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Sunder yourselves onto me and I will feast on your Aether! None shall stand against the wind!

Garuda is fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XIV, as part of the quests "In for Garuda Awakening" and "Taming the Tempest". The first fight is balanced towards level 40 characters, while the second one, known as "The Howling Eye (Hard)" is for level 50s.

Musical themesEdit

"Fallen Angel"
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"Fallen Angel" is the theme that plays during the battle against Garuda and the cutscenes in which she appears. It opens with an organ section accompanied by a haunting chorus, and becomes increasingly faster until it suddenly stops, a female voice says "Now fall!", and a heavy guitar starts playing for a few seconds, giving way to a softer riff as the proper song begins, combining the initial chorus with faint lyrics that can be heard on the background. The chorus is sung by members of the development team.


Now fall!
Falling too far from the light
Deeper into the night
Lost here inside my own hell
I am a broken angel



Garuda is a large, birdlike creature that appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It serves as Lord Vishnu's mount and is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila. Contemporary representations of Garuda are the brahminy kite and phoenix.