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Hurm.....should we add in the prices of these or not? Might make more sense to do so, but it's up to you guys on that one. It'd probably end up more crowded if that happens. Xenomic 06:58, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

"This is a list of all accessories available in Final Fantasy V. Final Fantasy V was the first game in the series to have an accessory system."

Half of theses accessories are gauntlets or armlets, and most of the rings do affect defense, magic defense or magic evade. This does not look too different from FFIV, and still quite far from FFVI's relics. Couln't this data be merged with the list of FFV armor?

Accessories and armor are equipped to a different slot on a character.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 01:17, July 31, 2015 (UTC)EDIT: Hmm yes I see what you mean. FFV has two armor slots and one "accessory" slot there not being that great a difference between them.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 01:20, July 31, 2015 (UTC)
Armour for the hands are among those arbitrarily listed as mutually exclusive with other random things like glasses; but it's part of the game's system so I would keep them separate. For every other game's accessories we do the same.
Although I understand how the accessories in this game act more like standard armour; it is still different since it enabled Red Slippers and Silver Specs get thrown into the mix. JBed (talk) 03:10, July 31, 2015 (UTC)

iOS IconsEdit

Icons link: Fenrir9 (talk) 21:01, November 19, 2015 (UTC)

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