: Tellah sacrificed himself body and soul to that spell.
Tower of Zot
Rosa and Kain join the party
  • Cecil: Oh, Rosa! You're all right!
  • Cid: We've got to get back to the Enterprise!
  • Kain: Cecil, Rosa...can you ever forgive me?
  • Rosa: Thank goodness! Kain is himself again.
  • Yang: Why did that dragoon fall under the enemy's spell?
After leaving the Tower of Zot
  • Cecil: The underworld? But how can we get there?
  • Cid: Where did I hear about that? Forget the name... Aga-something?
  • Kain: Golbez, you will rue the day...
  • Rosa: I'd never dreamed there was another world beneath the surface of ours.
  • Yang: Dark crystals, resting beneath the earth?
After using the Magma Stone
  • Cecil: That great chasm leads to the underworld?
  • Cid: All right! We can take the Enterprise through that crater!
  • Kain: They must not be allowed to take the Dark Crystals!
  • Rosa: Could anything even survive beneath the surface, without sunlight?
  • Yang: Who could have imagined I'd one day be journeying to the underworld?

Dwarven Castle to Tower of BabilEdit

Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: Such heat! We must find someplace cool to take shelter.
  • Cid: Just sit tight, Enterprise! We'll be back for you-I promise!
  • Kain: Will Rosa be all right? It's as hot as a forge down here.
  • Rosa: This heat is unbearable! If we don't find shelter soon...
  • Yang: The enemy is already here!
Dwarven Castle
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: A castle inhabited by dwarves...
  • Cid: This place was built by the same craftsmen who built those tanks.
  • Kain: Was it this castle's forces we saw engaging the Red Wings?
  • Rosa: It is cooler here, but...who are these folk?
  • Yang: They seem to bear us no ill will. Let us hope they are friendly.
Dwarven Castle
After Golbez's defeat
  • Cecil: Rydia... I'm so glad you survived.
  • Kain: Only a single Crystal remains. We must make haste!
  • Rosa: Rydia... You've grown so much!
  • Rydia: Cecil has changed, too. I barely recognized him.
  • Yang: Oh, Rydia, you survived! But, how could you have aged so quickly?
Dwarven Castle
After leaving via the Dwarven Base
  • Cecil: The Crystals are all within the Tower of Babil.
  • Kain: If the master is away, his last servant is sure to be on watch.
  • Rosa: Golbez may be out, but it's still his base. It will be well defended.
  • Rydia: Eidolons... I'll need your strength to do this.
  • Yang: Out of the frying pan and into the fire... We'd best brace ourselves!
Tower of Babil
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: Such a colossal place, this tower! But we must regain the Crystals.
  • Kain: Odd... No sign of Rubicante.
  • Rosa: A tower of this magnitude could not have been built by human hands.
  • Rydia: Golbez may not be here, but that doesn’t mean this tower is empty.
  • Yang: Their main forces are gone, and this much strength yet remains?
Tower of Babil
After defeating Dr. Lugae
  • Cecil: Luck be with you, dwarves.
  • Kain: The Crystals are above the surface!?
  • Rosa: Cannons!? Could that rumbling be from them!?
  • Rydia: Quickly! If we don't hurry, the dwarves will be wiped out!
  • Yang: Fired upon from this height, those tanks may as well be made of glass.
Tower of Babil
After the Super Cannon event
  • Cecil: Yang, and the dwarves, too... All for us...
  • Kain: If it came to it, could I made the same sacrifice?
  • Rosa: were strong and true till the end.
  • Rydia: He tried to protect me when Leviathan attacked, too.
After Cid seals the path to the Underworld
  • Cecil: We must hurry to Baron...for Cid.
  • Kain: Cid... Without you, who will keep our spirits high?
  • Rosa: Cid... How could we lose you, too? It's more than I can bear.
  • Rydia: Why? Why do I have to lose everyone!?
After arriving in the castle but before speaking with Cid's workers
  • Cecil: Cid... Were you plotting something with your crew?
  • Kain: What can we possibly say to your men, Cid?
  • Rosa: Even now, I expect to see Cid running up to greet us.
  • Rydia: Baron - Cecil and Rosa's homeland.
After speaking with Cid's workers
  • Cecil: We must keep fighting. For Cid's sake!
  • Kain: Cid, you were like a father to us all.
  • Rosa: Cid... I've never known a man so loved by all who knew him.
  • Rydia: Cid was well-loved, wasn't he?
After the Hovercraft is picked up
  • Cecil: Eblan... It lies to the southwest of Baron.
  • Kain: The Eblanese are descendants of the ninja clans of old, they say.
  • Rosa: The Crystals are waiting in the Tower or Babil's upper reaches.
  • Rydia: Edward's hovercraft... I wonder if he's alive and well somewhere.
Adamant Isle Grotto
  • Cecil: The Adamant Isle... I'd not heard of such a place.
  • Edge: This cave is certainly claustrophobic enough.
  • Kain: The ground feels unnaturally hard on this isle.
  • Rosa: What are those glittering veins that snake about the walls?
  • Rydia: There are no others on this island? Don't they get lonely here?
Adamant Isle Grotto
After obtaining a Tail.
  • Cecil: Well, we've brought a tail.
  • Edge: Tail collecting? To each his own, I suppose.
  • Kain: He should be willing to talk to us with this tail.
  • Rosa: I wonder if this tail will be to his satisfaction.
  • Rydia: I hope they like this tail.

