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Finally, information!Edit

Square have finally released info on this game here. Logo is too messy to cut out just now. Most interesting thing is that the main female protagonist is called Adel. Not only does this mean a future disambig page, but could it possibly mean more? Probably not. Diablocon 14:05, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

NDS? -,- Granted, Tactics Advanced was one of the worst Final Fantasy titles ever so I'm not too worried about this being worth its weight in plastic, but I don't care for Square's exclusive multi-system approach. --TacticAngel 21:22, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

When does it come out in North America?

Start articles?Edit


Luso's sword Edit

Is it just me, or does he have a judgesword? (compare with Cid Randall, etc)


Rue (Threads of Fate)=Luso (FFT:A2)? Edit

I've noticed that the Luso character of this game looks suspiciously like Rue from the Square-made game Threads of Fate. Merely search for the game on Google and get a picture of him and compare. There are a vast number of similarities that can be drawn between the two. Anyone else care to comment on this idea? - Anonymous #13


Lovely Weather for it Edit

Anyone notice that on the world map, it looks like weather has replaced laws? *Square needs to release more infoooo*Nagyss 02:55, 23 May 2007 (UTC)


Seeqs and NuMou's new job Edit



Celes Chère menu
Celes Chère menu


The current link in the page goes to the Final Fantasy V job Cannoneer, seeing as how this job is different from the one featured in Final Fantasy V, shouldn't it link to a different page?Are You Serious 21:06, 23 August 2007 (UTC)


Celes Chère menu
It would appear. It looks like he uses a gun... Are You Serious 06:22, 2 October 2007 (UTC)
Celes Chère menu



New Character?Edit

It doesn't look like just some class unit [1] Are You Serious 12:06, 28 October 2007 (UTC)


setting Edit

"far western Ordalia" = Rozzarria?

This game better be worth it Edit


In case you haven't noticed, all the FF games tie into each other, and there are tons of "discrepancies" between them for people who believe that stories should never ever change over time. It's also worth noting that FFTA was supposed to have been a dream while the plot for FFTA2 sets it up as actually happening. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 22:22, 26 June 2008 (UTC)


Update Please Edit

The page is in need of an update, don't you think? The release date isn't even there. (*cough*And the MLaaK page*cough*). =) -Person who noticed

This is a Wiki. You can update them if you want. Bluer 01:30, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
I think I've corrected the majority of the stuff that no longer makes sense now that the game has been released. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 22:19, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Chronology issue Edit

There's a link to Laws and a link to Judges in relation to the man who created the judges and set forth the laws. Shouldn't these be linking to the pages on Laws and Judges from FFTA (and not FFTA2) since it happened then? Someone who's more familiar with the MLA than I should know this for certain. Certainly the law/judges system is important enough to have it's own hopping-off point from the top page, so it's not like this would be duplicating the links. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 21:15, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and re-point the Laws link since now one is pointing to the "past" and one is pointing to the present and I remember enough grammar that this would probably be considered an error along the lines of saying "Ladies and Men" instead of "Ladies and Gentlemen". -- Dagmar d'Surreal 21:19, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Clutter? Edit

It seems like the full list of classes and races is a big large for this page. Perhaps it should be moved off to it's own page and simply replaced with a list of the races linking to their respective pages. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 22:18, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Weapon abilities Edit

As this game has been out for a whole 3 days, I was wondering if anyone knew if abilities are still learned through weapons like in FFTA, or if its linked to job and level like FFT. --Zephyrus11 19:42, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Certain jobs learn certain abilities, from certain weapons, armor, etc. -A Hungry Soul

the missing link Edit

ffta2 is the missing link to my ramza/marche theory , also montblanc was fake in ffta right so this version of him in the ffta2 and ff12 is the real version , also in the remake of fft for the psp we see balthier and luso appear . can we count that as fact or as just extra fanservice that counts as filler


Fake? I don't think so. As with the transformation intro for seems everybody was turned into a monster, or a different race (or if you where lucky, a hume), so in theory...Montblance would be orginally a human male.--Miles Castea 04:19, 17 December 2008 (UTC)


does anyone know where i can get the music from this game without the use of bittorrents. game music rips anything if so plz leave a link

Site stylesheet Edit

People really need to stop applying stylesheets to tables in particular until the stylesheets for say, 'wikitable' have been corrected. When one is not logged in there's one palette being used, and when one is logged in, the site uses another which makes many fields completely unreadable because of the use of a nearly white background and white text. -- Dagmar d'Surreal 02:38, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

Celes Chère menu
Chibi Aerith


can anyone tell me how to make talk boxes like you all have .Im new




You also have to consider how Ritz in FFTA had access to Viera jobs. Also be aware that 5 out of the 9 playable character have access to Hume jobs, I believe that letting Penelo have access to Hume made the game better because they would have had much too many Hume character if they hadn't.

Loved the first advance game, but the sequel was random. there wasn't any force driving Luso on. It was like, a total cake walk.

Weapon ListEdit

i noticed that the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance had a list of weapons for thier game. i'm just wondering if someone could make a weapon list for Final Fantasy Tactics A2? - Cyborg009

Yes, of course. Just make sure it follow the other weapon lists. Bluer 06:40, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

I hate how; Edit


FFTA2 Edit

So i have been playing for a while and i really want a seeq or a gria, but i have NO idea how to get one! Please Help!!!


Gria And Seeq! Edit

I need help! I really want a gria and a seeq but i need to know how to get one! Can anyone tell me how???????????


Jobs + Skill + Gear Edit

I noticed someone started linking the gear that goes with the particular skill on each job page, this is tremendously helpful and something that isn't in any other guide/wiki. I formatted all of the weapons so it's easy to just paste them in, I did a bunch, but it's a ton of work to do all of them.

