In Final Fantasy XII, The Town Crier represents "news" on discoveries and products found in Ivalice. All 10 entries can be read in the Bestiary of the Clan Primer.

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Blood-stained NecklaceEdit

Hear ye, hear ye! Case of the shambling corpse solved! The facts behind the death of a young boy at the hands of a shambling corpse a fortnight past have been uncovered! Upon examination of the zombie, it was found that the necklace it wore belonged to a certain young maiden of which the boy was fond, thereby proving that the shambling corpse was none other than his bonny lass! This blood-stained necklace was apparently a hand-made gift from the victim, though as to why the girl was wearing it when she rose from her early grave, and why she attacked her former lover, nothing is known at present.

Broken SpearsEdit

Hear ye! Announcing a feat of hunting mastery such as the world has never seen! Donatelos the White Mage has trounced all existing records in the annual city gathering of hunters. As you know, each year contestants vie to see who might slay the most creatures designated as that year's quarry. This year's target, the fiendish skull warrior. A tally has been made of broken spears retrieved, and Donatelos has distinguished himself for eternity with an incredible haul of 126! Honor to the champion!


  • Gained from defeating Flan
The Iron Stomach, a guild of tasters known for its roster of legendary chefs, has announced a new desert! Called "flan" after the creature of the same name, and fashioned to look much like its namesake, its popularity is rising as a hunter's treat. In an astonishing example of creature influencing dessert influencing creature, it has become common practice to refer to the darkened region near the flan's head as caramel, a truer sign of the dessert's popularity than any of its creators could ever have hoped for.

Demon DrinkEdit

Hear ye! There has been an announcement regarding the sudden falling health of Lord Cupper, known for his crapulous ways and fondness of spirits! Based upon the testimony given by Lord Cupper upon his regaining consciousness, the cause of his collapse in the lower market has been determined beyond the shadow of a doubt! It appears that, in an attempt to distill the legendary demon drink, he had been "experimenting," a process which involved consuming roughly ten half-casks of alcoholic beverage a day. Lord Cupper himself admits his excess, and has promised to confine himself to wine, knowing it to be of a beneficial nature, in amounts not exceeding two half-casks per day.

Dorsal FinEdit

Hear ye, hear ye! The taster's guild of legendary chefs known as the Iron Stomach have announced a change in pricing on a previously announced special ingredient, the dorsal fin. The repricing will finally bring this long-favored delicacy of the Iron Stomach within reach of the average household budget.

Gysahl GreensEdit

Hear ye, hear ye! Good news for those knights who are sensitive of nose! Thanks to recent discoveries, you can bid a fond farewell to troublesome chocobo odors! The method is simple: ply your chocobo chick with only fresh gysahl greens, and that disconcertingly disgusting stench will diminish by up to three quarters! The news isn't all good, however, as it takes two to three years to raise a chocobo to riding age, meaning that the fragrant fruits of your labor won't ripen for some time.

Ring Wyrm LiversEdit

Hear ye! No other society is as difficult to penetrate as the Iron Stomach, legendary tasting guild. The competition for entry is fierce, and the trials required nigh on impossible to overcome. The trial for entry this year: submit the monster liver best suited to gourmet creations. It is thought the markets will soon be flooded with ring wyrm livers and the like, and everyone tried to guess just which creature's liver can make the judges' mouths water.

Soul PowderEdit

  • Gained from defeating Etém
Hear ye, hear ye! Another Day of Dust has come and gone, and what a day it was! On what other day can you have fey dust sprinkled upon your forehead, instantly absolving you of all sin or evil? Of course, it's not always such a day of rejoicing. Why, last year, shipments of the dust, known as soul powder, were waylaid and merchants everywhere sold out of the stuff far too quickly. This year, stock was set aside in advance, and all who wished to participate could.

Unpurified EtherEdit

Hear ye! The patent for ether, held for years by EC Magicks & Apothecaries, has expired today! Thus ends the group's second monopoly on a popular philtre. The first, the ever-popular potion, came down sharply in price resultant of competition from other makers following the patent's release. Prices on unpurified ether are expected to drop in similar fashion over the coming weeks.

Yensa FinEdit

  • Gained from defeating Yensa
Hear ye, hear ye! The Iron Stomach, a guild of tasters known for its lust to discover new edibles at any cost, has discovered yet another delicacy! Known as the yensa fin, it's not only delicious, but reasonably priced to boot! The response from housekeepers has been universally positive. One such convert recommends a soup broth for bringing out the fin's full flavor. A book of recipes is in the works.
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