Talcott Hester is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV. He is the grandson of Jared Hester, the Amicitia family butler.



Talcott has brown hair and wears a red tartan-pattern shirt and tan shorts. Ten years later, Talcott is a young adult. His hair is longer and he has a muscular build. He wears a hunter's outfit and a Hammerhead cap. Talcott wears black gloves and he uses a long knife to defend himself from daemon.


Talcott is close to his grandfather. He is young and excitable, and has faith Prince Noctis will repel the empire. Idolizing the prince, Talcott is happy to get a chance to help him by divulging what he knows of a Royal Arm being hidden behind a waterfall.


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When Insomnia was attacked by Niflheim, the Amicitia family butler, Jared Hester, took Iris Amicitia and his grandson Talcott away from the city. They fled to Lestallum where they stay at the Leville hotel. Prince Noctis's party comes to visit them, and Talcott is excited to meet him. Noctis is on a quest to collect the legendary weapons of his forebears and Talcott is happy to tell the legend of a Royal Arm being hidden in a cave behind a waterfall nearby. When Noctis begins to suffer from sudden bouts of headaches, Talcott is worried for him.

While Noctis is away, imperials come question Jared, who is killed when he refuses to co-operate. Talcott is traumatized by the event, and Iris becomes his caretaker. She decides they can't stay in town anymore, and they make their way to the rural seaside outpost of Cape Caem where they make home in an abandoned house. Talcott is happy to help Noctis again when he comes visit them, saying his grandfather knew many things, and the mythril Noctis is seeking could be found somewhere near Vesperpool. He also reveals his passion for cactuars.

Monica Elshett accompanies Talcott to the hideaway alongside Dustin Ackers, and remains there to protect him and Iris. According to Talcott, Monica regularly trains him to "fight like a Crownsguard".

Talcott is the first person Noctis meets after awakening from the Crystal. Noctis encounters him after escaping the abandoned Galdin Quay. Because ten years have passed, Talcott is now an adolescent, and Noctis doesn't recognize him at first. Talcott gives Noctis a ride to Hammerhead in his truck, and fills Noctis in on events of the previous decade. Talcott's truck has a number of Cactuar dolls on the dashboard, depending on how many the player managed to find for him previously.


Talcott meets Noctis as an adult.

At Hammerhead, Talcott confesses that it was his childish naivety that inadvertently led to Jared's death. While in Lestallum, Talcott was approached by a man that unbeknownst to him was an imperial official who asked Talcott where he was from and what he was doing in Lestallum. Talcott's answers had led to the imperial soldiers questioning Jared. Talcott grew up blaming himself for Jared's death, but Noctis assures him that it wasn't his fault. Talcott also explains how he and Ignis Scientia have been exploring ancient ruins to learn more about their situation regarding Ardyn and the ruined world.

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Crazy about CactuarsEdit

Talcott is collecting cactuar figurines which can be found for sale in various shops, and getting them for him completes a quest. Talcott already has one, and the player can find him four more. The figurines can be given to him at Cape Caem.

Cactuar Statuette

The shop at Wiz Chocobo Post.

Cactuar Model

The antique shop in Lestallum.

Cactuar Sculpture

Shop outside the Leville Hotel in Altissia. The player must use Umbra to go back to give it to Talcott.

Cactuar Effigy

Formouth Garrison, the imperial base near Hammerhead. It is behind the white building after the player has cleared the area of enemies in Chapter 15.

In Chapter 14, Talcott's truck has a number of cactuar dolls on the dashboard, depending on how many the player found for him previously.



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  • When asked why the party cared so much about Jared when they hardly knew him, Director Hajime Tabata has lamented that the focus of the scene should have been on Jared's grandson, Talcott, in whom Noctis sees some of his own pain.[1]
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