Eblan Cave to Sealed CaveEdit

Eblan Cave
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: Does this passage lead to the village of Eblan?
  • Kain: Eblan has likely fallen already, sitting so close to the Tower.
  • Rosa: Let us pray the people of Eblan remain safe.
  • Rydia: That tower stretches from the underworld up to the clouds!
Eblan Cave
After finding the village of Eblan
  • Cecil: All of these people, hiding right under the nose of their enemy...
  • Kain: Trust the sons of shadow to plot resistance under Rubicante's nose.
  • Rosa: Thank goodness. Even the women and children are safe.
  • Rydia: They've been dealt a rough hand, but they aren't giving up!
Eblan Cave
After leaving the village of Eblan
  • Cecil: So, Eblan's royals shared the fate of our own.
  • Kain: To face Rubicante alone—is he mad, or merely a fool?
  • Rosa: The Tower of Babil lies just ahead.
  • Rydia: Eblan has a prince, too? I wonder if he's like Edward.
Eblan Cave
After Edge joins the party
  • Cecil: So, that is Rubicante—the last of Golbez's elemental archfiends.
  • Edge: Just you wait, Rubicante!
  • Kain: This hardly seems the time for such foolery.
  • Rosa: For a prince, he seems to lack restraint.
  • Rydia: This is Eblan’s prince—an adult who acts like a child?
Tower of Babil
After Edge teleports the party in
  • Cecil: If Rubicante is guarding the tower...what of Golbez?
  • Edge: Who are these people!? No ordinary folk, that's for sure.
  • Kain: I see Rubicante has prepared his defenses well.
  • Rosa: Ninjutsu... It seems similar to black magic, yet somehow different.
  • Rydia: He can pass through solid walls? Just what is this ninjutsu of his?
Tower of Babil
After defeating Rubicante
  • Cecil: This tower extends to the heavens. Where could the Crystals be?
  • Edge: Mother... Father... Rest in peace.
  • Kain: If only our Eblanese friend had some humility...
  • Rosa: Let us hope the final Crystal is still safe.
  • Rydia: should be your time for grieving.
Tower of Babil
After falling down the trapdoor
  • Cecil: Oh no! Is there no way to return to the upper floors?
  • Edge: We're underground now!? Just how big is this tower?
  • Kain: All of that for nothing... We must hurry and escape!
  • Rosa: We've wasted time. They may already have the final Crystal.
  • Rydia: We don’t have enough time to climb back to the top!
After acquiring the Falcon
  • Cecil: We should return to King Giott to see how the battle fares.
  • Edge: The underworld!? Are you serious!?
  • Kain: With his elemental archfiends slain, how will Golbez strike now?
  • Rosa: The last Crystal seems to be safe, but this sudden quiet is unsettling.
  • Rydia: I hope the dwarves escaped.
Dwarven Castle
After speaking to King Giott
  • Cecil: We cannot cross the magma in the Falcon.
  • Edge: Dwarves really live down here! I thought they were just a myth.
  • Kain: Will we find Golbez at the Sealed Cave?
  • Rosa: We must protect the final Crystal!
  • Rydia: Thank goodness! Luca and all the rest—they're alive!
Dwarven Castle
After Cid upgrades the Falcon
  • Cecil: You truly are as tough as you boast, Cid.
  • Edge: A touch overzealous, that one...but he's good at what he does.
  • Kain: Unbelievable. You never cease to amaze me, Cid.
  • Rosa: Oh, Cid...You can't know how glad I am to see you alive!
  • Rydia: Yang must have survived somehow, too, right? Like Cid...
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: Another dwarven settlement...
  • Edge: Guess this would be the backwater of the underworld—minus the water.
  • Kain: Even Golbez's reach has its limits, it would seem.
  • Rosa: Dwarves live here as well?
  • Rydia: I can’t help but smile, listening to these dwarves.
Sylph Cave
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: We'd best watch our footsteps.
  • Edge: It doesn't look like there's much of anything here.
  • Kain: There's little room for maneuvering in these passages.
  • Rosa: The going here looks treacherous without the aid of Float.
  • Rydia: Is someone out there? Are they hiding from us?
