The Thalassinon is a Trophy Rare Game enemy in Final Fantasy XII. Thalassinon is the first Rare Game enemy to be hunted in the trophy sub quest. This enemy appears only once in the entire game, as it does not respawn once hunted.

Bestiary entryEdit

Derivation: Emeralditan

Most ancient of all known living emeralditans. Hunted on the Phon Coast.



FF12 Map - Phon Coast
Map of Thalassinon's approximate spawn point.

To spawn this creature the player must talk to the "Huntmaster" in the rare game hunt party in the Phon Coast, he will give the player details of what they must do. Then the player must stand at the highest point in the Vaddu Strand area of the Phon Coast for ten seconds. The enemy will appear below on the beach.


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