Broadsword : (Apprentice Weapons E - Gihket Lead, Faren Pollen)
Flame Shield : (Arms Of The Firelord B - Fire Sigil, Cursed Coin, Great Serpent's Fang)
Lotus Mace : (Arms Of The Firelord B - Fire Sigil, Mysidia Alloy, Ancient Turtle Shell)
Flame Rod : (Arms Of The Firelord C - Fire Sigil, Leestone, Wyrm Carapace)
Blaze Robe : (Arms Of The Firelord C - Fire Stone, Zincatite, Bomb Shell)
Firewheel Rod : (Arms Of The Firelord D - Fire Stone, Zinconium, Iron Carapace)
Chill Rod : (Arms Of The Icelord C - Ice Sigil, Leestone, Fine Wool)
Flurry Robe : (Arms Of The Icelord D - Ice Stone, Zincatite, Aged Linen Thread)
Sleet Rod : (Arms Of The Icelord E - Ice Stone, Zinconium, Dirty Wool )
Empyreal Armband : (Astrologer's Aid B - Low Arcana, Zodiac Ore, Star Fragments)
Stardust Rod : (Astrologer's Aid C - Tarkov Crystal, Adamantite, Star Fragments)
Battle Bamboo : (Battle Gear D - Tarkov Crystal, Cursed Coin, Quality Pelt)
Battle Boots : (Battle Gear E - Wind Stone, Dipraeu Bronze, Rat Pelt)
Templar Cloth : (Battle-Hardened Armor A - Einherjarium, Pink Tail, Aurea Pollen)
Rubber Suit : (Battle-Hardened Armor B - Mysidia Alloy, Prime Tanned Hide, Magick Fruit)
Wygar : (Battle-Hardened Armor C - Orichalcum, Pink Tail, Leucojum)
Brigandine : (Battle-Hardened Armor D - Gihket Lead, Prime Tanned Hide, Moon Bloom)
Chainmail : (Battle-Hardened Armor E - Clock Gear, Tanned Hide, Ladies' Tresses)
Cheer Staff : (Battle-Hardened Staves A - Four-Leaf Clover, Gurnat, Hero Tonic)
Bone Armlets : (Battle-Tested Bracers A - Gemsteel, Tanned Beast Hide, Blood-Darkened Bone)
Gauntlents : (Battle-Tested Bracers B - Platinum, Tanned Tyrant Hide, Wyrm Carapace)
Bracers : (Battle-Tested Bracers C - Zincatite, Quality Hide, Dragon Bone)
Arch Sword : (Battle-Tested Swords B - Tarkov Crystal, Platinum, Cod Scale)
Lohengrin : (Battle-Tested Swords C - Soul Ceffyl, Platinum, Cod Scale)
Ragnarok : (Battle-Tested Swords D - Body Ceffyl, Platinum, Zingu Pearl)
Lionheart : (Battle-Tested Swords E - Tarkov Crystal, Zinconium, Dragon Bone)
Scarab Charm : (Bauble B - Tarkov Crystal, Coeurl Pelt, Blood-Darkened Bone)
Black Hat : (Black Vestments B - Darklord Crystal, Prime Tanned Hide, Black Thread)
Black Robe : (Black Vestments C - Mind Ceffyl, Quality Pelt, Black Thread)
Dragon Mail : (Black-Stained Armor B - Adamantite, Silver Liquid, White Thread)
Carabineer Mail : (Black-Stained Armor C - Adamant Alloy, Malboro Wine, Superior Silk Thread)
Platemail : (Black-Stained Armor D - Dipraeu Bronze, Green Liquid, Silk Thread)
Ruby Earring : (Blood-Red Gem C - Body Ceffyl, Zodiac Ore, Pink Tail)
Bronze Armor : (Bronze Armor E - Gihket Lead, Cactucs Fruit)
Lordly Robe : (Bulky Robes A - High Arcana, Pink Tail, Rainbow Thread)
Luminous Robe : (Bulky Robes B - Storm Sigil, Prime Pelt, Rainbow Thread)
Chameleon Robe : (Bulky Robes D - Earth Stone, Coeurl Pelt, Soft Cotton)
Silken Robe : (Bulky Robes E - Tarkov Crystal, Rabbit Pelt, Silk Thread)
Samson Sword : (Colossal Sword E - Cruzle Brass, Chocobo Skin, Nepenthis)
Nirvana : (Cracked Staves A - Lightwing Crystal, Mahbeny, Crusader Tonic)
Pomegranate Staff : (Cracked Staves B - Fire Sigil, Pagoda Wood, Fiend's Blood)
Serpent Staff : (Cracked Staves C - Mind Ceffyl, Divariwood, Strange Liquid)
Materia Blade : (Crystal Gear A - Mythril, Hero Tonic, Demon Feather)
Materia Armor : (Crystal Gear B - Mysidia Alloy, Crusader Tonic, Windslicer Pinion)
Ensanguined Shield : (Cursed Armor A - Blood-Darkened Bone, Fiend's Blood, Demon Feather)
Reaper's Robe : (Cursed Armor B - Skull, Fiend's Blood, Demon Feather)
Joker : (Dog-Eared Cards A - Cockatrice Skin, Aurea Pollen, Fiend's Blood)
Two Of Clubs : (Dog-Eared Cards B - Cockatrice Skin, Screamroot, Strage Liquid)
Six Of Diamonds : (Dog-Eared Cards B - Tanned Beast Hide, Malboro Flower, Putrid Liquid)
Jack Of Diamonds : (Dog-Eared Cards C - Cockatrice Skin, Magick Fruit, Yellow Liquid)
Ace Of Spaces : (Dog-Eared Cards C - Pink Tail, Onion, Unpurified Ether)
