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Safer sephirothFFVII
UndyingvsSephiroth - dum, dum, dumm-dumm-dumm, SEPHIROTH (okay HTF am I supposed to spell out the humming)
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anyone tell me how Aeris is not a temporary playable character. Because from where i heard, the characters stay with you with the entire quest unlike ff4 where they leave for whatever reason every now and then. And Aeris meaning she is temporarily playable
Judge Zarbi - is back.
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Temporary playable characters are usually those which join part way through the story and leave later.
Temporary means for a short time. But in the FF games I'd like to consider them as characters that you do not have full control over and are dissimilar to most other characters (Laguna and co., they have one limit break and a fixed weapon that doesn't change). So all FFIV characters, but Fusoya and Golbez are temporary playable, IMO. (Even if Golbez isn't playable, neither is Sephiroth).

Aerith being temporary is also spoilerish. Which of course, most people know she dies, she appears dead on the back of the case. But that doesn't matter. She is playable for half the game, controllable like every other playable character and therefore I wouldn't move her to temporary.  ILHI 16:12, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

Safer sephirothFFVII
UndyingvsSephiroth - dum, dum, dumm-dumm-dumm, SEPHIROTH (okay HTF am I supposed to spell out the humming)
TALK - You can call me Hell Wyrm if you want, I prefer that instead {{{time}}}
i do see your point about the first half of the message. But when you mention Aeris being temporarily playable as spoilerish, isn't mentioning which character's are in which category also giving out spoilers, because you are telling their position in the story (despite the fact it gives out small info). But it sounds like you'e only sticking Aeris to playable character since she is a protagonist. Let's jut vote on this
What is most suitable for putting Aeris in?

The poll was created at 16:39 on August 16, 2008, and so far 18 people voted.
I don't think there should be a "Temporary Playable Character" position. Sephiroth is a villain. Yes he is a playable character but I don't think that explains his role in the plot very well.  ILHI 16:46, 16 August 2008 (UTC)
Safer sephirothFFVII
UndyingvsSephiroth - dum, dum, dumm-dumm-dumm, SEPHIROTH (okay HTF am I supposed to spell out the humming)
TALK - You can call me Hell Wyrm if you want, I prefer that instead {{{time}}}

exactly the point. What is Sephiroth's association anyway. And as for the third situation here's what I mean:

  • Protagonists

Cloud-Barret-Red XIII-Tifa-Cid-Aeris-Yuffie-Vincent

  • Villian/his Association


I know Aeris is playable for the first half of the game, but put into mind that only for the first half of the game, second half she's gone and dead and can you bring her back somehow, NO!! And what's the word for something that doesn't last completely, oh yeah!!: TEMPORARY!

P.S. Yes I know what i voted for, but nonetheless I'm trying to make a point here, but if a lot says Aeris is more of playable then temporary (somehow) shoudn't we just change the entire thing from Playable Characters to Protagonists since she dies.
Judge Zarbi - is back.
TALK - But different! {{{time}}}
Nope. All of the templates have been set out like this, therefore changing one would screw it up.
The one temporary playable character is actually the main villain of the game and should be under that category, and no temporary playable characters. You should also be aware that Sephiroth is not even temporary playable. He is temporarily unplayable, yet in your party. So he doesn't fit that perfectly under TPCs either.  ILHI 17:03, 16 August 2008 (UTC)
Judge Zarbi - is back.
TALK - But different! {{{time}}}
ILHI, I was talking about him wanting to change it to protagonists.
Safer sephirothFFVII
UndyingvsSephiroth - dum, dum, dumm-dumm-dumm, SEPHIROTH (okay HTF am I supposed to spell out the humming)
TALK - You can call me Hell Wyrm if you want, I prefer that instead {{{time}}}

I know this old but... tradition has nothing to do with info giving and this is a wiki and wikis are meant to give information. The fact it's been there for a long time shoudn't prevent that from editing. Now I heard what you say: it's spoilerish, it's screws everything up. But changing main characters to protagonists makes more sense since temporary characters are those who are only played for a short time and at the end of the first disk, AERIS DIES MAKING HER A TEMPORARY PLAYABLE CHARACTER WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. So ILHI says it's spoilerish, but everyone knows she dies, even a review of ff7 on youtube mentions she dies in the story, so what's the point of not giving out that info if everyone knows it. Zarbi says it screws all the other templates up, but have you ever heard of uniqueness. This temp is already unique thanks to the Shin-Ra member category and FF12's is unique for the Archadian Judges category. Did i forget to mention FF3's DS Playable Characters and SNES playable characters, so shoudn't we be putting all those playable characters on the other temps' categories (sytem) playable characters (I do not support that I'm just bringing up a technicality.

