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Tellah is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. He has some of the worst stats, both physically and magically. His MP does not exceed 90 to ensure the player cannot cast Meteor with him (Meteor costs 99 MP), although this can be circumvented by using a Soma Drop (giving Tellah 100 MP). He equips rods and staves, as well as mage equipment. Unlike other characters, Tellah's physical stats (save for his HP) actually decrease when he levels up, implying his age is catching up with him, preventing him from gaining strength.


FFIV Recall DS

Tellah using Recall.

Tellah can cast both White and Black Magic. When he first joins, he only knows a handful of spells: the Black Magic spells Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Stop, and Osmose, and the White Magic spells Cura, Life, Blink, Esuna, Confuse, and Teleport. Tellah has access to the Recall ability, which allows him to cast a random Black Magic spell. This ability was removed in the North American SNES release. The spells Tellah can use with Recall are:

Spell Chance
Failure*Not a spell 20%
Fire 15%
Blizzard 15%
Thunder 15%
Toad 15%
Break 5%
Bio 5%
Tornado 5%
Death 5%

3D*DS, iOS, Android
Spell Chance
Toad 31%
Fire 10%
Blizzard 10%
Thunder 10%
Fira 6%
Blizzara 6%
Thundara 6%
Firaga 4%
Blizzaga 4%
Thundaga 4%
Bubble 3%
Faith 3%
Bravery 3%

Once Cecil becomes a Paladin, Tellah gains access to all spells except Holy, Quake, Death, and Flare, but loses Recall.

In the 3D versions, Tellah has two more spells initially, the spells Poison and Silence. Once he remembers all his spells he also learns Arise, may use Meteor provided a Soma Drop is used on him, and keeps the ability to use Recall, which may cast a spell he does not normally have access to.


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