Queen Of Clubs : (Dog-Eared Cards C - Prime Pelt, Hedychium, Silver Liquid)
King Of Hearts : (Dog-Eared Cards C - Prime Tanned Hide, Malboro Flower, Clear Sap)
Eight Of Hearts : (Dog-Eared Cards D - Giant's Tanned Hide, Onion, Silver Liquid)
Four Of Spades : (Dog-Eared Cards E - Rat Tail, Recall Grass, Yellow Liquid)
Genji Armor : (Exotic Armor A - Prime Tanned Hide, Beastlord Horn, Kuraisle Boxwood)
Genji Shield : (Exotic Armor B - Tanned Beast Hide, Ancient Turtle Shell, Wyrmtwig)
Genji Helm : (Exotic Armor C - Tanned Beast Hide, Coral Fragments, Godwood)
Genji Gloves : (Exotic Armor C - Tyrant Hide, Aged Turtle Shell, Wyrmtwig)
Tiara : (Faded Caps B - Storm Sigil, Quality Pelt, Rainbow Thread)
Wizard's Hat : (Faded Caps C - Soul Ceffyl, Tanned Tyrant Hide, Windslicer Pinion)
Wizard's Hat : (Faded Caps D - Soul Ceffyl, Tanned Hide, Velvet)
Circlet : (Faded Caps E - Fire Stone, Rabbit Pelt, Wool)
Faerie Shoes : (Faerie Set A - Star Fragments, Stradivari, Faerie Wing)
Faerie Harp : (Faerie Set B - Alraune Drill, Mahbeny, Faerie Wing)
Galmia Shoes : (Feathered Boots A - Windgod Crystal, Prime Tanned Hide, Windslicer Pinion)
Winged Boots : (Feathered Boots C - Windgod Crystal, Rabbit Tail, Bat Wing)
Femme Fatale : (Fencing Foils A - Firebird Crystal, Bundle Of Needles, Kuraisle Boxwood)
Madu : (Fencing Foils B - Snowcat Crystal, Moon Ring, Mahbeny)
Gupti Aga : (Fencing Foils C - Body Ceffyl, Einherjarium, Kempas)
Flamberge : (Fencing Foils D - Ice Stone, Sanative Needle, Moonwood)
Estoc : (Fencing Foils E - Earth Stone, Sanative Needle, Birch)
Rising Sun : (Flash Of Dawn D - Fire Stone, Adamant Alloy, Bomb Shell)
Sun Blade : (Flash Of Dawn E - Soul Ceffyl, Cruzle Brass, Bomb Shell)
Tournesol : (Flower Of Sun A - High Arcana, Scarletite, Emperor Scale)
Rocket Punch : (Forgotten Firearms A - Bundle Of Needles, Ancient Turtle Shell, Strange Liquid)
Guang Cannon : (Forgotten Firearms B - Clock Gear, Giant Serpent's Fang, Fiend's Blood)
Dromaeo : (Forgotten Firearms B - Clock Gear, Skull, Putrid Liquid)
Brevis : (Forgotten Firearms C - Clock Gear, Aged Turtle Shell, Fiend's Blood)
Massive Bazooka : (Forgotten Firearms C - Clock Gear, Coral Fragments, Sweet Sap)
Ligatur : (Forgotten Firearms D - Clock Gear, Battlewyrm Carapace, Yellow Liquid)
Diklum : (Forgotten Firearms D - Clock Gear, Dragon Bone, Bitter Sap)
Supernal Ray : (Forgotten Firearms D - Clock Gear, Sturdy Bone, Foul Liquid)
Omnis Cannon : (Forgotten Firearms E - Clock Gear, Iron Carapace, Cloudy Sap)
Mandragora : (Formidable Flora A - Mysidia Alloy, Screamroot, Clear Sap)
Onion Sword : (Formidable Flora C - Gesmteel, Onion, Crusader Tonic)
Diamond Armor : (Gift Of Stone C - Dipraeu Bronze, Battlewyrm Carapace, Sweet Sap)
Diamond Helm : (Gift Of Stone D - Adamant Alloy, Zingu Pearl, Bitter Sap)
Diamond Sword : (Gift Of Stone E - Zinconium, Pointed Horn, Bitter Sap)
Golden Skullcap : (Gilt Accessories B - Mind Ceffyl, Moon Ring, Goldcap)
Golden Amulet : (Gilt Accessories C - Low Arcana, Crusite Alloy, Hedychium Pollen)
Gold Hairpin : (Gilt Accessories D - Tarkov Crystal, Crusite Alloy, Pearl Moss)
Golden Axe : (Gilt Armor B - Gemsteel, Prime Tanned Hide, Goldcap)
Golden Armor : (Gilt Armor D - Dipraeu Bronze, Tyrant Hide, Tomato Stalk)
Perseus Bow : (Grab Bag B - Gemsteel, Quince, Spider Silk)
Satyr Flute : (Grab Bag C - Damascus, Rose Branch, Bat Wing)
Fanatic Pole : (Grab Bag C - Damascus, Wyrmtwig, Windslicer Pinion)
Oblige : (Grab Bag D - Dipraeu Bronze, Cottonflue, Superior Silk Thread)
Kwigon Blade : (Grab Bag D - Platinum, Birch, Aged Linen Thread)
Tonfa : (Grab Bag E - Cruzle Brass, Agathis, Ahriman Wing)
Conch Shell : (Grab Bag E - Zincatite, Cottonflue, Soft Cotton)
Seventh Heaven : (Greatbows A - Lightwing Crystal, Kuraisle Boxwood, Windslicer Pinion)
Marduk : (Greatbows C - Wind Sigil, Pagoda Wood, Bat Wing)
Hunting Bow : (Greatbows D - Water Sigil, Agathis, Silk Thread)
Elfin Bow : (Greatbows D - Wind Sigil, Kuraisle Boxwood, Faerie Wing)
Cranequin : (Greatbows E - Wind Stone, Danbukwood, Ahriman Wing)
