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Chocobo and Shirma with book 1

Chocobo and Shirma along with the book.

The Wolf that Fell in Love (恋に落ちた狼, Koi ni ochita ookami?) is the first Alvanica book in the game Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha.


The story in this book the protagonist is the human version of Volg, known as "Wolf", who is the leader of an army in Barnad, and antagonized by Gilgamesh, who is pretending to marry Princess Irma.

In the epilogue chapter of the story, Volg and Irma appear together talking. Volg tells her that he must leave in a journey to Pappinion, to which Irma responds angrily, saying that she doesn't want him to leave. As he walks away, Irma calls him an idiot. The story then ends.


Koi ni ochita ookami title

The title of the book.

The story has 13 pages and an epilogue. The battle system is known as "Knights of the Round", in which Chocobo and Volg unify to fight. This is also the first story that is invaded by the Unnamed Witch's spells, the first being in the second page when Volg asks permission to enter to the palace. The Witch locks the door and Chocobo must climb walls to open it from inside.

There are several minigames and battles that need to be cleared to continue the story, most of them caused by the Witch's powers. On one occasion, she will corrupt the story and Shirma and Chocobo will be kicked out of the book.

Before the final boss battle against Gilgamesh, he takes Irma with him outside the castle. When Volg tries to talk to her, she is in trance. Gilgamesh then takes possession of a mysterious sword surrounded by a dark aura, which makes him fast and powerful in battle.

The battleground is a rectangle with spikes on the sides that will damage both Chocobo and Gilgamesh when touched. The musical theme is a arrangement of "Battle on Big Bridge". When defeated, Gilgamesh will vanish.

Irma and Volg also appear in the last book, The Girl Without a Name. Chocobo first finds Irma in a snow covered town and she tells him that she is looking for Volg. Volg appears when Ricci is about to give the Unnamed Girl a name, along with Croma, Raffy and Elly.

Musical themesEdit

The "Knights of the Round" battle music is an arrangement of The Unforgiven from Final Fantasy VI.