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FFXIII enemy Breshan Bass

The terraquatics class is a type of feral creature found in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. They are frog-like animals found on Cocoon and Gran Pulse. They are capable of summoning reinforcements.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, all Paradigm Pack Terraquatic monsters cast one of two Feral Links. Cleansing Overture always casts Dispel and Esuna on both allies and enemies. The effects of Refreshing Rain are always cast on allies, but otherwise vary from one monster to another. The effects always include some combination of healing, Esuna, Regen and Veil.

Feral CreaturesEdit

Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2


Their name is a portmanteau of "terra" and "aquatic", referring to them being aquatic creatures found on land. "Terra" is the Latin word for "Earth". It is also present in some Latin-derived languages such as Italian and Portuguese.

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