Master Sword : (Greatswords A - Scarletite, Beastlord Horn, Godwood)
Vigilante : (Greatswords B - Orichalcum, Emperor Scale, Kuraisle Boxwood)
Zweihander : (Greatswords C - Zodiac Ore, Skull, Quality Lumber)
Ogrenix : (Greatswords C - Zodiac Ore, Zingu Pearl, Pagoda Wood)
Dagriohm : (Greatswords D - Gihket Lead, Iron Carapace, Mape Wood)
Ancient Sword : (Greatswords D - Sanative Needle, Pointed Horn, Spruce)
Baron : (Greatswords E - Cruzle Brass, Animal Bone, Waltwood)
Xankbras : (Greatswords E - Xergis Tin, Insect Husk, Birch)
Gleisburst : (Grime-Stained Gloves A - Waterwyrd Crystal, Gold Chalice, Tanned Beast Hide)
Magick Hands : (Grime-Stained Gloves B - Stormsoul Crystal, Bundle Of Needles, Cockatrice Skin)
Kaiser Knuckles : (Grime-Stained Gloves C - Storm Stone, Adamant Alloy, Giant's Tanned Hide)
Poison Knuckles : (Grime-Stained Gloves D - Dark Stone, Xergis Tin, Bat Tail)
Metal Knuckles : (Grime-Stained Gloves E - Earth Stone, Zinconium, Wolf Pelt)
Barette : (Hair Adornments B - Alraune Drill, Kalos, Gurnat)
Cachusha : (Hair Adornments C - Coral Fragments, Four-Leaf Clover, Pagoda Wood)
Zeus Mace : (Hallowed Arms A - Lightwing Crystal, Godwood, Hero Tonic)
Life Crosier : (Hallowed Arms C - Waterwyrd Crystal, Rose Branch, Unpurified Ether)
Cleansing Staff : (Hallowed Arms D - Holy Stone, Waltwood, Crusader Tonic)
Healing Staff : (Hallowed Arms D - Holy Stone, Waltwood, Healing Water)
Max's Oathbow : (Heavy Bows A - Mysidia Alloy, Blood-Darkened Bone, Wyrmtwig)
Gastrophetes : (Heavy Bows B - Zincatite, Alraune Drill, Quality Lumber)
Master Bow : (Heavy Bows C - Zodiac Ore, Gimble Stalk, Kuraisle Boxwood)
Twin Bow : (Heavy Bows D - Damascus, Sturdy Bone, Danbukwood)
Scorpion Tail : (Heavy Maces A - Wind Sigil, Crusite Alloy, Aurea Pollen)
Morning Star : (Heavy Maces B - Windgod Crystal, Mysidia Alloy, Kalos)
Druid Mace : (Heavy Maces C - Fire Stone, Zinconium, Whisperweed)
Energy Mace : (Heavy Maces D - Dark Stone, Zinconium, Succulent Fruit)
Estrella : (Heavy Swords A - Waterwyrd Crystal, Scarletite, Prime Pelt)
Rhomphaia : (Heavy Swords B - High Arcana, Adamantite, Tanned Beast Hide)
Beastsword : (Heavy Swords C - Earth Sigil, Zodiac Ore, Giant's Tanned Hide)
Claymore : (Heavy Swords C - Tarkov Crystal, Adamantite, Tanned Tyrant Hide)
El-Cid : (Heavy Swords D - Water Stone, Zodiac Ore, Coeurl Pelt)
Stribog : (Heavy Swords D - Wind Stone, Zodiac Ore, Tanned Hide)
Predator : (Heavy Swords E - Earth Stone, Gihket Lead, Wolf Pelt)
Falchion : (Heavy Swords E - Wind Stone, Zinconium, Rat Pelt)
Brilliant Theorbo : (Hurdy's Request (Quest-Related) B - Spiral Vine, Strawood)
Frigid Viol : (Ill-Tuned Instruments B - Einherjarium, Star Fragments, Kempas)
Glass Bell : (Ill-Tuned Instruments D - Cruzle Brass, Skull, Moonwood)
War Trumpet : (Ill-Tuned Instruments D - Trusty Frying Pan, Aged Turtle Shell, Mape Wood)
Demon Bell : (Ill-Tuned Instruments E - Gihket Lead, Skull, Danbukwood)
Iron Armor : (Iron Armor D - Trusty Frying Pan, Zingu Pearl Shell)
Iron Helm : (Iron Armor E - Trusty Frying Pan, Turtle Shell)
Ebon Blade : (Lethal Blades B - Darklord Crystal, Crusite Alloy, Vampyr Fang)
Paraiba Blade : (Lethal Blades C - Storm Stone, Zodiac Ore, Lamia Scale)
Pearl Blade : (Lethal Blades D - Water Stone, Cruzle Brass, Zingu Pearl Shell)
Ogun Blade : (Lethal Blades D - Water Stone, Xergis Tin, Gimble Stalk)
Sweep Blade : (Lethal Blades E - Wind Stone, Gihket Lead, Animal Bone)
Tonberrian : (Light Blades A - Scarletite, Wyvern Fang, Putrid Liquid)
Orichalcum Dirk : (Light Blades C - Orichalcum, Alraune Drill, Bitter Sap)
Khukuri : (Light Blades D - Damascus, Bomb Shell, Foul Liquid)
Rondel : (Light Blades E - Xergis Tin, Insect Husk, Malboro Vine)
Nike Bow : (Maelstrom's Might C - Storm Stone, Spiral Vine, Divariwood)
Judicer's Staff : (Maelstrom's Might E - Storm Stone, Recall Grass, Waltwood)
Magick Robe : (Magicked Protectives B - Darklord Crystal, Magick Fruit, Bat Wing)
Magick Ring : (Magicked Protectives C - Mind Ceffyl, Four-Leaf Clover, Small Feather)
