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Thief Knife in Final Fantasy V.
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Knife that sometimes steals from an enemy.
—Description, Final Fantasy VI.

The Thief Knife (盗賊のナイフ, Tōzoku no Naifu?), also known as Ruffian's Knife, is a recurring knife in the series. It is usually a mid-ranked knife that grants the additional ability to steal from the target while attacking at a random chance, in a way similar to the ability Mug.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Sometimes allows the wielder to steal while attacking. Can be used with Spellblade.

The Thief Knife is a mid to high-ranked knife, usable by all jobs except for the Monk and White Mage. It gives 63 Attack, 66 Accuracy, and has the additional bonus of +1 Speed and a 50% chance to use Mug on the target. It is found hidden in the Phantom Village.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

The Thief's Knife is a low to mid-ranked dagger that can only be equipped by either Locke or Shadow. It has an attack power of 88, +3 Speed, +10% Evasion and Magic Evasion, and has a random chance of using Mug on the target. It can be obtained either by finding it in Narshe, stealing it from Veil Dancer, or winning it from Dadaluma. It can also be used two-handed and with the ability Runic.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

The Thief's Knife is a dagger that can be equipped only by Thieves at level 70. It has a damage of 28, and a delay of 194. In addition, it boosts the effectiveness of the Thief's Treasure Hunter ability, making it an invaluable asset for thieves looking for items. It is dropped by Sozu Rogberry, a Tonberry Notorious Monster in the Temple of Uggalepih.

Bravely DefaultEdit

The knife favored by a legendary thief that terrorized the people of the Harena region. It was lost after being stolen by another thief who was wearing thief gloves. [Effect when used: Mug]

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Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

The Ruffian's Knife is a mid to high-ranked knife that provides 58 Attack, 20 Hit Rate, +2 Speed, and can cause the enemy to drop an item.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

The Thief's Knife is a level 60 dagger that provides +44 Attack, +1 Defense, and Initial EX Force +10%. It can be obtained in the shop by trading 76800 gil, Mage Masher, Dragon Lich Bone, and Youth's Desire x5.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Though normally criminal behavior, stealing from monsters is indeed permissible.

Thief's Knife grants +3 to Attack. It can be equipped by Thief, Dancer, Locke, and Rinoa.


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