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Tataru in A Realm Reborn.

Tataru Taru (タタル・タル, Tataru Taru?) is a Lalafell, and the receptionist of the Waking Sands, the headquarters of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, in Final Fantasy XIV. She is said to be a keen judge of character, which makes her suited for deciding who is allowed to enter the Scion's base.



Tataru is a Lalafell with lilac hair. Though she wears a variety of outfits her top is always predominately pink.


Despite being skilled as a receptionist and bookkeeper, she often feels inferior to the other members of the Scions and attempts to learn various other professions, such as becoming a miner and arcanist, though these ventures are rarely successful. She is a skilled seamstress and has an affinity for performance, as she can be seen at various points practicing her juggling (in a misguided goal to become a street performer) as well as occasionally working as a singer in Ishgard's tavern, the Forgotten Knight. Wedge has a crush on her, and desires to someday win her heart, but she remains oblivious due to his shy nature.


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Early lifeEdit

Tataru was born into a formerly affluent family in Ul'dah, who lost their fortune and became destitute when she was a small child. While working in one of Ul'dah's stores as a teenager, she first met Minfilia Warde when the latter was shopping. Something about Tataru impressed Minfilia, and she recruited her to join the Path of the Twelve and, subsequently, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Final Fantasy XIV 1.0Edit

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornEdit

Tataru is first encountered in the Waking Sands. Later, when the Garlean Empire attacks the base, she is among those captured by Livia Sas Junius and taken to Castrum Centri. She is rescued by the adventurer and Biggs and Wedge, along with the other captured leaders of the Scions, after which she resumes her duties at the Waking Sands.

When the Scions move their headquarters to the Rising Stones, located in the outpost of Revenant's Toll, Tataru accompanies them, continuing her duties at the new location. She takes on the profession of a miner to do her share in helping to pay for the rising costs of funding the Scions.

Becoming frustrated at her self-perceived uselessness, she takes a leave of absence from her duties to train to be an Arcanist. She proves to be poorly adept for combat and after a brief moment of despondence, she cheers up, and resolves to create good luck charms for the rest of the Scions, deciding it would be her way of helping to protect them. This project causes her to miss the banquet in Ul'dah, during which the majority of the other Scions are seemingly killed. Rescued from the traitorous Crystal Braves by Yugiri Mistwalker, she is the only Scion able to meet up with the adventurer and Alphinaud Leveilleur when they seek shelter at Camp Dragonhead.

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

With the help of Lord Haurchefant, Tataru is allowed into Ishgard alongside the adventurer and Alphinaud as wards of House Fortemps. Shortly after arriving, she and Alphinaud are accused of heresy by overzealous knights, but is exonerated after the adventurer champions her in a trial by combat. Tataru gets a job at the Forgotten Knight, a tavern in the city, as it is a prime place to gather information. She keeps in contact with the various allies of the Scions, and passes information on between them and the adventurer. Her efforts to gather information on the whereabouts of the missing Scions bears fruit, as her coordination with Pipin Tarupin leads to them discovering the location of Y'shtola. After Y'shtola is recovered, Tataru presents her with a new outfit and staff that she had crafted for the occasion. After the defeat of Archbishop Thordan VII, she joins the adventurer and Alphinaud in visiting the grave of Lord Haurchefant, where they renew their promise to reunite with the rest of the Scions.

Tataru continues to aid the Scions in their endeavors, moving between The Rising Stones and Ishgard as needed. She is one of the few Scion members who is told the truth about Minfilia's fate. She also gives Thancred and Alisaie new outfits, and has measurements taken of the Warrior of Light.

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Tataru is voiced by Carina Reeves in the English version of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

Other AppearancesEdit

Triple TriadEdit

Tataru appears alongside on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.



Tataru's name is likely a reference to the Tarutaru, a race from Final Fantasy XI that bears some similarities to the Lalafell.

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