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The Land of Vana'diel is a fanmade orchestral remix album arranged and produced by Tweex. It consists of 18 arrangements from Final Fantasy XI. It was made over 3 years, from 2009 to 2012.

Track listEdit

  1. "A Wondrous World"
  2. "The Journey Begins"
  3. "City of the Humes"
  4. "Harvest of Rock and Stone"
  5. "A Decent Challenge"
  6. "City of the Tarutaru"
  7. "Outside the Walls of Windurst"
  8. "To Have Wings"
  9. "A Moments Rest"
  10. "City of the Elvaan"
  11. "The Forest of New Hunters"
  12. "Safe Haven from the Dunes"
  13. "On the Ferry"
  14. "The Port Town"
  15. "The Capital City"
  16. "Short of Stature, Might of Magic"
  17. "Battling Despair at Dawn"
  18. "All Hail the Victorious"

External linksEdit

Official webpage

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