Tachi: Enpi (壱之太刀・燕飛, Ichi no Tachi: Enpi?, lit. First of Long Sword: Swallow Fly) is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Tachi: Enpi is the first two-handed Katana Weapon Skill, requiring a skill of 5 to use. It is usable by both Samurai and Ninja at level 1. It strikes twice, with fTP (and hence damage) varying with Tactical Points. It has a Strength modifier of 60% and is aligned with the Transfixion (light) and Scission (earth) Skillchain elements.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Enpi is a weapon skill usable by Samurai from level 15 onward. It delivers a ranged attack with a potency of 100. Unlike most of samurai's weapon skills, it does not have a combo bonus as such, but if it is used after Hissatsu: Yaten (which grants Enhanced Enpi for 15 seconds) the potency increases to 300 and it adds 10 to the kenki gauge. (As this is not a "true" combo, other weapon skills can be used between Yaten and Enpi without breaking the combo. Also unlike samurai's true combos, it does not build sen gauge.)

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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