XV Techniques are special abilities usable by party members in Final Fantasy XV.


Techniques are acquired via the Ascension Grid, and can be used in battle by pressing L1 or Left bumper when using the Type A control scheme. Using a Technique for the first time earns the Brother-in-Arms achievement/trophy.

Each character has one base technique available at the start. Some techniques level up with use; each time they do, their power and critical rate increases. Techniques can be swapped with the Gear option found in the main menu. Guests' techniques cannot be changed, nor can they level up or appear in the Ascension.

Their use is mandated by the tech bar, a gauge that increases over time during battle. It is segmented into three sections, and the bar must first fill to either the first, second, or third in order to use a specific technique. The tech bar can be upgraded via the Ascension Grid.

Noctis cannot use techniques, and instead has Armiger. He can follow up on the Techniques if positioned right, however. For example, when using Gladiolus's Cyclone, the player can at times initiate a follow-up attack where Noctis spins from Gladiolus's sword and deals damage to surrounding enemies.

Gladiolus's techniques deal damage to enemies, and often break appendages, making them vulnerable to further harm. Ignis's techniques aid the player by healing, providing warp points, and bestowing elemental buffs. Prompto's techniques are ranged, from shooting through enemies from afar to using flares to combat daemons, to using his photography skills in battle (although he will always take photos in battle randomly). Iris has two versions of her Technique; it will instantly kill magitek troopers, but just deals damage to other enemy types.

Techniques and related Ascension Grid abilitiesEdit

Tech Strike
Crystarium Branch 1
Tech Damage
Crystarium Branch 1
Quick Tech

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Trigger Happy
Crystarium Branch 1
Prompto: Limit Break

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Ignis: Limit Break
Libra Elementia

Crystarium Branch 2
Royal Guard
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Gladio: Limit Break

Name Effect
Tempest Unleash a sweeping area attack with a greatsword. Depletes tech bar by one.
Mark Set up Noctis to warp-strike multiple enemies in succession with daggers. Depletes tech bar by one.
Piercer Pierce target with a firearm to hit multiple enemies in a line. Reduces enemy defense. Depletes tech bar by one.
Lion's Roar Cor's technique that is an upward slash that releases a shockwave that moves in a single line. Depletes tech bar by one.
Eclipse Iris's technique that attacks one enemy. Instantly kills MTs. Depletes tech bar by two.
Highwind Aranea's technique. Depletes tech bar by two.
Cyclone Damage nearby enemies with shield shockwave. Depletes tech bar by two.
Dawnhammer Powerful greatsword slash. Depletes tech bar by two.
Enhancement Casts Flameboost, Frostboost, or Stormboost on Noctis based on the weaknesses of the player's current target. Depletes tech bar by one.
Gravisphere Draw enemies in an area to the center with machinery. Depletes tech bar by two.
Impulse Frontal sweep area attack. Can break limbs. Depletes tech bar by three.
Limit Break Allow character's techniques to break the damage limit. They are prefixed above with who they belong to. All are simply called "Limit Break."
Overwhelm Focuses the party on one enemy at a time. Noctis retains normal attacks. Allies attack with Deathblows. Depletes tech bar by two.
Quick Tech All Tech Bar replenishment increased by 10%.
Recoil Deal heavy damage to a single enemy with machinery. Can break enemy appendages. Depletes tech bar by two.
Regroup Gathers allies. Rescues any allies in Danger status and quickly restores HP. Depletes tech bar by two.
Libra Elementia Ignis exploits an enemy's elemental weakness. Depletes tech bar by one.
Royal Guard Calls Gladio to protect Noctis with a shield. Depletes tech bar by one.
Sagefire Devastating Fire attack with daggers. Can break appendages. Depletes tech bar by three.
Starshell Draws enemy attention in a wide radius with a firearm. Causes Light damage and Enervates daemons. Depletes tech bar by one.
Tech Damage Adds to the tech bar as Noctis takes damage with the formula AmountAdded = Damage / 500
Tech Strike Adds to the tech bar when Noctis lands attacks.
Trigger Happy Area attack with a firearm. Can break appendages. Depletes tech bar by three.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XV: Episode PromptoEdit

Dragoon Dive Aranea Technique FFXV Episode Prompto

Dragoon Dive.

The player can again invoke Aranea to use Dragoon Dive with the Technique command and it costs 2 tech bars. Aranea downing enemies with Dragoon Dive can make enemies weak for Prompto to use his crackshot for critical damage.

Prompto can also use Starshell and Snapshot to light the battleground with flares and to take selfies in battle, like in the main game.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Some of the Techniques appear as Soul Breaks.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Mobius Final FantasyEdit


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