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The Temple of Time is a location in Final Fantasy III. It is located underwater on the southern tip of the northwestern continent of the Surface World. Several rooms, out of which some have treasure, are locked and only a Thief or a Magic Key can unlock them.


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After leading Doga to the bottom of the Cave of the Circle, the Warriors of the Light head underwater, to the Temple of Time, so as to obtain Noah's Lute in order to awaken Unei.

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FFIIIDS Noah's Lute

Noah's Lute.

Item Location
Diamond Helm First locked room
Diamond Bracers Second locked room
Defender B2
Diamond Mail Locked room near B3's start
Diamond Gloves Locked room in the middle of B3
Behemoth Knife Locked room in the middle of B3
Diamond Shield Locked room to the left on the fork at B4
Noah's Lute Locked room to the right on the fork at B4
Blood Lance / Protect Ring Hidden room on B4
Protect Ring Hidden room on B4
Lamia Harp Hidden room on B4


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Musical themesEdit

"Underwater Temple" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Underwater Temple
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The background theme that plays inside the Temple of Time is called "Underwater Temple".

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FFRK Temple of Time FFIII
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