Magus Robe : (Magicked Protectives E - Tarkov Crystal, Tiny Mushrooms, Soft Cotton)
Malbow : (Malodorous Bow A - Malboro Vine, Godwood, Malboro Wine)
Minerva Bustier : (Mark Of The Goddess B - High Arcana, Dipraeu Bronze, Spiral Vine)
Artemis Bow : (Mark Of The Goddess C - Mind Ceffyl, Gemsteel, Moon Bloom)
Save The Queen : (Mark Of The Goddess D - Holy Stone, Mysidia Alloy, Pearl Moss)
Mirage Vest : (Mirrored Gear B - Mind Ceffyl, Gemsteel, Rainbow Thread)
Mirror Mail : (Mirrored Gear C - Storm Sigil, Platinum, Windslicer Pinion)
Épée-Prisme : (Mirrored Gear D - Storm Sigil, Zincatite, Faerie Wing)
Edaroya Scriptures : (Moldy Tomes A - Screamroot, Stradivari, Putrid Liquid)
Tome Of Ending : (Moldy Tomes B - Kalos, Quince, Strange Liquid)
Veil Of Wiyu : (Moldy Tomes C - Hedychium Pollen, Kempas, Yellow Liquid)
Enavia Chronicles : (Moldy Tomes C - Tiny Mushrooms, Kempas, Strange Liquid)
Urutan Annals : (Moldy Tomes D - Ladies' Tresses, Quality Lumber, Foul Liquid)
The Arnath Glyphs : (Moldy Tomes D - Marriom Heather, Quality Lumber, Malboro Wine)
Battle Folio : (Moldy Tomes E - Silk Bloom, Cottonflue, Foul Liquid)
Mage Manual : (Moldy Tomes E - Succulent Fruit, Waltwood, Foul Liquid)
Angel Ring : (Mystic Arms A - Lightwing Crystal, Mythril, Wyrmtwig)
Staff Of Blessings : (Mystic Arms C - Soul Ceffyl, Platinum, Divariwood)
Heretic Rod : (Night's Embrace A - Darklord Crystal, Mythril, Vampyr Fang)
Death Claws : (Night's Embrace B - Darklord Crystal, Adamantite, Vampyr Fang)
Bone Plate : (Night's Embrace C - Dark Stone, Crusite Alloy, Blood-Darkened Bone)
Black Quena : (Night's Embrace D - Dark Stone, Zincatite, Skull)
Apocalypse : (Night's Embrace E - Dark Stone, Zinconium, Skull)
Joyeuse : (Ornamented Blades C - Trusty Frying Pan, Zingu Pearl, Aqua Galac)
Fleuret : (Ornamented Blades D - Sanative Needle, Molting, Fresh Water)
Stinger : (Ornamented Blades E - Sanative Needle, Lamia Scale, Fresh Water)
Crescent Bow : (Ornamented Bows A - Beastlord Horn, Aurea Pollen, Mahbeny)
Yoichi Bow : (Ornamented Bows B - Aged Turtle Shell, Spiral Vine, Quince)
Target Bow : (Ornamented Bows B - Great Serpent's Fang, Suspect Mushroom, Kuraisle Boxwood)
Nail Bow : (Ornamented Bows C - Spiral Incisor, Malboro Vine, Gurnat)
Thorn Bow : (Ornamented Bows D - Sturdy Bone, Spiral Vine, Kempas)
Char Bow : (Ornamented Bows E - Animal Bone, Sturdy Vine, Red Geeps)
Longbow : (Ornamented Bows E - Molting, Sturdy Vine, Mape Wood)
Dragon Whisper : (Ornamented Spears A - Einherjarium, Wyvern Fang, Wyvern Wing)
Trident : (Ornamented Spears B - Moon Ring, Cod Scale, Wyvern Wing)
Kain's Lance : (Ornamented Spears C - Crusite Alloy, Vampyr Fang, Black Thread)
Partisan : (Ornamented Spears D - Dipraeu Bronze, Wyrm Carapace, Velvet)
Javelin : (Ornamented Spears E - Xergis Tin, Animal Bone, Wool)
Orb Of Minwu : (Ounce Of Prevention B - Low Arcana, Crusader Tonic, Rainbow Thread)
Judicer's Coat : (Power Within A - Stormsoul Crystal, Platinum, Prime Pelt)
Colichemarde : (Power Within C - Mind Ceffyl, Damascus, Tanned Tyrand Hide)
The Fallen Angel : (Pride Of The Templar A - Lightwing Crystal, Mythril, Hero Tonic)
Excalibur : (Pride Of The Templar C - High Arcana, Mysidia Alloy, Crusader Tonic)
Tiger Fangs : (Pugilist's Gear B - Adamantite, Tanned Beast Hide, Goldcap)
Power Sash : (Pugilist's Gear C - Mysidia Alloy, Giant's Tanned Hide, Onion)
Jujitsu Gi : (Pugilist's Gear D - Damascus, Prime Pelt, Pearl Moss)
Headband : (Pugilist's Gear E - Trusty Frying Pan, Rabbit Tail, Power Fruit)
White Fangs Knuckles : (Rimebound Gear B - Ice Stone, Mythril, Blood-Darkened Bone)
Ice Shield : (Rimebound Gear C - Ice Stone, Zodiac Ore, Vampyr Fang)
Icebrand : (Rimebound Gear D - Ice Stone, Adamant Alloy, Molting)
Ice Lance : (Rimebound Gear E - Ice Stone, Sanative Needle, Fury Fragments)
Gaius Caligae : (Roadworn Boots A - Stormsoul Crystal, Tanned Beast Hide, Demon Feather)
Germinas Boots : (Roadworn Boots B - Earthwyrm Crystal, Tyrant Hide, Spider Silk)