Sylph Cave
After talking to Yang
  • Cecil: Yang survived! If only we could wake him...
  • Edge: Those monks of Fabul must be as tough as they say.
  • Kain: To have survived that blast... Fabul's monks are strong indeed!
  • Rosa: We must get word to Fabul, and somehow see him returned home.
  • Rydia: The sylphs must have been able to see Yang's kindness, too.
Passage of the Eidolons
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: This passage leads to the home of the Eidolons?
  • Edge: Lot of flying monsters in here...hey, maybe we should--!
  • Kain: The entrance to the Feymarch, hidden on an island within the earth!
  • Rosa: There is so little safe footing in this cave!
  • Rydia: I wonder if everyone is well.
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: This is where Rydia lived for all that time.
  • Edge: A town? Eidolons have their own society!?
  • Kain: An entire city of Eidolons!
  • Rosa: Everyone who meets Rydia adores her, don't they?
  • Rydia: I hope they won't be angry at me for bringing others here.
After defeating Asura
  • Cecil: Asura...queen of the Eidolons, and nearly a goddess in this world.
  • Edge: Just as creepy as I'd expect an Eidolon queen to be...
  • Kain: What form of creature might the Eidolon King be?
  • Rosa: Asura seems the epitome of grace and benevolence.
  • Rydia: Thank you, my queen!
After defeating Leviathan
  • Cecil: So Leviathan is the king of this world...
  • Edge: Leviathan—the Lord of All Waters!?
  • Kain: For how long have the Eidolons dwelt here?
  • Rosa: Leviathan—he is the one who brought Rydia here!
  • Rydia: Thank you, Your Majesty!
Sealed Cave
Entering for the first time
  • Cecil: No sign of Golbez's forces...
  • Edge: Never would I have thought there were more Crystals down here.
  • Kain: Wasn't Golbez supposed to be here already?
  • Rosa: The last of the dark crystals rests within this cave.
  • Rydia: Who would have thought Luca's necklace was so important?
Sealed Cave
After breaking the seal
  • Cecil: The seal is broken. We must hurry to the Crystal!
  • Edge: He's not getting the last Crystal, no matter what it takes to stop him!
  • Kain: Something about this feels wrong. It's too quiet.
  • Rosa: We've opened the door. Will the enemy follow us in?
  • Rydia: We have to hurry, before Golbez discovers we've broken the seal!
Sealed Cave
After defeating a Trap Door
  • Cecil: Even the doors themselves seem determined to keep us out!
  • Edge: Wh-what was that!? Never seen a door like that before!
  • Kain: Please tell me all of the doors are not like that.
  • Rosa: Living doors... It seems the gates are their own keepers here.
  • Rydia: Attacking doors!? There’s something I’ve never seen before!
Sealed Cave
After going through a door that was originally a Trap Door
  • Cecil: The final Crystal is here—and well protected.
  • Edge: What's supposed to happen when all the Crystals are gathered?
  • Kain: I don't like this. No sign of them at all...
  • Rosa: These caverns run deep. How far does this underworld extend?
  • Rydia: Where is the Crystal!?
Sealed Cave
After obtaining the Dark Crystal
  • Cecil: We seem to have made it in time. But where is Golbez?
  • Edge: Heh... That was even easier than I thought it would be!
  • Kain: This feeling... I've...I've felt it before.
  • Rosa: This is our final hope. We must guard this Crystal, come what may!
  • Rydia: Whew..We made it to the Crystal before they did!
Sealed Cave
After defeating the Demon Wall
  • Cecil: We're not out of here yet. We must remain cautious.
  • Edge: Ah, so that's it—easy to get in, and hard to get out.
  • Kain: No... Not...not again!
  • Rosa: A final trap to protect the Crystal...
  • Rydia: As if the attacking doors weren't enough...
Sealed Cave
After the final Crystal is stolen
  • Cecil: Why, Kain!? Why would you betray us again?
  • Edge: An enemy spy... No wonder I never liked that guy!
  • Rosa: Kain...why are you alone affected by Golbez's spell?
  • Rydia: Neither Cecil nor Rosa will speak a word.

