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The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 5, located in the Ragnarok Central Core and known by players as T5, is the final turn of the Binding Coil of Bahamut raid in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Story Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
Having overcome the seemingly endless waves of hostile constructs, you and your stalwart companions continue the descent into an unknown abyss. At the depth of 1,910 yalms, you are assailed by a winged terror: an ancient dragon brought to heel by the Allagans and made to do their bidding. The trials grow ever more arduous, but you are resolved to press on for the sake of the truth.
—In-game Description

After climbing out of the drive cylinder, Alisaie Leveilleur is startled to find herself standing on the right arm of Bahamut, the primal dragon unleashed during the Battle of Carteneau who rained destruction upon Eorzea and caused the Seventh Umbral Era. As the party descends down to Bahamut's hand, they are attacked by three ancient Meracydian dragons, one of whom is Twintania, the Storm of Meracydia.

After a long struggle, the party slays Twintania and her minions, and presses on into the core to find three other binding coils not unlike the one they just descended through, which appear to be regenerating Bahamut and Louisoix Leveilleur. They exit the coil into Northern Thanalan and depart for the Waking Sands to report their findings to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Spoilers end here.

Objectives Edit

  1. Defeat Twintania: 0/1

Progression Edit

Ragnarok Central Core Edit

One can jump down from this ledge and land on Bahamut's right hand.

The right hand of Bahamut Edit

The party faces off against Twintania and company in a long, several-stage fight. Though she is at first accompanied by two Scourges of Meracydia and uses only the ground area-of-effect spell Liquid Hell and her Death Sentence (Infirmity-inflicting tank-buster) into Plummet (cleave around herself) rotation, she gains more abilities at 85 percent health: Fireball, which is countered by stacking, and Conflagration, which entombs one player until the add around him is destroyed. She will also drop a void-zone called a Neurolink at 85 percent and 55 percent health.

At 54 percent health, Twintania swoops up and begins Divebombing the party. If Twintania collides with a party member, they will be knocked back and may even hit the wall of the arena, causing instant death; this should be avoided at all costs. While Divebombs are underway, the party must deal with a mini-boss, Asclepius, and its adds, Hygieias, which inflict Vulnerability Up to both enemies and allies near them upon death.

After Twintania finishes her Divebombs, she casts Aetheric Profusion, which instantly kills anyone not taking cover in a Neurolink. She also begins casting Twister, an ability that creates green tornadoes near players that instantly kills anyone who stands in them (and must be avoided by outrunning them during, not after, the cast time), and spawning Dreadknights, who will fixate onto a player, render them unable to move, and then instantly kill them once in melee range.

At 30 percent, Twintania stops using these abilities and instead begins casting Liquid Hell and Hatch, which launches an "egg" at a player which will deal fatal damage unless they stand in a Neurolink. After 13 minutes of fighting, Twintania destroys all Neurolinks and casts Aetheric Profusion again, which serves as the hard enrage.

All in all, Twintania is the first truly challenging raid boss of Final Fantasy XIV and serves to gate unskilled players from the Second Coil of Bahamut.

Enemies Edit

  • Twintania
    • The Scourge Of Meracydia
    • Conflagration
    • Asclepius
      • Hydieia
    • Dreadknight

Loot Edit

  • Allagan Blade
  • Allagan Baghnakhs
  • Allagan Battleaxe
  • Allagan Spear
  • Allagan Composite Bow
  • Allagan Daggers
  • Allagan Guillotine
  • Allagan Pistol
  • Allagan Cane
  • Allagan Rod
  • Allagan Grimoire of Casting
  • Allagan Grimoire of Healing
  • Allagan Star Globe
  • Allagan Wootz Nugget
  • Allagan Silk
  • Allagan Leather
  • Allagan Aetherstone - Weaponry
  • Allagan Aetherstone - Body Gear
  • Faded Copy of Thunderer