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Save Crystal at the Tchita Uplands.

The Tchita Uplands (ツィッタ大草原, Tsitta-daisougen?) (tsi:tah) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. The landscape is grassy, and rainfall often caresses the fields. Old ruins, long since abandoned, can be spotted around the Uplands, often inhabited by Malboro Overkings.

Some wealthy Archadians who are afraid of the Mandragoras in the Sochen Cave Palace camp out in the Uplands and give the party a key to access the place.


The Tchita Uplands are located between the Phon Coast and the Cerobi Steppe, and have a passageway to the Sochen Cave Palace. In order to cross to Cerobi Steppe, the player must ride a chocobo over the Uplands all the way from Phon Coast. There is also an area called Tchita Downs, where apparently the finest chocobos are bred. A family of chocobo breeders live here and have been breeding chocobos for generations.

A couple of these chocobos can be seen before Vayne's speech at Rabanastre; two White pedigree paraders that costs ten of thousands of gil. It is not clear where Tchita Downs is exactly located.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

A hilly region reaching to the south of Archadia. Before the widespread adoption of airships as the primary means of conveyance, this region was the highway to the Imperial City, and filled with travelers. Ruins can be spotted here and there amongst the tall grasses, and researchers from Archades often come here to delve into the mysteries left by whatever ancient civilization built them.
—Sage Knowledge 59, Tchita Uplands


Tchita Uplands has three different weather conditions:

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy
  • Rain

The weather is either sunny or cloudy/rain. When the weather is cloudy/rain, the weather can change when zoning between the areas within the Uplands. The best chance of cloudy/rain weather is when entering the Uplands from the Phon Coast. During rain, Fire attacks deal half damage, and Lightning attacks' power is boosted.

Earth Elemental comes out during cloudy weather in Realm of the Elder Dream and Sundered Earth areas. The Mark Lindwyrm appears only during cloudy weather in Garden of Life's Circle.


See also: Treasure (Final Fantasy XII)

Tchita Uplands is a unique area what it comes to treasures, and many players may have played through the game multiple times without ever having come across a treasure on the Uplands. The Uplands does have treasures, but only one treasure spawns per area, and the spawn rates are among the lowest in the game -- mere 10% chance per entry. All of the treasures have a chance of containing equipment.

All the treasures have 10% chance to spawn, and when they have spawn they have 50% chance of being either gil or items, and when the treasure is items, it has 50% chance of being an equipment treasure. The other treasure is either Hi-Ether or a gambit. With the Diamond Armlet equipped the item treasures are 90% Hi-Ether and 10% Megalixir, and if the treasure is gil when opened with the Diamond Armlet equipped, the amount of gil is upped to 10,000 from the default 2,000.

In the Realm of the Elder Dream area the treasure spawns straight to north from the southeast exit, right at the edge of the map. It can have the Maduin Gear. In the Oliphzak Rise the treasure is in along the southwest border of the area and may have the Battle Harness. In the Garden of Life's Circle the treasure spawns near the middle of the southern border of the map and may have the Diamond Armlet.

In the Lost Way area the treasure spawns on the southern border on the map, near to the exit to Garden of Life's Circle. It may have the Armguard. In Uazcuff Hills the treasure spawns on the southern border and may have a Dark Matter. In Sundered Earth the treasure spawns near the exit to Uazcuff Hills and may have the Perseus Bow.

In the Highlands the treasure spawns in the west part of the area, a bit south of some ruins, and may have the Shell Shield. In the Fields of Eternity the treasure spawns to the southeast when entering from south, and it may have the Francisca.


  • Realm of the Elder Dream (to the Phon Coast)
  • The Skytrail
  • The Chosen Path
  • The Highlands
  • Fields of Eternity (to the Sochen Cave Palace)
  • Oliphzak Rise
  • The Nameless Spring
  • Garden of Life's Circle
  • The Lost Way
  • Uazcuff Cliffs
  • The Shaded Path (to the Cerobi Steppe)
  • Sundered Earth

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??? HuntEdit


Hunt begins.

To the east of The Skytrail, there is an area called Chosen Path with a Gate Crystal and an Archadian Wayfarer next to a fallen bangaa who will petition the party to dispose some mandragoras in the Sochen Cave Palace. This is an unofficial hunt not listed in the Clan Primer, but must be accepted to advance in the main story, as the Wayfarer gives the player the Soulward Key to access the cave palace.

The hunt can also be accepted from the boy's father in The Nameless Spring area to the south. Talking to the petitioner after completing the hunt earns the player 1000 gil and three Remedies. Defeating the mandragoras also impresses the hunt club in Phon Coast who will let Vaan hunt Rare Game enemies after talking to them after the events in Draklor Laboratory.

The mandragoras hunted are Onion Queen, Alraune King, Pumpkin Star, Topstalk and Mandragora Prince.



Serpent is a common monster on Tchita Uplands.


FF12 Map - Tchita Uplands



The word "cheetah" is derived from the Sanskrit word citrakāyaḥ, meaning "variegated", via the Hindi 'चीता' (cītā). A common trait of the Final Fantasy's enemy Coeurl (present in the Tchita Uplands) is the resemblance of cheetahs.

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