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Teros: Long Lost Memories, also known as Teros: In Search of Flying Water, is the twenty-third episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.



As Jane sails through the electrified sea, the crew has resorted to using oars to propel the submarine for fear of the engines igniting the Elenium in the water. As Yu drifts into his memories of his discovery at Earl Tyrant's castle, Cid announces the Elenium thins out up ahead, so the engines will soon be usable. As they reach this zone, the ocean ends, leaving Jane to fall from the sky to the ground below.


After landing without injury, the children spot an old friend flying overhead: Lou. Lou descends, wearing a clear, blue cape along with her regular attire. She spots Kaze, but before she can do anything, Ai notices her cape is made from flight water.

Lou takes them to meet Bolbol, a man that crafts flight water into clothing. Lou has been working for Bolbol in exchange for her cape, to assist her in her search for Kaze. After Bolbol shows them another cape he crafted, Ai compares it to Clear's glove, confirming they are crafted from the same material. After Bolbol examines the glove, he confirms he once knew Clear, and did indeed craft his clothes, even giving him the expensive outfit for free.

Bolbol takes the group to Teros at the edge of the woods where he makes his home. Ai notes the sea of flight water is as hard as ice. When the Comodeen begin to celebrate, Yu is reminded of the state he found his parents in, and Lisa and Moogle notice his distracted demeanor.

Pist's CounterEdit

Within the Count's throne room, Earl Tyrant refuses to eat. Makenshi, laying in his usual position above the others, overhears, and is concerned. Elsewhere, Pist celebrates his latest creation: the "perfect anti-Magun weapon"; Blue Elenium.

Back at Teros, Crux watches the Comodeen collect the flight water needed to make Silvia fly. One of the machines used for collecting the substance explodes, with Pist appearing from the smoke. When the Comodeen open fire, Pist uses the Blue Elenium to create a whirlwind of blue energy, which stops the darts without causing damage.

Pist opens a hole in the whirlwind, and shoots and destroys several more of Cid's machines, sparking Cid into a rage. Cid extends his hammers, and crushes Pist between them. A trickle of water runs out from between them, and reforms as Pist, unharmed. As Pist aims his gun at the group, Lou appears in wolf form and uses her energy beams to destroy Pist's hand, sending his gun skating away.

Pist reforms his arm, and collects his weapon, as Kaze, who arrived with Lou, primes and loads the Magun. He fires, summoning Phoenix, which Moogle powers up to Giga-Phoenix. Pist fires a shot of Blue Elenium at the fire bird, which begins dissolving it. As he gloats over his power, Pist is hit by the shards of the Phoenix as it breaks up, destroying him.


As Pist reforms at a safe distance, he comments the reaction is more violent than he calculated, concluding the Phoenix will continue until all the flight water is destroyed. Lou fails at destroying it and is attacked by the Phoenix in turn. Though she survives Lou is badly hurt, and comments on hearing the cries of the soil affected by the Blue Elenium.

Lisa attempts to stop the Phoenix using her Kigen summon, but it is ineffective, and she is repelled. As Pist revels in his victory, Makenshi uses a pair of his dragons to destroy the Phoenix. Kaze aims the Magun at Makenshi and loads.


One combination was seen in this episode; Phoenix, which was powered up to Giga-Phoenix by Moogle. The combination is:

Origin of all/The origin of all things - Mother Black

Burning all to ashes/A heat that will scorch all creation - Fire Red

The critical point of all/The critical point of everything - Burning Gold