Sprint Shoes : (Roadworn Boots C - Wind Sigil, Rabbit Tail, Superior Silk Thread)
Spiked Boots : (Roadworn Boots D - Fire Stone, Wolf Pelt, Fine Wool)
Peacemaker : (Rust-Stained Guns B - Earth Sigil, Moon Ring, Silver Liquid)
Chaos Rifle : (Rust-Stained Guns B - Earth Stone, Gun Gear, Silver Liquid)
Longbarrel : (Rust-Stained Guns B - Fire Sigil, Moon Ring, Strange Liquid)
Outsider : (Rust-Stained Guns B - Ice Sigil, Moon Ring, Clear Sap)
Giot Gun : (Rust-Stained Guns C - Ice Sigil, Gun Gear, Foul Liquid)
Riot Gun : (Rust-Stained Guns D - Storm Stone, Clock Gear, Green Liquid)
Lost Gun : (Rust-Stained Guns D - Wind Stone, Gun Gear, Yellow Liquid)
Aiot Gun : (Rust-Stained Guns E - Wind Stone, Sanative Needle, Cloudy Sap)
Giant's Helmet : (Rust-Stained Helms B - Crusite Alloy, Beastlord Horn, Foul Liquid)
Hanya Mask : (Rust-Stained Helms B - Crusite Alloy, Blood-Darkened Bone, Strange Liquid)
Close Helmet : (Rust-Stained Helms D - Adamant Alloy, Bone Chips, Malboro Vine)
Barbut : (Rust-Stained Helms E - Adamant Alloy, Crooked Fang, Green Liquid)
Zanmato : (Sacred Arms A - Lightwing Crystal, Bundle Of Needles, Aqua Galac)
Heal Chime : (Sacred Arms B - Holy Stone, Gold Chalice, Sweet Sap)
Ama-No-Murakumo : (Sacred Arms B - Lightwing Crystal, Gemsteel, Strange Liquid)
Godhand : (Sacred Arms C - Holy Stone, Adamantite, Unpurified Ether)
Vitanova Sword : (Sacred Arms C - Holy Stone, Crusite Alloy, Clear Sap)
Sage's Robe : (Sage's Bequest A - High Arcana, Gold Chalice, Stradivari)
Staff Of The Magi : (Sage's Bequest B - High Arcana, Gold Chalice, Godwood)
Sage Crosier : (Sage's Bequest C - Holy Stone, Leestone, Rose Branch)
Templar Shield : (Seal Of The Templar B - Holy Stone, Mythril, Star Fragments)
Maximilian : (Seal Of The Templar C - Low Arcana, Dipraeu Bronze, Wyrm Carapace)
Rangetsu-Denbu : (Sharp-Edged Katana A - Low Arcana, Gun Gear, Screamroot)
Adazakura : (Sharp-Edged Katana B - Earth Sigil, Moon Ring, Kalos)
Sumihomura : (Sharp-Edged Katana B - Fire Sigil, Crusite Alloy, Goldcap)
Kotetsu : (Sharp-Edged Katana C - Body Ceffyl, Moon Ring, Goldcap)
Kiku-Ichimonji : (Sharp-Edged Katana C - Earth Sigil, Einherjarium, Hedychium Pollen)
Nosada : (Sharp-Edged Katana C - Wind Sigil, Adamantite, Spiral Vine)
Ashura : (Sharp-Edged Katana D - Fire Stone, Xergis Tin, Suspect Mushroom)
Osafune : (Sharp-Edged Katana D - Water Sigil, Zincatite, Leucojum)
Kunai : (Sharp-Edged Katana E - Earth Stone, Xergis Tin, Prima Petal)
Cat Claws : (Shattered Claws B - Mythril, Quality Hide, Sweet Sap)
Dream Claws : (Shattered Claws D - Zincatite, Giant's Tanned Hide, Cloudy Sap)
Crown Scepter : (Sign Of The Guardian B - Body Ceffyl, Damascus, Beastlord Horn)
Fortune Ring : (Sign Of The Guardian C - Body Ceffyl, Dipraeu Bronze, Battlewyrm Carapace)
Defender : (Sign Of The Guardian D - Wind Stone, Zinconium, Fury Fragments)
Armguards : (Sign Of The Guardian E - Tarkov Crystal, Zinconium, Turtle Shell)
Staff Of Protection : (Sign Of The Guardian E - Water Stone, Cruzle Brass, Coral Fragments)
Samite Coat : (Silver Death B - Mind Ceffyl, Crusite Alloy, Alraune Drill)
Silver Cannon : (Silver Death C - Dark Stone, Clock Gear, Zingu Pearl Shell)
Silver Rapier : (Silver Death C - Holy Stone, Trusty Frying Pan, Mirror Scale)
Silver Bow : (Silver Death D - Wind Stone, Zincatite, Wyrm Carapace)
Silver Sword : (Silver Death E - Ice Sigil, Platinum, Insect Husk)
Platinum Armor : (Silver-Sheened Armor B - Platinum, Hedychium, Yellow Liquid)
Platinum Shield : (Silver-Sheened Armor C - Platinum, Leucojum, Silver Liquid)
Platinum Helm : (Silver-Sheened Armor D - Platinum, Peppergrass, Green Liquid)
Jambiya : (Smallswords B - Cruiste Alloy, Spiral Incisor, Four-Leaf Clover)
Cinquedea : (Smallswords C - Damascus, Spiral Incisor, Kalos)
Zwillblade : (Smallswords C - Zincatite, Blood-Darkened Bone, Hedychium Pollen)
Kris : (Smallswords D - Gihket Lead, Sturdy Bone, Tomato Stalk)
Kard : (Smallswords E - Gihket Lead, Animal Bone, Cactus Fruit)
Scramasax : (Smallswords E - Xergis Tin, Pointed Horn, Ball Moss)
