Syphax is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the focus of the Cie'th Stone for Mission 30 and is a member of the Undying. Unlike the other mission marks, Syphax does not appear until enough Numidias have been killed, upon which one of the Numidias will transform into Syphax.


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Once Syphax reveals itself, the party focus all attacks on it and use the Relentless Assault paradigm (COM/RAV/RAV) to get his chain gauge up and when he is staggered switch to Cerberus (COM/COM/COM).

Alternately, if Syphax's minions are troublesome, Delta Attack (SEN/COM/RAV) can be used draw their attacks on to the Sentinel while the other two party members focus on raising his chain gauge and dealing damage. The party can switch to Solidarity (SEN/COM/MED) if anyone's HP starts to run low. This strategy allows even an underpowered party to take down Syphax.

As in other battles with many closely-grouped enemies, Lightning's Axis Blade/Enkindler weapon is useful here. Because it charges her ATB gauge for every enemy hit, area-effect attacks such as Blitz, Ruinga, or wide-area Ravager spells on the large groups of enemies present can be used almost non-stop.


Syphax was a king of an ancient Libyan tribe in Numidia. He was an enemy of Rome.


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