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When it's staggered, its not immune to Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Daze, Curse, Fog, Slow and Death. Using that Death trick, Fang stacks them all at the guy. BLUER一番 09:42, May 27, 2010 (UTC)
Actually, you don't even have to wait until it is staggered. It's vulnerable to all those ailments when both legs are disabled. Jeppo (Talk | contribs) 11:14, May 27, 2010 (UTC)
Oh, i see now. that wasn't clear for me somehow. Thanks. A.X.A 12:22, May 27, 2010 (UTC)
That's right. Tho, pretty much lots of monsters lost their immunity, or have their properties changed, when staggered. BLUER一番 12:42, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

With regards with how to signify the change with the template, I like to type its elemental and status characteristics under normal circumstances, and use the foot template*(like this) for characteristics when the enemy is staggered or other circumstances, such as both forelegs being disabled, like Thermadon for example. Jeppo (Talk | contribs) 14:32, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

Poison!? Edit

I've fought these things, scanned with with Libra, and still or not, they cannot be poisoned. Or is there something I'm missing? --BGMaxie 18:21, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

You'll have to have it fall down for it to be susceptible to statuses.Keltainentoukokuu 22:27, May 5, 2012 (UTC)
I now that, but I check on them after they fall and it still says they are resistant to poison. --BGMaxie 22:18, May 12, 2012 (UTC)
It's always immune to poison. The gained vulnerabilities are Deprotect, Deshell, Slow, Imperil and Daze, and it can always be hit with Curse, Dispel and Death. -- Some Color Mage ~ (Talk) 23:18, May 12, 2012 (UTC)