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The Yellow Wings
Type: Story / Battle Destinations: Targ Wood Requirements
Rank: 3 Dispatch? N/A Items:
Fee: 100 Gil Cancel? No Jobs:
Duration: N/A days Repeatable? No Skills:
The Yellow Wings
Objective:Defeat all foes!
Law: Ice Weather: No. of allies: 5
Guests: Cid
The Yellow Wings
LootFFTA2 Lamia Scale Lamia Scale x2
Sanative Needle x3
FFTA2 Earth Stone Earth Stone x3
Gil1750 AP80 CP6
Drive off those brigands, the Yellow Wings, before I lose what little business I got left! They've been squatting the highroad, demanding gil from all what pass by. If I can't use that highroad, I can't get to Camoa; and if I can't get to Camoa, I'm finished!

-Kagran, Merchant

Additional notes:

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