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The Keep is a location in Vagrant Story. It is within Leá Monde, between the Town Center South and City Walls South. The Iron Maiden can also only be accessed from this location. The area is an above ground fortress, filled with magic glyphs written on the walls. There are many locked doors with sigils that hold secret enemies and Time Trialse.

Storyline Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Romeo Guildenstern and his lover, Lady Samantha, wander into the Keep during their search for the Gran Grimoire. As they wander, they notice that the city is filled with ancient inscriptions from the age of Kiltia. Jan Rosencrantz, appearing from a corner, reveals that the "book" that they are searching for is in fact the city of Leá Monde itself. Guildenstern is furious as Rosencrantz for hiding this information from him, but allows his co-conspirator to go free as long as he takes care of the Riskbreaker Ashley Riot, who has also appeared. Rosencrantz fights Ashley, but loses. Before leaving, Rosencrantz reveals the horrible truth behind Ashley's past.

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Enemies Edit

The Warrior's Rest Edit

Slaughter Of The Innocent Edit

The Oracle Sins No More Edit

The Fallen Knight Edit

Awaiting Retribution Edit

Treasure Edit

The Warrior's Rest Edit

Magic Circle

Chest (Requires Chest Key):

  • Sweet Sorrow
  • Tower Shield
-Death Gueen
  • Sallet
  • Sorcerer's Reagent (X3)

Keane's Crafts Edit

Magic Circle


The Fallen Knight Edit


  • Kadesh Ring
  • Orlandu Gem
  • Elixir Of Queens
  • Steel Key

Awaiting Retribution Edit


  • Diadra's Earring
  • Ogmius Gem
  • Elixir Of Queens

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