Mjolnir : (Solid Hammers B - Scarletite, Quince, Unpurified Ether)
Sledgehammer : (Solid Hammers C - Cursed Coin, Gurnat, Yellow Liquid)
War Hammer : (Solid Hammers D - Cruzle Brass, Cottonflue, Cloudy Sap)
Iron Hammers : (Solid Hammers E - Xergis Tin, Spruce, Fresh Water)
Reverie Shield : (Soot-Stained Shields A - Scarletite, Tyrand Hide, Wyvern Fang)
Shield Of The Four : (Soot-Stained Shields B - Adamantite, Pink Tail, Ancient Turtle Shell)
Chocobo Shield : (Soot-Stained Shields C - Damascus, Chocobo Skin, Alraune Drill)
Aegis Shield : (Soot-Stained Shields D - Gemsteel, Tanned Tyrand Hide, Spiral Incisor)
Round Shield : (Soot-Stained Shields E - Cruzle Brass, Quality Pelt, Lamia Scale)
Ninja Tabi : (Stealth Set B - Prime Tanned Hide, Wyvern Fang, Demon Feather)
Brigand's Gloves : (Stealth Set B - Rabbit Tail, Battlewyrm Carapace, Windslicer Pinion)
Black Garb : (Stealth Set C - Quality Hide, Emperor Scale, Giant Feather)
Ninja Gear : (Stealth Set C - Rabbit Tail, Emperor Scale, Faerie Wing)
Shadow Blade : (Stealth Set E - Bat Tail, Molting, Large Feather)
Soulsaber : (Steel Of The Living Flame A - Firebird Crystal, Moon Ring, Vampyr Fang)
Lava Spear : (Steel Of The Living Flame D - Fire Stone, Cruzle Brass, Animal Bone)
Flametongue : (Steel Of The Living Flame D - Fire Stone, Cruzle Brass, Zingu Pearl)
Scarlet Rapier : (Steel Of The Living Flame E - Soul Ceffyl, Sanative Needle, Bomb Shell)
Venus Blade : (Steel Of The Living Flame E - Soul Ceffyl, Xergis Tin, Bomb Shell)
Thor Rod : (Storm-Forged Armaments B - Storm Sigil, Leestone, Kalos)
Thunder Robe : (Storm-Forged Armaments C - Storm Stone, Leestone, Silk Bloom)
Thunder Rod : (Storm-Forged Armaments D - Storm Stone, Zinconium, Sturdy Vine)
Arbalest : (Strength Of Earth B - Earth Sigil, Gurnat, Wyvern Wing)
Gaia Gear : (Strength Of Earth C - Earth Sigil, Rose Branch, Fine Wool)
Terre Rod : (Strength Of Earth D - Earth Stone, Agathis, Spider Silk)
Huntsman's Bow : (Strength Of Earth E - Earth Stone, Spruce, Aged Linen Thread)
Talwar Saber : (Sundry Sabers A - Earth Sigil, Adamantite, Aurea Pollen)
Manganese Saber : (Sundry Sabers B - Ice Sigil, Gemsteel, Four-Leaf Clover)
Harpe Saber : (Sundry Sabers C - Water Sigil, Gemsteel, Suspect Mushroom)
Shamshir : (Sundry Sabers D - Earth Stone, Dipraeu Bronze, Hedychium)
Survivor : (Survival Set B - Bundle Of Needles, Prime Pelt, Tomato Stalk)
Survival Vest : (Survival Set C - Gun Gear, Tiger Hide, Power Fruit)
Green Beret : (Survival Set D - Cursed Coin, Tiger Hide, Malboro Vine)
Jackknife : (Survival Set E - Gihket Lead, Snake Skin, Tiny Mushrooms)
Luabreaker : (Swords Of Destruction C - Gemsteel, Mirror Scale, Red Geeps)
Swordbreaker : (Swords Of Destruction D - Adamant Alloy, Sturdy Bone, Moonwood)
Hardedge : (Swords Of Destruction E - Zodiac Ore, Great Serpent's Fang, Danbukwood)
Diabolique : (Tempting Fate A - Darklord Crystal, Gold Chalice, Vampyr Fang)
Blood Sword : (Tempting Fate C - Dark Stone, Cursed Coin, Spiral Incisor)
Hades Bow : (Tempting Fate D - Dark Stone, Clock Gear, Blood-Darkened Bone)
Spring Staff : (The Drowned C - Water Sigil, Moon Ring, Healing Water)
Aqua Saber : (The Drowned D - Water Stone, Dipraeu Bronze, Healing Water)
Murasame : (The Drowned E - Water Stone, Xergis Tin, Healing Water)
Ever Robe : (Threadbare Clothes A - Lightwing Crystal, Prime Tanned Hide, Wyvern Wing)
Vajra : (Thunder's Cry C - Storm Sigil, Zodiac Ore, Hedychium)
Gae Bolg : (Thunder's Cry D - Storm Stone, Cruzle Brass, Telaq Flower)
Atomos Blade : (Thunder's Cry E - Soul Ceffyl, Gihket Lead, Faren Pollen)
Bomb Arm : (Time-Tested Rods A - Fire Sigil, Moon Ring, Magick Fruit)
Lilith Rod : (Time-Tested Rods B - Mind Ceffyl, Mysidia Alloy, Magick Fruit)
Force Rod : (Time-Tested Rods D - Body Ceffyl, Leestone, Marriom Heather)
Galmia Frock : (Trendy Clothes A - Prime Pelt, Emperor Scale, Putrid Liquid)
Brint Frock : (Trendy Clothes A - Prime Tanned Hide, Emperor Scale, Putrid Liquid)
