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Squall 5

Squall driving The Tempest in an FMV in Final Fantasy VIII.

The Tempest (テンペスト, Tenpesuto?) is a car from Final Fantasy VIII. It is driven by Squall when he attacks Edea at the Deling City parade.

Reminiscent of the American Cadillac, the Tempest is a light blue convertible with left-hand steering, meaning it is designed for driving on the right-hand-side of the road. Since the roads of Deling City are designed for left-hand-side driving it can be surmised that the Tempest is a foreign car from a different region, although which region exactly is unknown.

The Tempest's license plate reads: WH-1637551 and is a Galbadian license plate.

Other appearancesEdit

Chocobo RacingEdit

Chocobo Squall

Squall appears in Chocobo Racing driving the Tempest. In the game, it possesses great speed, acceleration and turning, but has a bit of a problem with braking, which is referred to the FMV where Squall is driving The Tempest to assassinate Sorceress Edea in Disc 1 in Final Fantasy VIII.



Tempest refers to a violent storm.


  • The Tempest's hood ornament is that of a chocobo.
  • A real-life car exists bearing the Tempest name, which was a mid-size muscle car produced by Pontiac in the mid 60's. This car had the similar design as the Tempest Squall drives, including the fact that it had a left-hand steering wheel and hard braking characteristics commonly found in muscle cars.

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