Dwarven Castle to MysidiaEdit

Dwarven Castle
After speaking to King Giott
  • Cecil: Mysidia—the place where all this madness began...
  • Edge: The Lunar Whale? Is it supposed to be a big warship or something?
  • Rosa: Thank you. Cid! Now we can reach Mysidia.
  • Rydia: Dragon's maw? Are there dragons that large in Mysidia?
Revisiting to speak to Yang's wife
  • Cecil: Hmm... We can't bring Yang back here in his current state.
  • Edge: Fabul is an even starker place than the rumors say.
  • Rosa: How can we tell Yang's wife?
  • Rydia: Yang... How can we get you back on your feet?
After Yang's wife gives the party a frying pan
  • Cecil: Of course! With this we can...cook something?
  • Edge: For the wife of a monk, she sure has a good sense of humor.
  • Rosa: A frying pan... Is this truly going to help?
  • Rydia: I know Yang is thick-skulled, but is this really a good idea?
Sylph Cave
After Yang is hit with the frying pan
  • Cecil: Yang...Rest well, my friend.
  • Edge: Sad to see such strength withered away to nothing.
  • Rosa: Rest and get well, Yang.
  • Rydia: Oh, thank goodness! Yang's wife will be happy to hear.
Thought Bubbles after receiving the knife
  • Cecil: All we can do now is pray for Yang's rapid recovery.
  • Rosa: Yang and his wife are two truly wonderful people.
  • Edge: A well-maintained blade... This I can use!
  • Rydia: It's hard to feel down, talking to someone as cheerful as her!
After defeating Odin
  • Cecil: Watch over me, my you always have.
  • Edge: I could learn a thing or two from his swordsmanship.
  • Rosa: Your will ever be our king.
  • Kain: “Be at peace, Your Majesty.”
  • Rydia: Please, Your Majesty-help us in our fight!
After the appearance of the Lunar Whale
  • Cecil: A ship from the moon? Who could have built it?
  • Rosa: The Lunar it fueled by some manner of magic?
  • Edge: You're telling me we can fly that big whale-shaped thing to the moon?
  • Rydia: Of course! The land of Mysidia itself forms the Dragon!

Red Moon to Giant of BabilEdit

Thought Bubbles upon reaching the moon
  • Cecil: So, this is the moon. Why does being here make me feel this way?
  • Rosa: We're on the moon—the same moon we always gazed up at in the sky.
  • Edge: From way out here, our planet looks perfectly round!
  • Rydia: Incredible! To the moon in the blink of an eye!
Thought Bubbles when arriving in the first of the Lunar Tunnels
  • Cecil: Strange...This place feels almost...familiar.
  • Rosa: It's quiet—eerily so.
  • Edge: What's with all these disgusting monsters up here?
  • Rydia: Who could have imagined there was life on the moon?
Thought Bubbles upon arriving in the Crystal Palace
  • Cecil: I can't shake the feeling that I know this place somehow.
  • Rosa: Cecil seems somehow at ease here.
  • Edge: Come on...spirits, giant snakes, whatever! We're ready for you!
  • Rydia: If there is life here, I wonder if there might be humans?
Thought Bubbles after Fusoya joins party
  • Cecil: My father, a Lunarian... And that voice on Mount Ordeals--!
  • Rosa: Cecil! Who could have known how weighty a destiny you bore?
  • Fusoya: Would that you could see the fine man your son has become, Kluya!
  • Edge: Wow... I thought he was a bit odd, but—half Lunarian?
  • Rydia: Then, Cecil's father lived here once, didn't he?
Thought Bubbles after first entering the Lunar Whale after Fusoya joins
  • Cecil: I'll protect this planet you loved so much, Father!
  • Edge: Now some giant, you say? We'll see about that!
  • Fusoya: We've little time. The Blue Planet's weapons cannot stop the Giant.
  • Rosa: I will stand with you, Cecil, and face this fate we’ve been dealt.
  • Rydia: The Giant is going to emerge from that tower!?
Thought Bubbles upon entering the Lair of the Father
  • Cecil: A cloud of tension hangs in this place, waiting to burst.
  • Edge: Sure is quiet in here...
  • Fusoya: With this child along, might he deign to lend us his power as well?
  • Kain: It's quiet, but I feel an awesome presence here.
  • Rosa: I've never breathed air so clean as the air that fills this cave.
  • Rydia: Could this be the place Leviathan spoke of?
After defeating Bahamut
  • Cecil: To think the Feymarch's Hallowed Father would live on the moon!
  • Edge: Oh, man...Now I really better not make Rydia mad!
  • Fusoya: To earn the Father's blessing-this child is more than she appears.
  • Kain: Bahamut-Hallowed Father of the Eidolons!
  • Rosa: Do Eidolons hail from the moon as well?
  • Rydia: Your gift will not be used lightly, Bahamut.
Thought Bubbles upon entering the Giant of Babil
  • Cecil: We'll stop this monstrosity. The fate of the world depends on it!
  • Fusoya: He's unleashed a monster hoarder here in place of proper guards!
  • Rydia: We must stop this thing while the others are buying us time!
  • Edge: I've seen clockwork soldiers before, but—the size of this thing!
  • Rosa: Cid, Edward, Yang...please survive!
Thought Bubbles after defeating the four fiends
  • Cecil: Golbez's elemental he here, too, then!?
  • Fusoya: Is such the strength of this planet's evil?
  • Rydia: Trusting others enough to fight as one is not an easy thing to do.
  • Edge: Try as many times as you like, Rubicante!
  • Rosa: Kain...are you still serving the enemy?

