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Moogles Eight Dance

The Moogles Eight.

—The Moogles Eight

The Moogles Eight (踊る8匹のモーグリ, Odoru 8-biki no Mōguri?, lit. 8 Dancing Moogles) are a team of singing and dancing moogles the player can spot performing in Old Archades in Final Fantasy XII. Close to them is their abductor, the Shady Seeq, trying to sell them off after tricking them with promises of food from around the world. The player can later tell them of this, resulting in the moogles beating up the Shady Seeq.

The player can view their dance by interacting with the moogles, and is offered multiple viewpoints of their dance.

The Moogles Eight uses a uncommon but generic NPC model. Another notable character with their appearance is the Sandsea Moogle who stayed with the Eksir Berry plant on The Sandscale Bank area in Nam-Yensa Sandsea.


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