Teledji Adeledji

Teledji Adeledji with the Brass Blades.

Teledji Adeledji was a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. A member of the Syndicate, he is the head of the Mirage Trust and owns the Platinum Mirage casino (and by extension, the Pugilist's Guild).



Teledji Adeledji is a male plainsfolk Lalafell with greying hair and tan skin. Like many members of the Syndicate, he is lavishly dressed—donning himself in green and red robes and adorned with gold jewelry. He wears a blue noble's hat, and his short mustache and beard are both trimmed to an unusual, angular style.


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Teledji Adeleji primarily comes into prominence in Through the Maelstrom, where he endorses Yugiri's request for asylum on behalf of the Doman refugees. His proposal is opposed by Lord Lolorito, who cites difficulties with Ala Mhigan refugees as reason to to turn the Domans away, swaying the remaining Syndicate members into opposing the resolution. He is seen later sitting quietly in the empty Syndicate chambers, when an aide walks up to him and informs him he carried out his orders. When he inquires as to what these plans are, Teledji replies "Revolution."

In Defenders of Eorzea, it is revealed by General Raubahn that Teledji had incited the recent riots among the refugee population through an arms dealer (that was conveniently assassinated in front of the adventurer). Raubahn suggested this was a ploy to get the Carteneau Reclamation Bill passed, which would resettle refugees in the Carteneau Flats. Raubahn and Nanamo believe his true goal is to get his hands on the "Omega" device that is buried in the Flats.

During the events of Before the Fall, Teledji orchestrates an attempt on the Sultana by having her wine poisoned and framing the Adventurer and the Scions of commiting regicide. However, Teledji is killed off by an enraged Raubahn after gloating over Nanamo's assumed death. It would be later revealed in Heavensward that Lolorito learned of Teledji's scheme and allowed it to occur in hopes that Teledji and Raubahn kill each other during the resulting chaos while he substituted the poison with a weaker, coma-inducing substance.

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Teledji is voiced by Taketora in the Japanese version.

He is voiced by B.J. Oakie in the English version.