Thordan VII
If a man cannot atone for his sins in the course of his all-too-fleeting life, must his progeny then be held to account? Must every subsequent generation be judged as well?
—Archbishop Thordan VII

Archbishop Thordan VII is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the leader of the reclusive nation of Ishgard, and is an unquestionable object of veneration. He holds the highest seat of political authority in the Holy See, and is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.




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Elidibus Ishgard

Thordan with Elidibus.

Thordan was first seen flanked by Lahabrea and Elidibus, implying that the Ascians have begun to influence Ishgard's affairs as part of their agenda. Though Thordan secretly wanted no help from them, he accepted their proposal to learn more about the Ascians and eventually deal with them once Nidhogg has been dealt with.

FFXIV Knights of the Round

Thordan and the Heavens' Ward.

Thordan first makes himself known to the adventurer by summoning him after he helped Alphinaud Leveilleur overcome the trial by combat to prove his innocence and that of Tataru Taru. After apologizing for both his Heavens' Ward's conduct and failure to summon the adventurer sooner, Thordan requests a private audience to tell the adventurer of his dealings with the Ascians. When he learns the Dravanian Horde is approaching Ishgard, when Ser Zephirin asks of the adventurer and Estinien, Thordan is indifferent. During the heretics' attack on Ishgard, Thordan meets with Heavens' Ward in making final preparations with Lahabrea overhearing. When confronted by his illegitimate son Aymeric de Borel over the truth of their city's founding, Thordan explains his reasons and states hoped the youth would succeed him before having Aymeric imprisoned in the Vault so his men can divulge who else knows the truth.

FFXIV Thordan VII Key to Azys Lla

Thordan VII with the key to Azys Lla.

During the aftermath of the Vault compromised, his men revealed to be able to assume Primal form, Thordan and the Heavens' Ward depart for Azys Lla aboard their airship the Soleil to the Sea of Clouds. Thordan and his entourage wait for the adventurer to kill Bismarck before moving in with the aid of the Ascians to retrieve the Key to Azys Lla that the Primal had consumed. With the Key in hand, he flies to Azys Lla, once more evading the adventurer.

FFXIV WoL vs Knights of the Round

Thordan VII as King Thordan with his Knights Twelve.

Thordan appears at the Aetherochemical Research Facility after the adventurer eradicates Igeyorhm, revealing he never intended to be the Ascians' pawn as he tells Lahabrea that his arrogance towards humans and teaching them means to summon a Primal will be his undoing. Thordan uses the right Eye of Nidhogg that had been kept entombed with Haldrath to become an avatar of Thordan I: The Primal King Thordan. Stating his intention to become a god-king and usher in an age of peace, Thordan executes Lahabrea and absorbs his aether essence before descending into the Singularity Reactor at the heart of Azys Lla to access the power of the trapped Warring Triad of Azys Lla. Challenged by the adventurer and their allies, Thordan and the Heavens' Ward (in the form of the twelve knights) fight valiantly before being defeated. As he dies, Thordan glimpses something strange about the adventurer, asking aloud "who...what are you" before disappearing into motes of aether.

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Thordan VII is fought as the final boss in The Singularity Reactor.

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