Blueleaf Flute : (Turquoise Trappings B - Water Sigil, Mysidia Alloy, Unpurified Ether)
Blue Saber : (Turquoise Trappings E - Water Stone, Trusty Frying Pan, Fresh Water)
Ivory Pole : (Uncommon Poles B - Ice Sigil, Mythril, Agathis)
Eight-Fluted Pole : (Uncommon Poles B - Storm Sigil, Gold Chalice, Red Geeps)
Gokuu Pole : (Uncommon Poles C - Body Ceffyl, Leestone, Quality Lumber)
Esztam Baton : (Uncommon Poles C - Mind Ceffyl, Leestone, Divariwood)
Iron Pole : (Uncommon Poles D - Earth Sigil, Leestone, Waltwood)
Zephyr Pole : (Uncommon Poles D - Wind Sigil, Zincatite, Mape Wood)
Cypress Pole : (Uncommon Poles E - Soul Ceffyl, Leestone, Spruce)
Sanjiegun : (Uncommon Poles E - Storm Stone, Leestone, Pagoda Wood)
Restorer : (Uncommon Swords B - Holy Stone, Orichalcum, Wyrm Carapace)
Burglar Sword : (Uncommon Swords D - Earth Stone, Xergis Tin, Dragon Bone)
Buster Sword : (Uncommon Swords E - Earth Stone, Xergis Tin, Crooked Fang)
Adamant Armor : (Unyielding Strength A - Earthwyrm Crystal, Adamantite, Pink Tail)
Adamant Blade : (Unyielding Strength B - Body Ceffyl, Adamantite, Cockatrice Skin)
Adamant Vest : (Unyielding Strength D - Earth Stone, Adamant Alloy, Rat Tail)
Ayvuir Red : (Vermillion Vestments A - Firebird Crystal, Orichalcum, Spider Silk)
Red Robe : (Vermillion Vestments B - Fire Stone, Einherjarium, Rainbow Thread)
Red Shoes : (Vermillion Vestments C - Wind Sigil, Cursed Coin, Large Feather)
Windsong : (Voice Of The Wind A - Windgod Crystal, Mysidia Alloy, Wyvern Wing)
Gale Sword : (Voice Of The Wind C - Wind Sigil, Damascus, Bat Wing)
Djinn Flyssa : (Voice Of The Wind D - Wind Stone, Cursed Coin, Ahriman Wing)
Air Blade : (Voice Of The Wind D - Wind Stone, Dipraeau Bronze, Giant Feather)
Windslash Bow : (Voice Of The Wind E - Wind Stone, Cruzle Brass, Small Feather)
Greataxe : (Whetted Axes B - Gemsteel, Cockatrice Skin, Gimble Stalk)
Francisca : (Whetted Axes B - Leestone, Rabbit Pelt, Spiral Incisor)
Hammerhead : (Whetted Axes C - Adamant Alloy, Coeurl Pelt, Great Serpent's Fang)
Slasher : (Whetted Axes C - Adamant Alloy, Tiger Hide, Battlewyrm Carapace)
Broadaxe : (Whetted Axes D - Gihket Lead, Rat Pelt, Mirror Scale)
Last Letter Rapier : (White Vestments A - Snowcat Crystal, Wyvern Fang, Wyvern Wing)
White Hat : (White Vestments B - Lightwing Crystal, Star Fragments, White Thread)
White Robe :: (White Vestments C - Mind Ceffyl, Zingu Pearl, White Thread)
Masamune :: (Work Of The Master B - Moon Ring, Clear Sap, Spider Silk)

Side story Edit

I was over on the Sorbet page, and it mentioned an A2 side story. What is the deal with this???Exdeath64 22:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)


The wiki has, as far as I can see, zero in the way of organised info on the game's quests. If anyone else agrees with me that this should be remedied, you may want to take a quick look at my Sandbox -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 02:33, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

Tiny ringabel

We're missing something BIG here!!!Edit

Burning Griever
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Saethori (T / C) 07:58, January 6, 2010 (UTC)
Believe in the future, and persist in the present, that's what I'll do!
Eh? Isn't that the first section?
Burning Griever
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Saethori (T / C) 03:31, January 7, 2010 (UTC)
Believe in the future, and persist in the present, that's what I'll do!
But... you suggested there wasn't one...

I'm not very good at reading between the lines...

Smash Gauge? Edit

I'm curious, does anyone know how the smash gauge works or if it is good for anything besides letting you use a summon? The game doesn't seem to want to say anything on the subject, and I was hoping the wiki would be able to answer a question or two, but we barely seem to acknowledge the smash gauge's existence here...Thanks in advance for any info!Gendreavus 05:38, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

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