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The Tam-Tara Deepcroft is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. A Gelmorran necropolis for the ruling houses and nobles of that lost civilization, it has been overrun by the Lambs of Dalamud, an apocalyptic cult that worships the fallen moon.


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Since its establishment during Gelmorran times, this subterranean crypt has been used for generations as a final resting place for the remains of rulers and nobles. Since the Calamity, however, the tunnels have become overrun with the Lambs of Dalamud ─ a deadly cult who worships the now-fallen satellite as their savior. It is in the Deepcroft that these twisted souls silently plot revenge against those who fought to prevent the advent of Dalamud, summoning any dark presence who will aid them to this end... no matter what the cost.
—Duty description

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft is a necropolis within where prominent figures in the Gelmorran civilization are buried. While the First Ring has become a haven for beasts, the lower Second Ring serves to hold the noble houses of Ak-Inik and Ak-Mena under the protection of their undead guardians.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft is also the resting place of King Galvanth the Dominator, who was being revived during the Seventh Umbral Era by the cult known as the Lambs of Dalamud. However, the Adventurer's interference in the ritual causes Galvanth to be revived as a Mindflayer.


Version 1.0Edit

FFXIV Tam-Tara Deepcroft

The tunnels of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

FFXIV Caretaker

A floating eye next to the Caretaker.

A large plant called the Caretaker ran its roots, collectively larger than most tree trunks in Black Shroud, through the First and Second Rings (levels) of this ancient necropolis. It, or rather the Elementals therein, watched over the slumbering dead in the numerous tombs branching off from the main tunnels. The First Ring crawled with puks, but floating eyes, wild boars, and even toads had taken up residence there since its abandonment. Miqo'te toad poachers here are either protective of their hunting ground or wary of anyone who might engage them as enemies of the Black Shroud.

A Realm RebornEdit

Tam-Tara Deepcroft Boss Room

The boss room in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft was changed dramatically in the new version. Rather than two floors of claustrophobic tunnels, the halls of the Deepcroft are now shown as dug out from the sides of an enormous cavern, with a broken ramp spiraling down to a platform below. Though the ramp itself has broken, the lower areas can be reach by traveling through the winding halls and broken walls.

Moreover, the Lambs of Dalamud have taken the Deepcroft by force, and are now using the artifacts within to disturb the dead and to attempt to bring forth a deeper horror from the Void. Adventurers are tasked with preventing them from doing so.

To sabotage the ritual, several orbs must be disabled at key points. These encounters serve as mid-bosses, with a Void Soulcounter appearing upon destroying parts of the barrier. Once all the barriers are removed, the orb descends into the chamber, where Galvanth appears as a hideous mindflayer and is fought as the boss of the dungeon.

Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)Edit

Edda & Avere

Edda and Avere.

A hard mode version of this dungeon was introduced in Patch 2.3. Edda, a former adventurer, uses the site to collect body parts and the souls of slain adventurers in an attempt to build a new body for her deceased fiancé who was slain in the very dungeon. The player character is tasked with investigating her deeds, and putting a stop to her demonic wedding ceremony.


  • Ak-Inik Varlet
  • Ak-Mena Groundsman
  • Ak-Mena Varlet
  • Carrion Beetle
  • Croftlight
  • Deepcroft Miteling
  • Fleshfly Swarm
  • Yarzon Feeder
  • Dalamud Priest (Boss)
  • Gravedigger (Boss)
  • Void Soulcounter (Boss)
  • Octavel the Unforgiving (Boss)
  • Galvanth the Dominator (Boss)
  • Inconspicuous Imp
  • Skeleton Soldier

  • Tam-Tara Miteling
  • Tam-Tara Diremite
  • Tam-Tara Banemite
  • Gargoyle Usher
  • Vodoriga Usher
  • Demonswake
  • Liavinne (Boss)
  • Best Man
  • Bridesmaid
  • Dantalion
  • Discarded Body
  • Spare Body (Boss)
  • Discarded Eye
  • Spare Will
  • Spare Lung
  • Psycheflayer
  • Flyblown Failure
  • Avere Bravearm (Boss)
  • Edda Pureheart (Boss)
  • Groom-to-be


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Musical themesEdit

"Slumber Disturbed"
Slumber Disturbed
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"Slumber Disturbed" plays in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Normal Mode) while "Dark Vows", the horrific rearranged of the same theme plays in Hard Mode. Both themes were composed by Masayoshi Soken. "Slumber Disturbed" is included in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack album.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Tam-Tara Deepcroft FFXIV
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