Synthesis (合成, Gousei?) is a feature in the series that revolves around customizing items and equipment, combining different types to create a new item altogether. It first appeared in Final Fantasy IX, where it is heavily used to acquire certain rare items and equipment.


Final Fantasy IXEdit


Synthesis in Final Fantasy IX refers to the Synthesis Shop (or Synth-Shop), where the player can combine certain items (for gil) to make new items that cannot be purchased at the present stage in the game (and with the last shop, at all). Many items can be crafted in a Synth-Shop, but it is most notable for being the best, and early on only, place where Zidane can create his polearm-weapons.

The most important Synthesis Shop is the one served by Hades; many rare items can be synthesized there, and it is the only place where the player can get a Pumice without having to defeat Ozma. There is also a master synthesist in the Black Mage Village that the player can return to on disc 4 to get some of the most powerful weapons and Add-ons.

Final Fantasy XEdit

X Once Rikku explains adding new auto-abilities into equipment in Guadosalam, the "Customize" option will be unlocked in the menu and the player will be able to craft weapons and armor to their liking. Brotherhood, Celestial Weapons, and non-empty-slotted equipment cannot be customized.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


Synthesis is the system used in Final Fantasy XI where a player uses a crystal plus other materials to create another object. Crystals can be, but are not always, obtained in the game when a creature is defeated by a player. Only creatures that will grant the player experience can drop crystals. These crystals, one for each of the eight elements, can be used opening an item synthesis menu. There are recipes for hundreds of items that can be made.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


The player can create new items in the Bazaar by selling loot dropped by enemies. Most of the best weapons are only obtained from the Bazaar, and some are meticulously difficult to obtain the items for. The notes in the bestiary give hints to the kind of items that are needed and the enemies they are obtained from. Most Bazaar items can only be made once.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit


Crafting is available at the beginning of Chapter 4. The friendly Yarhi Cu Sith sets up a synthesis shop in the airship Galbana after Tomaj rescues her.

Cu Sith is only able to craft weapons, and she requires the use of three Scavenging materials for each weapon, in addition to the instructions from a Recipe Book. Once a weapon is selected to be crafted and the materials have been supplied, Cu Sith will ask the player three questions. The answers to these questions and the Grade of the supplied materials will determine the weapon's statistics. Naturally, the higher grade of the Scavenging materials, the higher bonus to various stats. This gives the player quite a bit of versatility in weaponry. Once a weapon is crafted, the player can name the weapon.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Each weapon or accessory has a Synthesis attribute, which can produce special attribute for the character if using the right combination of equipment pieces.

FFXIII Synthesis Ability Icon Synthesis Groups and Abilities:

  • High HP - Synthesized into Power Surge ability when HP is above 90%.
  • Low HP - Synthesized into Power Surge ability when HP is below 10% (critical).
  • Physical - Synthesized into Physical Wall, ability to negate some physical damage.
  • Magic - Synthesized into Magic Wall, ability to negate some magical damage.
  • Elemental - Synthesized into increasing each elemental damage and resistance.
  • Buffs - Synthesized into the ability to increase the duration of positive effects bestowed on character.
  • Debuffs - Synthesized into the ability to increase the resistance of negative effects and decrease it's duration if inflicted upon character.
  • Boost - Synthesized into ATB Rate ability, increasing percentage of filling the ATB Gauge.
  • Gestalt - This group has 2 abilities, randomly instant stagger to opponent and increasing Gestalt/TP gauge fill.
  • Adamancy - Synthesized into Vampiric Strike ability to absorb 1% of damage dealt to opponent into own HP.
  • Ultimate Magic - Synthesized into Magic Damper ability to block magical damage but the damage can only be healed by items.
  • Ultimate Physic - Synthesized into Ethereal Mantle ability to block physical damage but the damage can only be healed by items.
  • Independent - This group doesn't have synthesis ability.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit


There are several synthesized abilities, developed when equipping accessories and/or a weapon of the same synthesis group.

  • Buff Duration - Extends the duration of buffs cast by the user.
  • Buff: Duration - Extends the duration of buffs applied upon the user.
  • Damage Wall - Subtracts a certain amount of damage off each physical hit the user suffers.
  • Debuff: Duration - Reduces the duration of debuffs inflicted on the user.
  • Fire Damage - Fire-elemental attacks deal more damage.
  • Ice Damage - Ice-elemental attacks deal more damage.
  • Lightning Damage - Lightning-elemental attacks deal more damage.
  • Wind Damage - Wind-elemental attacks deal more damage.
  • High HP: Power Surge - Increases damage when HP is above 70% (green bar).
  • Low HP: Power Surge - Increases damage when HP is below 30% (red bar).
  • Improved Cure - Restorative spells restore more HP.
  • Improved Raise - Raise restores more HP.
  • Improved Stagger - Increases the duration of stagger periods. Also recharges one ATB segment whenever the user defeats an enemy.
  • Siphon Damage - Recharges the ATB by one segment when the user suffers a given amount of damage.
  • Strength & Magic - Increases Strength and Magic by a fixed amount.
  • Vampiric Strike - Drains a small percentage of damage dealt, restoring the user's HP.

A slightly more advanced of equipment synthesis from Final Fantasy IX is also present as some weapons and accessories require materials in order to be bought from shop aside of gil.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LR The player can Synthesize Abilities at Sorcery Shops, which offer two main services:

  • Synthesis - Synthesis allows the player to "fuse" two abilities of the same level and type to boost their parameters.
  • Level Boost - By synthesizing abilities with strengthening components called malistones, one can level up abilities which have reached their limits. This becomes available since Day 6.

Synthesizing an ability the first time earns the Novice Synthesist achievement. Synthesizing an ability thirty times earns the Expert Synthesist achievement.

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Final Fantasy XIVEdit


Synthesis is a very major gameplay element in both Final Fantasy XIV and A Realm Reborn, though it is heavily altered in A Realm Reborn. Synthesis allows crafting classes to create weapons, armor and tools for various disciplines among other items. It requires materials and crystals before it is begun, and requires leveling a Disciple of the Hand class before it can be performed in the Crafting Log.

The Disciples of the Hand classes are Alchemist (ALC), Armorer (ARM), Blacksmith (BSM), Carpenter (CRP), Culinarian (CUL), Goldsmith (GSM), Leatherworker (LTW) and Weaver (WVR). The items produced from crafting can be used for the Adventurer's own classes, used in quests, or sold to gain gil. As Synthesis is not required for the Main Scenario Quests, it can be skipped and is completely optional.

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit


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Synthesis refers to a combination of two or more entities that together form something new; alternately, it refers to the creating of something by artificial means.