Takka, or Taca in some translations, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy III. He is the blacksmith of Kazus, and, in the 3D remake, Refia's adopted father, whom he wishes to train to be as fine a smith as himself.

Takka was cursed by the Djinn and did not have a mythril ring to break the curse. He and Refia helped build the airship for Cid Haze, and Takka eventually helps build the mythril ram for Cid's airship so the Warriors of the Light could travel out to the world.

Later, Takka mentions the Legendary Smith when he is unable to fix Princess Sara's pendant.

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WoFF Thane of Saronia

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Thane of SaroniaEdit
CV: Joe Ochman / Ryo Horikawa
Age in Grymoire: 45
Notes: Thane of Saronia / Refia's uncle / Bahamutian soldier / Fate, destiny, crumbling cookies, etc. / Obsessed with being a part of something bigger
Sentient Soldier
Refia's uncle Takka was merely the guise for a Bahamutian soldier—but not just any soldier. Unlike the other Bahamutian grunts Lann and Reynn have encountered, this one is capable of thought, speech, and self-determination. No wonder Segwarides entrusted him with an entire nation in the Federation.
First World of Origin
FINAL FANTASY III: As Takka, in the remake
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