Crystal Palace to Lunar SubterraneEdit

Thought Bubbles upon speaking to Kain and arriving again on the moon
  • Cecil: brother?
  • Rosa: Cecil...
  • Kain: I...I know my path now.
  • Edge: I know how you feel, but this is a matter of life and death, Cecil.
  • Rydia: He can't forgive Golbez? Even though they're brothers?
Entering the Crystal Palace
  • Cecil: Zemus awaits us down below.
  • Edge: I can't even imagine how foul a monster Zemus must be.
  • Kain: We're coming for you, Zemus!
  • Rosa: These Crystals—are they vessels for the thoughts of the Lunarians?
  • Rydia: Fusoya and Golbez may actually be strong enough to do this.
Speak to the south blue crystal in the Crystal Palace
  • Cecil: Fusoya... Golbez...
  • Edge: They... But if the two of them couldn't even stop him, then--!
  • Kain: Cecil... If you can forgive me, then please—forgive him, too.
  • Rosa: We must hurry!
  • Rydia: Could he really be so strong that even the two of them would fail?
Speak to most crystals in the Crystal Palace
  • Cecil: What is it I wish to do?
  • Edge: This isn't like me. What do I have to be afraid of?
  • Kain: I need to see this finished. I cannot rest until I do.
  • Rosa: So many have suffered in this conflict.
  • Rydia: He's your brother, Cecil. Won't you forgive him?
Entering the Lunar Subterrane
  • Cecil: Why was Zemus able to control Golbez?
  • Edge: He's waiting for us down below. I can almost feel the evil.
  • Kain: This wave of hate—does it emanate from Zemus?
  • Rosa: Rydia lost her home—Edge, his parents...
  • Rydia: I couldn’t forgive Cecil, either—not at first.
Reaching Lunar Subterrane B4
  • Cecil: Is Golbez truly evil after all?
  • Edge: I... I'm just shaking because this is so exciting!
  • Kain: No... These thoughts are not my own.
  • Rosa: Kain, you suffered in silence for my sake.
  • Rydia: Why did Mother send her dragon against Cecil and Kain?
Reaching Lunar Subterrane B6
  • Cecil: Kain was used as well.
  • Edge: Why oh why can't I just run away and leave them here?
  • Kain: I bear ill will toward Cecil.
  • Rosa: Forgive me, Kain...and thank you.
  • Rydia: Mother must have been trying to protect me.
Reaching Lunar Subterrane B8
  • Cecil: Even I've done unforgivable things. First Mysidia, then Mist...
  • Edge: I guess I just like these crazy people too much.
  • Kain: No...that makes no sense. I would never...hate Rosa!
  • Rosa: All of our thoughts are with you, Cecil!
  • Rydia: Cecil protected me, too.
Reaching Lunar Subterrane B11
  • Cecil: Father... I will follow the path you set me on!
  • Edge: Especially that one...
  • Kain: People's hearts are not toys for you to trifle with, Zemus!
  • Rosa: We must see this through, Cecil!
  • Rydia: Cecil, you have to forgive your brother!


Speech balloons (also speech bubbles, dialogue balloons or word balloons) are a graphic convention used most commonly in comic books, comic strips and cartoons to allow words (and much less often, pictures) to be understood as representing the speech or thoughts of a given character in the comic.