That's my arguement but it seems your not using your logic as much as I am, THIS IS A WIKI MEANT TO GIVE OUT INFO (except way too much spoilers). Just give me good enough reasons not bringing up the same old shit thing (we support things that been here a long time) and we'll end this arguement. BTW you said noone ever brought up this once (i heard it at some page), I HAVE.

If nobody responds happens I'm putting matters into my own hands. --UndyingvsSephiroth 22:30, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

We don't need to respond, the answer is still "No". Now we're covering the same things over and over again. --BlueHighwind 22:56, 6 September 2008 (UTC)
Just give me a few good reasons without bringing the same old crap (not editing because its' been there) thing and this arguement is over for good, I'm trying to act as calm as possible here. It saves alot of text boxes and time--UndyingvsSephiroth 23:04, 6 September 2008 (UTC)
Look up at all the other answers you've gotten. There's my reason. They all fit. Aeris and Sephiroth should not be grouped together as they are very different party members, and making another sub-section would complicate things too much. "Temporary Controllable Characters", and then a section for "Temporary Non-Controllable Characters". No, we're not doing that. --BlueHighwind 23:09, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

you're thinking of:

  • playable: cloud, barret, tifa, cait sith, red xiii, cid, vincent, yuffie
  • temprary: aeris, sephiroth

I went:

  • protagonists: kept all those under playable
  • villian: sephiroth

the fact she dies makes her temporary no matter what and it makes perfect sense the way I just done it, which startede this thing in the first place (nobody's fault except the writers). She didn't appear with all trhe others. Now don't try to argue with me of ff4 and ff2, not all of those appear at the end because that was the nature of the party members unlike here. use your logic here and think deep enough. We're nt making confuising othe sections and if you guys don't stop making dumb reasons. Jus tbecause it's been there a long time is the dumbest pritority here, I'm not going to bring this up again, look in my last text bubble comment. --UndyingvsSephiroth 23:21, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

new topicEdit

I saw on my watchlist of something from bluehighwind saying:

"losers who played dirge of cerberus have fun"

but I don't seen any of it. Is this like some invisible edit or something --UndyingvsSephiroth 21:24, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

Eh? he edited  ILHI 19:29, 4 September 2008 (UTC)
Safer sephirothFFVII
UndyingvsSephiroth - dum, dum, dumm-dumm-dumm, SEPHIROTH (okay HTF am I supposed to spell out the humming)
TALK - You can call me Hell Wyrm if you want, I prefer that instead {{{time}}}
YEAH! I was too lazy to go that deep nor know how to look at those comparisons, but how did he leave that message right there, because I have this page on my watchlist (still arguing about the Aeris thing here) it mentioned that message when it like spoke of the edit
When editing the page, there is the "Summary:" box. When he made that edit, he typed it in the summary.  ILHI 19:51, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Man I feel stupid --UndyingvsSephiroth 21:18, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Thank God Edit

Golden Monkey - Of course you can trust giant reptilian priests.
TALK - Now
That template listing everything from every single damn cheap cash-in...I mean sequel Square made was such a eyesore. :P
BlueHighwind TA
BlueHighwind Q?
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I really miss those old days when this Template was the size of Manhattan. Too bad I DESTROYED them.

Materia and abilities Edit

What I have on the page is what I came up with for now but I could change it. Basically, the thing with this template is that it's just listing abilities by the Materia that grants them. This is because it divides them clearly that way (Command Materia obviously gives command abilities, Support Materia obviously gives support abilities, Magic Materia is self-explanatory too, etc). However, I do not think we should link to the individual Materia, just the abilities they give. This is because the individual Materia do not have pages, the abilities do; if we link to individual materia, we are just linking to the same page a million times.

There are a few things I'm not sure about though, but I want to check what other people think:

  1. Command Abilities above all the other lists by their Materia. Not sure if people are okay with that. I was going to say "Default Abilities", but then, Magic and Summon are not default and I don't know where else to link to those unless I bury them somewhere in Magic Materia and Summon Materia lists respectively. I basically didn't include any ability that was provided by Command Materia.
  2. It always says "Materia" after each one. Is, okay with everyone? Am I the only one who thinks this is too repetitive?
  3. Do we want to have a section for Limit Breaks? We could potentially link to pages like Omnislash and Dolphin Blow if we added that in below. I only hesitated to add because I wasn't sure if we should do that when we didn't before.

So beyond this I think I'm ok with it. Could make it more like FFIV or FFVI's navbox abilities sections with extra columns if people wanted that too.--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 22:07, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

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