FFXIV wiki icon The Forbidden Land of Eureka is a unique series of 144-man instances introduced in patch 4.25 of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It is an island with thick atmosphere of various aspects of aether, a veritable land of elementals. The island is the displaced Isle of Val, which was thought to have been destroyed during the events of the Seventh Astral Era.

The area is accessed by speaking to Rodney in Kugane after clearing the sidequest "And We Shall Call It Eureka", which unlocks after clearing the main scenario quest Stormblood. Its main purpose is to let players to obtain and evolve the new Relic gear, and to investigate the mystery about the isle's original dissappearance.

Differences from other instancesEdit

Unlike other instances, players can enter Eureka by themselves, even without the Undersized Party option. Upon entering, the player's item level is synced to 300. There are no definitive objectives to clear and any objectives given are never listed, requiring the counseling of other players to help complete them. The instance will last until the timer runs out, though players are free to immediately reenter.

Players start in certain settlements and can interact with several characters to either monitor the weather, repair gear, redeem acquired Lockboxes, etc. as well as change classes. Parties can be formed or disbanded, letting players plan out their next attack while assisting lower-level players. The Return ability teleports back to the settlement. Though the instances can be entered and played solo, it still requires the assistance of other players and party formations due to the vagueness of objectives and increased strength of enemies.

Eureka usually receive updates to add additional areas to explore as well as new content.

Elemental EXP and the Magia BoardEdit

Similar to the Palace of the Dead, Eureka uses a different leveling system: Elemental Levels. Players can level up normally by defeating enemies, with the max level being capped depending of the instance. Due to the thick atmosphere that permeates the land, the player has to attune to the elements as the monsters on the island are elemental-based.

Each player is given a Magia Board, which attunes to any of the six elements of the player's choosing: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Water and Wind. By clicking on the board, the player can redistribute points by rotating them to any of the elements, though this can only be done five times before the board will need to recharge, which can be done by interacting with the Magia Melder at the settlement, or by defeating enemies.

After achieving certain level milestones, Krile will inform the player of Magicites, which are located in various areas. In Anemos, collecting these will allocate additional points to chosen elements, further enhancing strength. But in later instances these are just plot elements.

Elemental damage and EXP gain can be further enhanced by encountering Elementals, special fairies which provide an EXP and damage buff to those who stand within its area of effect. These elementals are also be targeted by enemy monsters and must be protected.

When the player reaches Lv. 6, extra caution must be taken as a penalty will be invoked if the player is KOed and chooses to return to the starting Aetherye instead of being revived by another player. They will lose a portion of their collected EXP, and if reached level 11, level down, similar to Final Fantasy XI.


Aetheryte shards are scattered through out various areas. The one at the settlements of each instance can be attuned to since the beginning, but other Aetherytes requires certain levels to attune with. They can be used by interacting with them, leaving the Teleport ability disabled.


At higher levels, the player can use mounts to travel across the area after completing a subquest unlocked at that level. Larger mounts enable the player to invite a passenger to ride along with them, providing them safe passage, though there may be instances where stronger monsters may attack weaker passengers.

While Anemos let players to unlock mounts at lv. 17, the next instances requires them to be at their respective max level to unlock them.

Notorious MonstersEdit

Notorious Monsters spawn as FATE bosses, which have their own elemental affinity. Completing these battles rewards all participating players a large sum of EXP and Allagan Tomestones of Mendacity, along with Lockboxes and Crystals, which can be redeemed for additional items. Notorious Monsters spawn after defeating a large number of enemies within a certain area. Some also require certain weather to appear.

In Pagos and Pyros, special FATEs related with "Happy Bunnies" appear.

Relic Gear AugmentationEdit

By defeating mobs and Notorious Monsters, players can receive Protean and Anemos Crystals, which can be redeemed when speaking with Gerolt to enhance the player's Lv. 70 job relic gear. By exchanging gear and Protean Crystals, the player can obtain the proper version of their weapon and gear along with +1 and +2 variants. The strongest variant is the Anemos gear, which can be dyed any color. While the gear can be bought by exchanging Anemos Crystals and the correct +2 gear, the weapon requires the +2 variant plus three feathers of Pazuzu to augment, which drop for gold-ranked players whose level is 19 or higher. Though the Anemos weapons can be dyed any color, they produce a unique magical aura, the color dependent on the job class. The player can exchange Anemos Crystals for a large number of Protean Crystals to buy more gear.